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  1. Is it possible to change the keys required for ALive map markers (left control) ? Its currently interfering with another addon. I know the menu is either default app key or custom 20.
  2. Strick


    This is an awesome addition to the Arma world. I'm curious as to if its possible to have a bag (front carry slot) specifically made (one 3D design) to carry third party bags rather than flipping the actual third bag to front side. Mainly for cosmetic reasons.
  3. Hi. Looking for some clarification. Is "sway" the automatic up and down action of your cross-hair? Is "inertia" the automatic left and right action of your cross-hair?
  4. I have read that the values of mass, inertia and dexterity set within a weapon's config are what determines its handling. If this is true than this is opposite of arcade games in which a player gets lesser values as he levels up in game and gains perks to apply to weapons. I can see where this weapon sway and inertia will lead and that is if you don't carry much, don't move much and don't breath much, end result will be the steadiest aim on target. These are handicaps that my team and I are struggling with in Arma3 missions. Mainly because of the tempo our team has set forth for our in game training and missions. Specifically urban operations where corners,walls and openings from buildings play a big factor regarding who gets the bullet and who gets miss. It would be a benefit for myself and any other players of Arma3 if we could gain a marksmanship feature to counter weapon sway and inertia using techniques rather than the mechanics of more time + less energy + no movement = better aim. For now what feedback would you all have regarding adding something to counter the sway and inertia? I understand if you want to do less in game and the questions are not intended for everyone. But for those of you who want more out of a game could you use a technique such as traversing a lowered weapon prior to aiming to gain 5 seconds of no sway... If you turn while aiming of course its gonna be a bad shot, thats how it is now. But if you lower the weapon prior to turning when you snap up to the high ready position inertia and sway will be less minimal. One of our members mentioned c-clamping but thats not a reality in game because we all hold the weapon the same way. Stance adjustment is a similar principle I'm going with just incorporating it toward the weapons to construct better inertia and sway dynamics. Thanks again for the prior reads. Good stuff.
  5. This wasn't as constructive as I intended it to be so I'm editing it to convey a topic of interest in relation to the subject at hand, weapon inertia and sway. "The more and more I dissect this feature the more and more I feel like a puppet (meaning that my player in game is controlled by my actions with mouse and keyboard). For example: When I press the "W" key to move forward the aim of my weapon goes up and down like a puppeteer would mimic the action of walking (the cross hair of my weapon moves in a vertical pattern). When I move my mouse left and right the aim of my weapon goes left and right (moving in a horizontal line) just like a puppet's arms would rest after a puppeteer's action is completed. So I have come to the conclusion that I'm (my player in game ) is just a puppet and no longer a puppeteer. I have tried many init commands and still nothing disables or changes its settings." I started looking at this feature in relation to how a puppeteer handles a puppet using strings and gravity where as Arma controls the players weapon and sight picture using anchors from its body. While moving forward and only forward I can clearly see for myself that the sight picture of my weapon bounces up and down in the opposite direction of my footing so my best guess is that there is a link between front sight and feet. The other link with rear sight might be attached to shoulder but I'm guessing. Seeing how fatigue (breathing) plays a critical role in weapon orientation and sight picture if I shift to a walking pace the value of vertical bounce negates, so countering this effect is to reduce speed. Speed seems to be the key with the vertical bounce or sway. But here is what realy bugs me about weapon inertia and sway. The horizontal zig zaging of my crosshair if my body shifts left or right. It honestly feels like when moving left or right my arms (sight picture) goes limp as a noodle until the engine (or formula for weapon inertia and sway) figures out I'm aiming away from my last point of view. But thats not all folks. Further testing has found an even more in depth analysis. There is one fatal flaw in my opinion of the weapon inertia and sway formula. And that is if you as a player have your weapon in the high ready position and then engage freelook by turning to your extreme left or right you will see that your crosshair when reaching the farthest point AUTOMATICLY redirects to the opposite direction for a brief second. What is that? My feedback from a player's perspective is that the penalty for rotating body and weapon on a horizontal plane should not be an automatic pull in opposite direction once a turn has been completed. If there is to be a default sway or inertia horizontally of any weapon it should reflect a players movement in the direction they are turning and only in that direction. An example of such is the follow up motion of a right hook being projected into a punching bag to maximize its end user power. When turning left or right the cross hair of my weapon should mimic my controls and only my controls, not a formula. If anything should change when rotating my body and weapon it would be that of a forced speed reduction after alignment of both has been reached within a person's set stance. An example is looking straight at 0 degrees with the weapon in the high ready (optics enabled) position +18/-18 degrees=fastest: +18 to +36/-18 to -36 degrees=fast: +36 to +54/ -36 to -54 degrees=normal: +54 to +72/ -54 to -72 degrees=slow: +72 to +90/ -72 to -90 degrees=slowest. The value of 0 degrees is only reset when weapon is put into a low ready (optics disabled) position. And my video of the day showing a bonk left and right:
  6. The more and more I dissect this feature the more and more I feel like a puppet. For example: When I press the "W" key to move forward the aim of my weapon goes up and down like a puppeteer would mimic the action of walking. When I move my mouse left and right the aim of my weapon goes left and right just like a puppet's arms would rest after a puppeteer's action is completed. So I have come to the conclusion that I'm just a puppet and no longer a puppeteer. I have tried many init commands and still nothing disables or changes its settings.
  7. Strick

    Enhanced Movement

    What is the possibility of this mod working in conjunction with AGM? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?178253-Authentic-Gameplay-Modification I'll wait for an answer after the major update just wanted my voice heard.
  8. Good points all. I have found a few tricks in to avoid the weapon inertia and sway punishment. First and foremost align your body toward incoming targets. Next raise weapon to engage threat. Double tap "alt" key to go into freelook mode. Next hold breath to get a precise shot. Fire! After target has been eliminated from the field off battle tap "↠turn left" or "→ turn right" to change direction of body to traveling direction. Rinse and repeat! It seems as the though when your weapon is at the high ready position and freelook is engaged the weapon inertia and sway is not factored. Brilliant! Or maybe a bug... Anyways enjoy.
  9. Strick

    Enhanced Movement

    My first climb over a wall using this mod was awesome, awesome, awesome. Like you said though its alpha so unless you want testing reports or working with other mods I'll let it be. Thanks for the fun.
  10. More about the weapon sway formula and how we as players can set the values of our weapon systems in the game play options. Please! If not then I'd like to read about how people are using the new feature in virtual combat. My challenge so far is changing the way how I fight in game with the new mechanics. It used to be shoot and move tactics but now I'm finding it frustrating to aim while moving in direction of targets. My left and right flank are even more vulnerable do to weapon rotation sway. I personally would like to have more positive control of my weapon system in relation to it being positioned with my body such as various stances benefiting or negating the inertia and sway. Example is combat stance action beneifit is less inertia and sway but slower speed. Crouched position weapon inertia great and sway great due to increase in speed to move around objects. If you want to see my perspective try walking around the house with a broom and only hang onto the end with one hand. Then aim it at dust bunnies and see how many you get before they drop you like dirt.
  11. Is there any progress with this feature being disabled or adjusted? All I'm reading is a bunch of blar blar blar...
  12. This weapon inertia and sway is messing up my game. In the first time in my life I have found aiming with a mouse to be a pain. Why must I be punished for moving body and weapon in a direction of target? First fatigue and now weapons. The sad thing is everyone is getting on the band wagon for BIS implementing a feature that won't enhance a person's skill. I can see how this inertia and sway might relate to marksmanship but there is nothing in a players array of in game tools that would allow us to benefit from its application. If possible weapon inertia and sway should be directly linked to three factors: weight, stance and movement. As of right now weight and movement might be the only factors that impact this feature. But its default values (vertical and horizontal) is set to a level that either increases or decreases the obnoxious sway (barf) timing interval. All in all this weapon inertia and sway feature has taken positive control of my weapon system and given another plus for the AI. Why must BIS keep going into the negatives while modders are left finding ways to plus our game? My only request because its in the game and most likely not going anywhere is put this feature into game play customization for players to set the values by stance, weight and movement and then I can master the art of shooting backwards while cartwheeling down steep hills. Thanks!
  13. This is a fun mod! Looking forward to see how it goes. Would realy like to have more custimization in game to deploy the landing zone, altitude and ability to bring loadouts. Also if the rebreather could be disregarded when parachuting for lower altitude jumps and goggles subtitutude for helmet. Our team uses Xmed wich requires more medical supplies than a standard first aid kit, any chance to increase the rebreather's inventory space to allow more gear? Thanks for the mod.
  14. Spliffz, do you use any other mods with this? Im using it with a unit repo and our heading works off and on. Wind direction has a > greater than symbol and GPS shows blank. Clock works just fine. I'm guessing if there is another conflict with mod it would be CBA3 related. Also has this been tested in multiplayer, are you up to comments and or grievances? Thanks.
  15. Thanks for the addon and great location for bearing/heading (upper center) I'd like to know if you can possibly make the UAV terminal offer the same attribute as GPS and if you support additional mods MCC console. I might be having a conflict with another mod but the heading/ bearing indicator has a solid black box with white lettering, I use LHM glasses for realism emmersion. It might be unrelated to your mod but I had errors updating Xlib and Installing tactical glasses so I reverted to awesome armaholic to get mods updated. Thanks for working on this glad to see you made use of the fansy smasy tactical glassses. In the future if you want to add incoming fire icons that would be hi tech awesome.