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  1. conz

    Unable to use RHS artillery

    It shoots though, just not beyond 4500m-ish.
  2. conz

    Unable to use RHS artillery

    I know this is a slight thread hijack but what I need is so similar to this that I didn't think it a good idea to spread it out to a new thread. I found out by chance that the RHS BM-21 will not fire at targets beyond roughly 4000-4500m even though they are in range. Manual works up to 10k (i think that was the max range .. could be further) All other arty works just fine with this script even at high range. I am *guessing* it is somehow not able to select the correct range magazine as the bm-21 has an above average amount of these.. Anyone know of a way to circumvent this ?
  3. From steam: Can someone shed some light on this ? Is this a temporary thing ? Asking because the mod is r19 and the missions are r16 .. and I kinda need r18 -.o
  4. How do you designate certain vehicles to be a transport vehicle ? I've noticed after a LOT of trial and error that the AI only seems to want to use the vanilla trucks and not the trucks from RHS for example. Also is there a way to hand over units to Gaia through a trigger ? Like releasing reinforcements to be committed of sorts. [edit] Now to add an interesting development to this ...after getting the vanilla transports in .. all (RHS)vehicle crews dismount, mount up in the transports, dismount again and run off on foot to where they were supposed to be driving. (Even the arty that was defined as arty for gaia)
  5. conz

    VCOM AI Driving Mod

    The scripted version seems to conflict with some other mod, when I use it and run an MP mission through Eden the server gets extremely slow.
  6. Is there a way to use this without modifying the server and have everything inside the mission file ?
  7. This seems to be an occasional problem but I've not found something that works. I'm trying to make a few AI squads mount specific vehicles in a convoy. I can't use get-in/load because then they will only mount the last vehicle. I can't use a get-in marker on the vehicles because the vehicles don't start at the mount up point and I have loose fireteams that also need to mount. I found this script: But when I put that in a WP a single unit of the squad runs up to the vehicle (tp1 in this case), does -something- with it and runs back off to its squad which is still standing where it was initially. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this in the editor ? With Zeus you can just give a mount command but not sure how you can do that with a script.
  8. Unfort I have to make due with the script version for reasons.
  9. Something I noticed, when you spawn a garrison a lot of troops won't show up on Zeus. There is a small script that re-adds units to Zeus but this requires the Zeus module name, is there a build in one for the MCC Zeus or should I just place a Zeus module on the MCC map ? I'm not sure what causes this, I know that if you garrison a large area you might run into the group limit. It would be nice if it would group units together but I'm not sure if Arma can handle this as it tends to force groups into formations.
  10. I was just thinking that too .. thanks for the pointer. I figured it'd was seriously dirty, I'll give these a try in the morning to see if I can get it to go. I know how to add scripts to units spawned from scripts so I'll tinker a bit and post it.
  11. No go, same error. For debugging I changed the script to: Error produced: Line 17 is if (isPlayer) exitWith {}; So possibly something wrong with the one above there ?
  12. I'm having some trouble figuring out why a small script isn't working, I found a script to transfer AI from the server to the HC on reddit: /* * aitohc.sqf * * By VCRPlayer * * This script will move ANY ai (ie: zeus-spawned, etc) to the headless client for processing on every frame * * In init.sqf, put "[] execVM "aitohc.sqf";" (without outer quotes) * * In the description of the HeadlessClient virtual unit, put HC */ if (!isServer) exitWith {}; _HC = owner "HC"; //"HC" denotes the name of the unit in-game waitUntil {!isNil "HC"}; ["HCS_addToHC", "onEachFrame", { if ((isPlayer)||(_x in units group _HC)) exitWith {}; if (isNull _HC) ExitWith{}; { _x setGroupOwner _HC; //adding all units that aren't player or aren't already under HC to HC }forEach allUnits; }] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; It runs but craps out and seems to cause a loop (high cpu) on both the HC and Server in its broken state. I'm not that well versed in arma scripting to figure out what is happening, from what I can tell the if statement is correct unless arma syntax differs from other languages with if ((statement) || (statement)). I'd appreciate any help to solve this, I was hoping this script would be the golden ticket to get AI to run on the HC. Error is as follows:
  13. I'd like to move this script to the headless client but I can't seem to get it to work. I changed the isServer in the init script and on 1 of the first lines of the core script. When turning on debug I can see the green marked areas from COS but nothing after that. The HC works with mcc spawned units so I'm overlooking something in the COS scripts.. Anyone any ideas ?
  14. I'm kinda new to mission making so bear with me, if I have an mcc mission saved to the profile, is it possible to switch Gaia from the server to a headless client ? I want to be able to load it on both kind of servers and actually use the HC when it's available. [edit] Actually a 2nd question, I have a custom template with r13 but I only have the pbo (and extracted from the pbo), how can you update that to r15 ? Just load it in the editor and export again ? Will arma replace all the mcc scripts already in the folder ?
  15. Try turning off selinux and escaping your ;'s @mod1\;@mod2 etc First selinux and if that doesn't help the escaping .. in theory "quoting" should be enough.