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  1. Job well done Günter, your mods are much appreciated.
  2. Thank you Neo much appreciate the tip, only problem Im not that knowledgeable when it comes to terrain builder or SQM :banghead:. I was hoping it was an easier set up from your end regarding the scripting side of things would have been nice to have it for A2 but not to worry. Thanks again and great tool for A3. :ok:
  3. Branzik, Im loving the work you and Petrtlach are doing, those trenches look great !! :ok:
  4. Hello NeoArmageddon, I have to say I been waiting for something like this to use in editor for a while, downloaded it and played with it a bit in arma3...:459: !!, what a wonderful piece of work you have created...outstanding work and easy to use. Congrats !! :icon_eek: Just out of curiosity Neo, every now and then I like to play Arma2 OA mods eg:I44 ect.. and some of the other WW2 mods, the standard editor functions were always a bit limited, is there any chance of having a Map Builder for ARMA 2 OA ??..that's if there is not to much messing around with configs for you, it would be great to add more buildings/bunkers ect to some of the ww2 maps. Thanks for time and job well done. :ok:
  5. @Gunter... thank you my friend it was my load order, all is working at the moment. Your a champion Gunter !! thank you
  6. The Bushmaster looks great, cant wait to try this out. Well done guys.
  7. Hi guys, Not sure if anyone can help me... followed all info supplied regarding install of IF to arma3 and had it working ok at IronFront version 1.12 and DLC AT 1.07 in "editor", then I updated to the next patch which brings the game to Iron front version 1.13 and DLC 1.08 and I start to have issue's, I can open a map in editor..place down a unit but then !!, I receive this..ca\Data\ParticlesEffects\SCRIPTS\init.sqf, also IF requires addon AiA Effects ? which I have AiA (All in Arma) installed. If anyone could give me some tips that would be much appreciated, thanks guys.
  8. What a great map/terrain, well done James.:ok: Love your work mate. Cheers.
  9. This is looking really impressive, well done on your efforts Petrtlach I used this mod in Arma 2 and loved it !!, I cant wait to see it Arma 3...:bounce3:
  10. @.kju and Gunter... I know its default in IF, I just thought if it was an easy process to switch it around it would give you a lot more factions (from other WW2 MODS ) to play around with in editor, as its stands now when you place and German from another mod with a German from IF..they shoot each other, I thought if it was an easy process fine.. but I can understand that this could be quite an effort. Thanks guys. ---------- Post added at 15:49 ---------- Previous post was at 15:37 ---------- Guys, Also just downloaded your new .."New units and Weapons pack" (612mb)...You really have out done yourself with these new units..amazing and some great looking uniforms !! The Black SS units, Flak units, Luftwaffe units, 97. Jäger Division, and the rest !! :omg:.. are absolutely awesome, I applaude your work.:clap: Thanks for your hard work and efforts, well done guys.
  11. Nice work petrtlach, keep up the great work.
  12. Hi Guys, @.kju...thank you ! To everyone else who had their hands involved in getting this game moving forward..your all Super Stars !! job well done, thanks guys.:icon_eek: I have just quickly been playing around in editor and noticed that the Wehrmacht is placed in BluFor and Soviets are in OpFor ?.. is there any chance of reversing this around ? Thanks guys.
  13. Thanks to Strikor for the tip....:icon_eek: I removed (mcn_neaville.pbo and mcn_neaville_winter.pbo)..temporarily saved and placed in another folder, and it solved all my problems !! , now I have no water flickering issues and I can adjust my weather conditions as I once did on my Chenarus map and some other maps. Thanks again Strikor much appreciated.
  14. Some really nice work petrtlach, love the detail !!
  15. Thanks Strikor.. good to hear it an easy fix will send you a PM for details, I really like the map Chenarus and want to be able to get some sunny days and no water flickering. ---------- Post added at 14:56 ---------- Previous post was at 14:44 ---------- Thanks Pac sounds good. ...
  16. Hey Guys, Im not sure if anyone stills has this issue ?, but I noticed Im still having water colour flickering issues and not being able to adjust weather conditions..on my Chenarus map and also a couple of other maps like Zernovo,Island Panthera, this started when the 2.62 update came out it was mentioned before by others also, I thought it may be fixed with the recent 2.63 update but not the case as Im still having issue's with it, are there any fixes ? anyone still having this problem ? Cheers thanks guys.
  17. Your idea's for the map sound great, looking foward to see them when complete, also models looking really nice. Well done so far.
  18. "German and Polish Navy/Marine units"...now were getting spoiled !! its like Xmas all over again. Very nice Topas. :icon_eek:
  19. Petrtlach, Your work is outstanding aswell as the time you put into detail, well done.
  20. "The Battles on Eastern Front" !!... Im liking the sound of this mod. Here are some idea's for names..."Frozen Fields"-War on the Eastern Front. ... "SteelCity"- War in the East. ... "EasternFront-1941". ... "Operation-SteelFront"
  21. That looks great, keep the good work up.
  22. Looking good guys. :clap:
  23. Thanks Team I44/Pac :jump_clap:...love the Pz MKIV fix and I got my sound back on my Opel truck :bounce3: Me very happy , enjoy and have a great Xmas.
  24. Thats great news Pac!!.. looking foward to it.
  25. Looking foward to see this MOD in action, really nice details and love the fortifications/bunkers ect..:bounce3: