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  1. avigrace

    No Servers!

    ok, it seems to of been an issue with a BitDefender firewall update. I have resolved this now!
  2. avigrace

    No Servers!

    I play arma several times a week online with my Clan. Nothing has changed with my PC this week but with the new 1.22 I cannot see ANY servers online ingame. If I try to direct connect with an IP it doesn't see the server either. If I look at steams separate server browser I see the servers but I cannot join any, the game will just sit at the Altis/Stratis load screen until I press Escape. In steams server browser I can see all the details like players and map name etc but ingame absolutely nothing at all shows up. It is the same also if I try and join a friend through the steam chat. I have tried repairing in steam, running as admin, rebooting, resetting/changing the filters, creating a new ingame profile and nothing resolves this issue. If anyone has any tips I'd appreciate it or will risk not being able to play online!
  3. Try deleting the Arma3.cfg in My Documents\Arma3, or at least have a look inside and remove any reference to mods. FYI this file contains your settings so maybe don't delete it but rename it or something. I had run previously AiA through PWS and after I ran Arma 3 through steam and it wouldn't start, even though in Steam I had no mods running and had repaired it wouldn't start up. For some reason there were a bunch of AiA mods enabled in that cfg file that caused the issue.
  4. Thanks, found a bunch of AiA related mods enabled in my Arma3.cfg, removed them and starts up fine.
  5. I just updated Arma 3 to the latest and when I run it I am now getting this Addon 'AiA_Infantry_IF_PolishArmy' requires addon 'LIB_guer_characters_a3 Running A3 through steam, no launch parameters and when I search inside the A3 install folder I can't find the file it complains about.. Also verified steam files, my mods are on a completely different drive which I launch through PWS when I want mods. *edit* Launching Arma 3 through PWS is fine with or without mods, launching through steam generates the error and as far as I can see nothing in steam should be loading AiA, checked the steam launch properties and even the arma3.exe and nothing.
  6. Missing folder names on Campaigns/Scenarios, is this a common issue and will it be fixed up at some point?
  7. I have it working in PWS and am launching with the IronFront mod When Arma 3 starts though it is loading AllInArma which is also loading all my other content, ToH etc and the menus when browsing the campaigns/scenarios is messy, is this how it is or is there something I can do to just launch IronFront in Arma 3?
  8. Does anyone know how many missions are in this first chapter?
  9. To me the best feature is the auto updating of missions, the wait to check them is a little annoying but I can live with it for the ease of updates.
  10. avigrace

    Tweak the graphics presets!

    I think it's just future proofing their game, doubt there are any PC's that could run it fully maxxed out at 12k view distance etc but in a year or 2..
  11. I was in your position then went and bought a PS3 Eye (removed the filters) and made myself a a clip with 3 IR LED's. I probably spent $50 and while it works fine I can't help but think I would of been better off spending more for the real thing..
  12. avigrace

    Learning to fly

    I try to land like a plane kinda. Flying straight and steady if you are moving at say 70 kph lift your nose above your horizon whilst holding collective down, practice a bit with that so you learn to know how much above the horizon you need to be to slow down enough without gaining altitude, once your speed drops to less than 20kph you are in a good position to land, just continue as before but when you are just about to touch down you should be tapping the collective down to not come down too hard. It is best to practice on the runway, start at one end and take off a bit, fly forward, do as above then as soon as you land take off and try again, once you get the hang of knowing your descent rate you can start picking other landing zones. Also I use Shift and Space bar for collective up/Down as they are easily accessible. As for fighting I am sure better people can answer but a static heli in the air is a very easy target for the enemy, the best way is to strafe them.
  13. avigrace

    Close Air Support - Day 1

    Great to hear you're continuing with my favourite mission in Arma :D
  14. I know it's not quite the same but from the Steam store page for the digital deluxe *These items will only be available in English and will be distributed upon full release of Arma 3.
  15. avigrace

    Where's the BETA

    Patience, it'll be out sometime today..