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  1. Hello, vilas and SV5000. I found three problems with East Weapon Pack mod.:j: 1) "VIL_AK_74_GP" doesn't have a name and an unique texture. 2) can't aim "vil_ak12_ap" correctly. 3) The iron sight of "VIL_Groza_SD" can't be used with NV at night. I think the following line is not necessary. visionMode[] = {"Normal"};
  2. strpeer

    CWR2 coop pack

    I'm looking forward to your missions which include new CWR2 contents:rolleyes:
  3. strpeer

    CWR2 coop pack

    Thank you always, Sander. URL of the file is incorrect:confused:
  4. strpeer

    (Coop 1-5): Before escape

    I played this mission with my friends on Monday, and it was very fun. Every cutscenes and dynamic situations made us so excited! I have a suggestion. Can you add Hard mode(more zombies ,less ammo)? In comparison with other "Escape" missions, this mission is easy. P.S. We completed this mission without any probrems on dedicated server:ok:
  5. It's really funny! I'm looking forward to addition and update.
  6. strpeer

    Rainbow Six campaign in Rogue Spear!

    Does anyone have "TakeDown for RS"? The link to the file is also dead.:(
  7. strpeer

    CWR2 coop pack

    Yes.It means that briefingDescription in mission.sqm isn't defined. I apologize for any confusion. I'm looking forward to them!
  8. strpeer

    CWR2 coop pack

    Hello,Sander. Could you make some missions on the small island of northwest of kolgujev and southeast of Trinity(around the large factory)? I think they are good spots,but there is no such mission in your CWR2 mission pack:( ---------- co08_cwr2_rebel_rousing.abel co09_cwr2_bushmaster_stroke.cwr2_david co09_cwr2_going_south.abel co09_cwr2_knockout_drop.eden co10_cwr2_wing_tracked.trinity These missions don't have briefing description. Please check it.
  9. Thank you sander. Iron Front is still alive!
  10. Hello,survivorluz. I played this mission with 7 friends on dedicated server last night.
  11. strpeer

    CWR2 coop pack

    Thank you Sander! I am expecting more winter missions :rolleyes:
  12. strpeer

    Robalo's ACE configs

    Norinco M14 sight is also strange.
  13. strpeer

    CWR2 coop pack

    Thank you for always sharing nice missons. The new mission named "Mech Daddy" does't show tasks. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/61801597/2013-12-29_00005.jpg
  14. strpeer

    CWR2 coop pack

    I love FIA missions:inlove: Thanks !
  15. strpeer

    VanhA's CWR2 coop pack (unofficial)

    Thank you for updating.:)