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  1. All mods downloaded and everything works fine just like it should. Thank you for your answers. It was probably Steam bug. My fault. Thread can be locked.
  2. Appdata on C? Nah. I probably changed it. My old SSD would be filled up by now :-D. Appdata says 7GBs.
  3. Nope. After that little download you saw there is this running. Still downloading that big pack. Probably caches to C disk. Do not know how steam works when OS and Steam are installed on C but game is to saved on F. http://vashcz.rajce.idnes.cz/nastenka/#currentstatus.jpg
  4. "I can't support you on this because it is not a bug, I can try my best to explain it to you, that are different systems chained together that cause your sroblem." They appearently launched Steam workshop to prevent people playing Arma 3... oh yes... HELL NO, it is problem Launcher does not even appear, it I have to download all partially useless mods to play vanilla. "check your steam settings to see if there is a setting that mods are not automatically downloaded" It want mods to download first. "As you decided to result to insults i would think users of this forum maybe less inclined to help you." If I insulted anybody, then I were insulted by somebody first. I do not think you can really help me saying something to me. I am here NOT because I can´t ubsubscribe all mods and download manually. I am here because I guess there is a problem in programming of Arma 3 Launcher to Steam. You can help me by saying this to devs. "Steam workshop is optional" Not again please. "This is good, as far as I know this only prevents it from downloading while you are In-Game." Yes, this does´t work. "game always starts from arma3launcher".exe Yes this is it! Partially resolved. Steam want me to download mods, but arma3launcher.exe launch the launcher so I can play "They support their games for years and years which almost no other developer does." Because first two years their games are unplayable :-D. Ever talking with them personally? They do work. But the things they want, not the ones community does.
  5. "There is nothing to blame there mate" Man I am used to Arma behaves badly since I played Arma 2 and I had issues about mods. But it is mainstream game now you know. Bestseller on Steam for long time. It was PREDESTINED to succes and make money since A2 DayZ. When there is an advertised function I want it to work not to waste my time. So fuck off with these phrases. I do not need to download mod when playing Arma. I don´t mind it can stop. But I AM NOT ABLE to SWITCH it OFF. It WANTS me to download these. Do not even try to tell me that there can be conflicts between different mods. It would be for another bug fix. THERE IS NEVER conflict between manually downloaded mods just being in one folder. Oh guys... I am reporting bug here and you think it is special and good and whatever. Support me and pressure them. This is a problem for casual players.
  6. I blame Arma 3 developers for forcing use of Steam. Is my complain OK now? LOL They can just set that A3 can ignor undownloaded mods. I know it is a bit different, but for Total War series it works. And I may name probably all other games. And now if you say it´s nothing wrong then I blame devs for use of old engine for Arma 3 and being lazy.
  7. Hello, when A3 is finally playable I wanted to try some mods(CUP etc.) and so I went to Steam workshop and ticked many things... 50GBs.With my limited internet I am able to download them in 24 hours. BUT when I press launch arma button on steam it says it needs to UPDATE. WHILE there is actually written "ARMA 3 - Ready to play" in my library :-D. So... if I ticked mods 500GBs big I would have to wait everyday for 50Gigs updates? You guys should fix it or I ll really go good old manual download. At least you shouldn´t blame me saying it is ready to play. VashCZ edit: Currently I am in half... unsubscribe, play Arma, close Arma, subscribe mods again :-D?
  8. Oh man. Whatever setting you have, 2100 object distance = 1,8km actual visibility. And if were you playing PvP, guys would took you down with tank and you would know sh*t :-D. For me 3km is necessary so settings 3,5km. I would like to see maybe a little further because of choppers but.... well Arma and 45% GPU usage(was 35% before this patch). btw I tried SSD when 1.0 A3 came out but it didn´t help. Maybe a little for minimum FPS. Does it REALLY worth today? Can´t I simply force the game to use 10GBs of RAM?
  9. vashcz

    ArmA 3 Performance Tweaks and Settings Guide

    Guys, my average FPS went up from 25 to 35 and minimal FPS from like 8 FPS to 13. It is huge success under circumstances. Anyone can explain me why? I have i5 4GHZ, it is being used 80% each core. And GTX 760, holds down at 45% usage(35% before update). VRAM usage optimized from 1850MB to 1800MB, then it s filling up to 2GB so I can´t track it too good from here but probably no performance issue. Anyone know about way to make game run even smoother? This update gave me hope! I couldn´t play game before, now I can play... in editor not in town I can feel the smoothness! Want more.
  10. Today patch improved performance average +10 FPS and minimum FPS +5.
  11. vashcz

    Scratched DVD

    Great, my case is solved. I had to send a photo of my serial and CD as a proof. Then they gave me link and I downloaded installer. Speed was 1MB/s. I would resend a link for others, but I don t think they would like it :-D.
  12. vashcz

    Scratched DVD

    Thank you for advice, I shielded my object with several arguments so hope they have some spare-files in these internet days, when DVDs are becoming useless and game keys cost 10x more :-)
  13. vashcz

    Scratched DVD

    Thank you. It was mistake, I posted and nothing appeared after refreshing so I thought my thread wasn t posted. You are admin, do you know, where can I find installation files?
  14. Hello, my DVD is kind of scratched... used it only twice in my life :-D please can anybody tell me if are here any backup files to download? unfortunately I wasn t able to find them if not, how can I transfer my game to steam? and additional question was https://store.bistudio.com/ called http://www.sprocketidea.com/ in past?
  15. vashcz

    Isla Duala

    thank you guys; found http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=9132 2.060 and also I have seen version 2.062 edited by chux or guy with similar name at some ACE servers