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  1. Arctor

    ArmaRig for Blender

    Wow, thanks so much guys. This animation stuff is kind of a lot to take in (but all the more exciting to figure out!) so I much appreciate the help. I'll try again as soon as possible with this all in mind and update when I get it right. Von Knudenberg: This might actually be the problem. I was just using pbo-manager to fix me up pbos for test-runs so it's likely the binarizing didn't occur correctly in the rtm's. In my next attempts I'll properly use addonbuilder :)
  2. Arctor

    ArmaRig for Blender

    Hey Maczer. I finally got around to try my hand at ArmaRig with Alwarren's Blender toolbox, starting with a simple handanim for a weapon. I keep running into some weird issues and I was hoping you could point me in the right direction to solve them. On my first attempt I imported the 1 lod of my model and pasted it over the weapon reference object. I followed your video tutorial, exported the rtm and tried it out. This was the rather weird result: Weapon handanim test 1 Next, in order to investigate, I tried exporting the standard jesus-pose with only a transformation in the weapon reference object (moving the weapon along x and y to roughly fit right hand). That resulted in this: Weapon handanim test 2 If you have any thoughts on what would cause such an offset or what I might be doing wrong, much appreciated. I already did about 10 tests trying different things but the offset seems to keep re-occurring. Also, how would you export to rtm when you only use IK controllers to deform the armature? I was under the impression all "@" prefixed elements in dopesheet were disregarded... If all @-elements are disregarded all that's left is the weapon transform in the dopesheet :confused: Thanks in advance
  3. Arctor

    ArmaRig for Blender

    Sweet! Thanks for your help, it's a little clearer now. I'm sure everything you describe still applies in Arma 3 and with your blender rig and the A3 samples as examples I should be able to work it out for my stuff. Good to know I'll probably be able to deviate from the standard man skeleton for my more... irregular creatures. I'm pretty sure fixing up my own bone config entries won't be a problem and once I have one animation it shouldn't be hard to repeat the process and give my model more possibilities. I'm excited. I'll report back in once I have something moving! Could be a while though because I'm learning as I go haha.
  4. Arctor

    ArmaRig for Blender

    I have some (noob) questions on this subject as I'm at sort of a crossroads with my modeling and I'm hoping someone can clear some stuff up in a few sentences. I understand there is a base skeleton upon which you can base your own armature. I also understand one needs to name the bones of this armature exactly like they are defined in the base skeleton (or model config?). Does that mean you can't simply create your own skeleton with different bones? Let's say I wanted to make a crazy spider with eight segmented legs, would that be possible? Could I make my own base skeleton (model config) with names for bones of my own choosing and include that in the mod or is that hardcoded territory?
  5. Arctor

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hey guys, great mod. I've really enjoyed it so far. One minor thing: Can't seem to get the BM-21 to fire except as player in the gunner seat. Ordering a subordinate group member to fire on a target doesn't work and a script command solution (working for regular arty) doesn't work either.
  6. Maybe something like this? switch true do { case (_unit == unit1 OR (unit == unit2)):{}; case (_unit == unit3 OR (unit == unit4)):{}; };
  7. Arctor

    Arma3 Videos

  8. Quick question: If we use the TF_give_personal_radio_to_regular_soldier = 1 Will that give the fadak for example to all our CSAT units, or will it not be given to leaders? And if group leaders don't get one, how will they communicate with their group? We tried setting 0 for this API yesterday, but it ended up not replacing Vanilla radios at all, so we had to linkItem with debug for the session. We want all units to have the regular (ie Fadak) radio, including group leaders. Recommendations? Thoughts?
  9. Arctor

    Addon Builder Packing Error

    Hey guys. I had some issues with my addons not including all files, even with this^ list. I used *.* instead of the summary and that seemed to work. All files now include. I hope this helps someone out there.
  10. Haha YES! Anyone: feel free to change the name of my script in your mission if it makes it more bearable for you :) Make sure to also change the execVM references to it in 'init.sqf' as well as on line 50 of the script itself. Next version will be renamed considering the feedback haha. (If you want to edit anything else, you are also free to do so. Just keep me credited in the header and send me a message as a courtesy! I'd be interested to know what happens to it.)
  11. Here is a script I wrote to help you request Panzers from Orbit. It is called 'Wander Fall'. It will drop a random NATO Panzer near you when using the action and has some simple effects to simulate orbital entry friction. When your Panzer is destroyed, you will get the option to request a new one, so you can have your buddies blow your rig up if your engine is out for example. We tested it today in dedicated environment but it also works singleplayer/hosted. Have fun and try not to drop one on your friends :p. http://pastebin.com/Ha82uRbj Instructions: 1) Create a file named 'wander_fall.sqf' in your mission's root. 2) Create a file named 'init.sqf' in your mission root (if not present yet). 3) Enter the following line in 'init.sqf': Right now it is configured for COOP, playing as NATO. Future updates will have: -Sound when falling/landing. -Self destruct option, to help get a new one when immobilized. -Option to pick your Panzer version. -Multi-sided so you can play different factions.
  12. Arctor

    Arma3 Videos

  13. Arctor

    Chessmaster's Wounding System

    CWS mod now deployed on our servers as the new standard medical system! Thank you Chessmaster, the sh33p are grateful for your fine work!