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    Will the Helmets come with more functions?

    Aye the helmets need more functions, the opfor helmet does not make sense at the moment considering it seems not to do any thing different and looks like it costs lots of money. Every thing I think of tho to add to the helmet would really hamper game play tho, such as a situation awareness thing that helps you spot targets and stuff or a intelligent map/gps that shows location of units and what not. Considering google glasses by 2035 the military should be able to put some awesome stuff in there helmets.
  2. zalak


    Hmm Is he talking about the insurgency mission type? Or is there a mod called insurgency? If you are asking about the mission type here is one that is already released http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?147977-co_22-Seize-ground-insurgency-style-(enemy-occupation) .
  3. Add a mark for the blufor base, on a harder difficulty you cannot see your location and lots of people get confused.
  4. zalak

    Love the new AI firefights

    I enjoy fighting ai now but I agree the accuracy does need to be turned down abit. Does any one know if by turning down the ai skill make them use less tactics and what not, or does it only turn down accuracy?
  5. zalak


    Thank you! Its nice to have a real weapon in game. :D
  6. zalak

    December 2012 status update

    I also feel this way, I think we all just want to know whats up. Questions like is working being done on the game or are you holding it off tell this fiasco is dealt with? and is has dev time been moved primarily to dayz? Any ways I hope these questions and more get answered at the end of the year.
  7. zalak

    Elder Scrolls: Online

    It looks so bad, all I wanted for there next game was a oblivion/skyrim coop. Also Im new to the forum so hi :D and blimey your rules and sign up process is the worst I have ever seen. (Am I breaking a rule for the hi im new or can I have it in a already made post?:confused:)