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  1. Arma Air Assault are currently going from strength to strength - With some minor reworking within the dept's we are on an active recruitment drive and have never been busier We currently have 30+ members - 25 Active / 5 on ELOA and with 5 new guys either going through basic module training or just completing it to become a full member of the squad At this moment our procurement team are working hard to get a new workhorse ready for service and restructuring our air assets to include (but not limiting to) the AH-6J / HC3 and a variant of the blackhawk that will become the mainstay of our operations We're also looking to start the transition over to Arma 3 when the full game is released and dependant on the mods available (Modern weapons etc) we will make the switch when the entire group is able to do so If you're interested in joining this growing milsim unit and add to the growing tallent that we have then head over to our forums here and check out our youtube video's here For your viewing pleasure I present a few trainings ops video's....... Enjoy
  2. Hi all, I was looking at one thread asking if there had been a Royal Marine Commando mod (green lid/correct uniform & flash etc) but I cannot see if the threads originator posted it up here, so I'm asking the question instead... Is there one and/or does anyone know if one is in the works? Unfortunately I do not possess the skills to be able to create what's needed. So to that end, if there isn't... could someone make it? :rolleyes: Any feedback would be awesome
  3. With the improvements that have been made to youtube we have now have an easier to find layout that gives easier access to all the new content as it happens. Click here to be taken to our YouTube channel and check out our video's Alternatively we have our own facebook page that you can follow, just search Armaairassault or click here We have all but filled our third squad and will now be looking to open up a fourth if we get enough interest. Have a read of our main website on the in's and out's of AAA and if you feel that you have what it takes then apply here Thank you for visiting our page, here are the latest video's from our Taviana Campaign
  4. gibborm

    Arma 3 Community Alpha - Announcement!

    I hope so! I can't wait to get my grubby mitts on this. I'm really looking forward to all the possibilities of future mods, especially with the ragdoll phsx
  5. The Arma Air Assault: Test Drive is now live! Our Team Speak IP is: - The password has been deactivated for the time being so feel free to hop on and say hi. Our Server can be found under: Arma Air Assault - no password is required We are running a custom Takistan MSO for the 29/30 Septemeber with ACE and ACRE enabled See you on the field Guz