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  1. Yes i'm running the prefered for the pc, an option that comes with arma. Tho, i mostly run everything on ultra. to get around 60 fps i need to run everything on medium. Yes i have an SSD, but only windows runs by it.
  2. Hi there. So i just got my new rig beast and it is what the title says: GTX 1080 STRIX I7-6700k SKYLAKE 16 GB 3000mhz RAM Motherboard ASUS 170 Pro gaming. all new out of the box. Running arma 3 at ultra and adding around 40 units fighting on editor i get around 37 fps. why so low?
  3. laywiin

    Working Stun script

    Anyone know where to get it?
  4. laywiin

    Working Stun script

    Thanks so much, im really looking hard for the restrain script. tho i got it from youre mission Stratis life, still have no clue to find out how to add it in my mission.
  5. laywiin


    Squad name: Advanced Recon Commando Timezone/location : Oslo UTC/GMT +1 hour Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp):COOP Contact email:torje.andersen@gmail.com Website address:http://advancedreconcommando.enjin.com/home Short description: Casual gamers with tactical play Language:ENG
  6. I, just tested this on arma 3 and its fantastic!! Continue with this script, upgrade it for arma 3. like Having the units get back in the car and continue after an attack? this is perfect, and simple! little tip, you should write that people can use the INIT parameters/script in a trigger
  7. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19852 Check it out!
  8. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19852
  9. laywiin

    the dark light ... cars and others

    IT shoud be able to have high beam and low beam :)
  10. Nice to see all this reps on this topic, I was really happy too see that people also want this to be changed! lets get it done, we need the word from Arma team! please do something about it!
  11. It is a militarsim, it should look like real stuff!
  12. Good too see that so many is really on my side of this case, I understand that you need to think about low-performance computer users, but what about the people that really have big performance? should they sit with low graphic and bad explosions because 20 % of the gamers don't meet the requirements? Anyway, I really want to get my word and your opinion too the Bohemia team so they can maybe look at this? if Bohemia cant do it, we can beg that the blastcore team will make this work! I know that the tracers from ACE is much better, i use ace with j.s.r.s and blastcore to get the real arma feeling, and its an total different game! so, what now? How to get the words to the leaders? And ye, the new effect when they shoot rockets in the Air, Wow totally awesome!! This is what i want seriously: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kG4Pd3RBYs And, lets not forget JTD fire & Smoke that make the game a different one!:bounce3:
  13. Hello. :) I'v been looking at all the videos now from arma III, iv waited for this game since 2, and i have experience with Flashpoint and upwards with Bohemia games. The thing i was thinking about that i hated in Arma 2 and OA, was the explosions is not near the reality as i can figure out and the Blastcore (mod) Team made this insane realistic, but it doesnt look like Bohemia have noticed this and just continued making they're way of explosions that seriously looks like cheap, cheap Hollywood effects. I just asking, will the tracers from the guns and the explosions be perfected ?, made more " Realistic??" Sorry the ..negative, but the game overall looks AMAZING! cant wait, but deep diss from explosions that i tough in 2012 would look better then this!:pet13: