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  1. Tuupertunut

    Kunduz, Afghanistan [10km] v1.20

    Fixed the doors for you. Replace the original "pra3_structures.pbo" in the mod with the downloaded. Download: https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=0B_FBunye00pXOFRCZy1tT3ljb28 What was broken?
  2. If someone is inside the gunner seat: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/loadMagazine If there is no gunner or it is not known: Remove all magazines of every shell type with https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/removeMagazinesTurret Add the magazine you want to load with https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addMagazineTurret Add all the other magazines of other shell types back.
  3. I have started the game in SP campaign and would like to move to a SP LAN server. When I load the persistent save, I'm not the same player anymore. Is there a way to continue as the same player as I was in the SP campaign? Also, sleeping functionality would be nice.
  4. I'm outnumbered yes, but I'm Ramboing there with a machine gun and shooting everyone. I still lose the battle because I didn't shoot them all fast enough. I wouldn't call the town secured as long as there are still bullets flying around.
  5. Neofit here is bringing up many points with which I also agree. I'd like to add some of my own. Battle for a town is based on amount of troops in the town, disregarding how strong they actually are. Often I just want to wait behind a cover with a small team and kill the assaulting enemies as they come, but end up losing because some arbitrary time limit ran out. In a real battle, the battle isn't over until one side is neutralized, no matter how many soldiers each side has in the battlefield. When I go to a new area and place a FOB in the middle of nowhere, I'm getting fired by mortars. The enemy just magically knows I have a FOB there. There is no easy way to cancel "loot" order. When I command a looter to board a vehicle and go fight somewhere, he still tries to come back and loot some more. NATO doesn't see anything wrong with me riding an ATV in full military gear, but as soon as I get out, they start shooting at me.
  6. I didn't actually say you should use mods to fix things, but that existing mods expect the game code to be certain way. If a flaw has been in the game since the beginning of it, mods are probably used to that. Patching the flaw now would just change the code those mods rely on, rendering them incompatible. So we should only fix bugs that are introduced in recent versions. Most mods are not expecting recent bugs to exist, but rather expecting them to be fixed.
  7. I'm with PiZZADOX on this one. Main scope for bugfixing should be things that have been working earlier in Arma 2. Those features are what mods and especially missions have been used to using. Examples are civilian module and let's not forget the first aid module. THERE ARE A LOT OF MISSIONS WHERE YOU NEED TO DRAG PEOPLE, THOSE ARE ALL BROKEN SINCE 1.62! That should be priority number one.
  8. Tuupertunut

    Hailuoto Island

    It's 2016 and Hailuoto v1.2 seems to be nowhere available. v1.1 is scattered around the internet though. Could someone upload it to some safe place? On another note, did v1.3 ever complete?
  9. -nosplash is not needed in fdfmod because it has its own credits screen that can't be skipped.
  10. Install it just like you would normally install it to OFP, but instead of using fdfmod.exe to open the game you just create a shortcut of ColdWarAssault.exe and put this to its target field: -mod=finmod -nomap Nomap seems to be necessary with Arma CWA FDFmod. Then it should work fine.