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    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    ^ this x100 kju also mentioned the thing that bothers me the most, after AI reloads, the first shot afterwards is with aimbot precision. Fix it. Just fix it. Play your damn game and realize these things yourselves. These are so obvious. I wanted to make a list of stuff that's broken, from the top of my head I could fill up 2 or 3 pages. With size 3 font.
  2. Please, please, the only thing you should do, in my opinion, is release the climbing addon - this is amazing! Combined with the JumpMF addon we actually have quite some possibilities in movement now! But, imo, how do you have fatigue working with it? I'd expect to be out of breath when climbing up one of these walls with a full inventory.. 2 thumbs up, can't wait
  3. Fap

    VanhA's Caribou coop pack

    Hahahaha, awesome missions! http://i.imgur.com/doAMw1x.jpg (225 kB) :edit: Also we just did the co12_operation_wof one (I think it's called) - the hostages were bugged, we couldn't complete the objective
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    When is this game going to be good?

    I haven't bothered reading any of the comments except the ones that get sent around because they're so stupid it hurts, like, and I quote: "it's an absolute insult to me as an Arma fan" The autism in that comment makes me want to wear a fedora and play with My Little Ponies. Seriously. ArmA 3 is a huge step down from ArmA 2 when you look at the bigger picture. From what pops into my mind when I think of ArmA 3, the only thing it offers over A2, is that you no longer sometimes die when you lie down next to/on a rock, some half decent ragdolls (still shit tons of bugs with it), some half-assed physics (vehicles not being able to flip, wtf is up with that?) and the graphics are quite an okay improvement. These are the few things that actually spring to mind. There might be more that ArmA 3 improved on, but it's nothing I remember, so it can't be that great. I still prefer ArmA 2, it actually has content worth playing with. /end rant :edit: Not quite end of the rant. I remember tears of joy hitting my cheeks when I heard ArmA 3 was in the works. I saw gameplay videos, all the promises they made for the game, all the showcase videos, all of it. I actually thought it would be an improvement so far above ArmA 2, but instead they let all the promises be forgotten, skimp on everything and shit on the long time players. I understand that money is a big factor, but making a game so mainstream that you can't have interiors for vehicles, broken recoil, a huge lack of content and that the only thing you have to show off in terms of gameplay is a mod that most people refer to as "Waste of time land", I kind of feel betrayed, you made promises and you didn't keep them. I still bought your game though, and I'll still probably play it. But I'll be thinking "meh, this is not what I paid for" when I play it. /final end rant
  5. Fap

    Fatigue effects

    no need to spread hate, but i still give up *no offense meant to anyone*
  6. Fap

    Fatigue effects

    We should all care about each other, but when a game that's previously only focused on military simulating, starts going over to the arcadey, fast paced and impatient type of game at it's CORE, we all worry. No one wants a "Call of Battlefield". We want ARMA, not some shitty mix between arcade unrealistic shooter. Which I might add BF already does perfectly fine. Why are you people trying to ruin the only franchise that lets people immerse themselves into some realistic action? I don't effing care what you think the game should be, neither should BIS. They need to stick to their roots. If you want to play "Domination" or "Wasteland", fine, go ahead, but don't fucking try to change an entire game to cater for a pathetic public server mission, that is already being done twice better in Battlefield.
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    I am off to play Counter Strike: Global Offensive, where there isn't much "balancing" going on, and each team has different weapons that do different things, yet it all depends on skill. I am confused why BIS thinks it's acceptable to "BALANCE" a MILITARY SIMULATOR . Need we really remind them what genre it is they're making a game for? Really? Catering for the masses... sad.
  8. Fap


    All I can, and want to say, is this... Is ArmA not a military simulator? Did it not strive for realism in the past? Why is it turning into an unrealistic first person shooter, catering for the masses and the money? I am disgusted, truly. The direction this is going we might aswell call it "Duty Calls 2".
  9. Recoil is immensely stupid. What are you trying to simulate? Are we all trying to control robots, that have no idea what recoil is, and have to manually adjust with our MICE? This is so immersion breaking, and unrealistic. There is no argument, this needs to be fixed. Scroll Menu - I'm slightly confused about what to do with this one.. It's immersion breaking, yes. Opening doors through a scroll menu, hm. I know you can press Space, or use the Scroll Wheel for clicking (Which I do all the time), but, when you're hurt, or when you have Satchel Charges, or something of more importance, and you're in battle.. It's very easy to misclick a satchel charge, or start healing yourself. The amount of times I had to heal someone on the floor and then he jittered around like things regularly do, or the menu just disappeared, I'll plant a satchel on his face instead of healing him. No argument, this needs to be fixed/changed. Opening doors should not require pinpoint aiming either as seen in ArmA 2 especially. A single keypress aimed towards the door from a not too far distance, and maybe a 1 second animation with your hand going towards the door would be nice. Also we don't need 10 keys that all do the same thing, change perhaps spacebar into the universal "Climb/Open" key. Holding Shift on the ladder makes us perhaps slide down (where available). We'll be opening doors / climbing ladders often enough to make it a worthwhile change. Satchels/explosives etc. should perhaps have a hotkey/inventory free floating bar that you can open (imagine the ArmA 3 inventory system, but only a single bar), by pressing something like Ctrl+I, whatever, and then having to use your mouse to double click to start placing it, or dragging it out from the inventory with your mouse to simulate the placement. Anything, honestly ANYTHING, would be better than what we have right now. Accidentally placing satchels on teammates or while trying to open cars, sigh, rageworthy. Tree Collisions / Chopper / Quadbike acceleration / navigating vehicle as gunner, very awkward, could be intended Hitting ground with 100km/s in a chopper is mostly only enough to get the INST red, nothing else happens. When barely touching a tree with your landing gear, the entire chopper explodes. >Must be fixed Quadbike acceleration is like driving a three wheeled kiddies bike at the moment, I guess this has been mentioned, just thought I'd add it to the list. Oh and yeah, navigating a vehicle as anything other than driver is very awkward, sometimes the AI driver doesn't listen when I press A or D. or stops turning even when I hold down one of them. This is not a keyboard issue as i've tried on other keyboards.. maybe it's something else, I don't know. In a helicopter, when I press Q or Z, I am rotating the helicopter rotor blades horizontally, right? Not lowering or increasing the rotational speed, right? If not, this is something that should be fixed as it would make helicopter flight a lot more realistic. (As it is now, if you go up for a short amount of time, only decreasing the spin speed, it takes too long to go downwards. Helicopters aren't this hard to maneuver in real life.)
  10. Motivation for devs: "ArmA3 claims to be all about streamlining the gameplay mechanics but they seem to have stopped at animation fluidity." "Fighting the scroll menu to open only one of 3 nearby doors is not good design. It's like a not so fun guessing game. 3 doors in the list, hmm... I wonder which one I should choose to open the door I want to go through" Gorbachev is spot on. To sum it all up (except a little piece of the first post, I think): Recoil is fucked up completely Scroll Menu/Weapon Swapping/Satchel Placing/Opening Doors - all of this is fucked up too "space = the universal use/open key" - "We have too many keys that do the same thing anyways." - "Also there should be completely different control schemes in all the different types of vehicles" - "the "Use Optics/Sights" key is not the same in vehicles as it is for infantry by default. This is mind boggling. Also, holding the right mouse button is not consistently zoom in every vehicle. Sometimes you just tap it to zoom, others you hold it and vice versa for vehicle optics. This level of inconsistency screams "bad design" to me." "I honestly cannot believe that Primary, Secondary, Launcher and Satchel/Mine do not have number keys set for them. 1 = Rifle 2 = Pistol 3 = Launcher 4 = Satchel/IED 5 = Mine Why the hell do we need to scroll wheel and select, it's so bloody clunky. Also 100% agree on a shortcut key for opening doors or climbing ladders! You should be able to press a single key and when your player is close enough he will move into the animation." "Ever seen a guy stop in the middle of line of fire to pull out a pistol because he's out of ammo? Nah, neither have i. Not being able to move while swapping weapons is stupid, ok maybe it should limit your speed, but being locked in position... just no." Shooting up/down in a 90 degree angle is impossible. Needs a fix. 90 degrees is the minimum, anything else would be unrealistically restrictive.
  11. It doesn't really matter if it's the simplest. All it takes is a 1 minute bootcamp to teach people. And tbh, it already has a learning curve, changing this would only make it slightly easier. :edit: The developers wouldn't break the game by adding community requested features.. I trust they know what they are doing. Don't you? :)
  12. [off topic] I like you. [/off topic] Anyways I feel like I should copy paste all of my ideas into a single post so it's easier to keep track of.. or a link to some google doc so I can edit it freely, that's allowed right?
  13. The funny thing is, ArmA 3 is the game where the recoil system turned bad. ArmA 2 was quite ok. Oh, that's a perfect example.. Yeah, it needs to be: AIM at door and press SPACE to open, short animation where either one hand goes towards handle to simulate the entire door opening thing (it would be nice if it didn't lock your movement, so you could sort of "fast walk" through the door, action wins)
  14. Actually thought about it abit, and came up with something.. Mousewheel is for stance swapping, current way is clunky as hell. Ctrl+Mousewheel is for swapping weapons, tiny menu appears on screen to indicate "Main/Secondary/Tertiary(rockets or whatever)" The menu needs to have a key that's NOT spacebar (since that will be for Ladders/Doors/general Use), nor the mousewheel. I don't really care which one it'll be :P But all the changes mentioned in this thread would really improve gameplay. I hope devs see some of this :/
  15. I haven't played much multiplayer, sounds horrible though :( Thank you for reminding me of this though! SHOOTING UP in a 90 degree angle is impossible. The fuck is this? I can bend backwards more than 90 degrees and still shoot a handgun effectively in real life, this needs to be fixed. (don't say "But wearing armor constraints you!" - No. It happens for naked players aswell, invalid argument. Imagine if someone is straight above you on a ledge or something and the game doesn't let you shoot him because apparently your spine is made of hardened steel with soldered joints :( Shooting down in a 90 degree angle is also impossible (from what i've tested in singleplayer) - this is stupid aswell, i can shoot inbetween my legs bending over quite easily.. Not saying this should be implemented, but not being able to shoot 90 degrees is.... well.... just no.
  16. Shit mice? What do you mean? Are you saying the Razer Naga is a shitty mouse? Why is it shitty? The amount of times I change weapons shouldn't be a factor in whether or not the way the system I do it with sucks ass. Please, just get out of this thread with that attitude, we don't need angry teenagers flaming. If you can keep it constructive, I welcome you. I never said I wanted "Insto Rambo Blamo". I just said the way it currently is, is impossibly stupid. No one is that slow... Dropping your assault rifle when hanging on a strap to pull your pistol out shouldn't take very long. I could approve of the slow times if you could actually effing move while doing so, like, in the real world? Ever seen a guy stop in the middle of line of fire to pull out a pistol because he's out of ammo? Nah, neither have i. Not being able to move while swapping weapons is stupid, ok maybe it should limit your speed, but being locked in position... just no. Sigh, you goddamn trolls. Please just take your fucking shitty garbage attitude out of here and come back when you've grown up and can keep it constructive. 0/10 - all of you. Bad trolls. Says the troll. Nice.
  17. Do you have an example you could link easily? I can't remember seeing this anywhere :S
  18. Why are you mentioning COD and Battlefield? They have nothing to do with the poor weapon selection system design of ArmA.. /OT I actually though about this, as soon as you aim at the general direction of the door, a door icon should pop up and say "Hold Whateverkey" that you've bound, by default spacebar, 0.5 sec hold and you start a short animation where your hand goes up reaching for the door, and then the door should open. It doesn't require a full animation of you opening the door and walking inside etc (imagine the getting out animation for the QUAD, that shit is awful), I hope to god all the ideas mentioned in this thread will be added somehow whatever way they want, just change it dangit ;) I won't be posting so much for a week or two, I hope you keep the thread going guys! Going home to my dad's autoshop to build a new PC case for my new parts. Oh boy, ArmA 3 is a good motivation for getting new parts, ehehe.
  19. I can dig it. We have too many keys that do the same thing anyways. Also there should be completely different control schemes in all the different types of vehicles, you know? Like in a tank, I hate having to press 0 on the numpad to get the optics out, but I can't change it just for tanks since that's a "global" key.. or well I don't know about Num 0, but there's definitely other keys where this won't work.. TL;DR - Different control schemes for each vehicle/man - completely separated for ease of use.
  20. <3 I just realized another thing, grenades and smoke. Everything you toss in game will also fly the way you are running if you are sidestrafing. This is not realistic. I toss a grenade at something I am aiming, and it should hit it.. hm... Maybe I just aim properly instinctively in real life.. not sure
  21. Perhaps yeah, the first shot of a weapon is what you get used to, the second shot is pretty much the last shot you need to stand right for no recoil like there is in-game. OR just all around remove recoil like it is, add in some gun shaking. Would be ten times more realistic, not to mention the feeling and very simple to setup. Sorry don't know what I was thinking with CS and shotgun scopes, that was all Battlefield 3. But the reticule "size" is still there, to picture how much of a spread there is when firing. quite off topic I got suddenly None of these problems are deal breakers for me either, but they would definitely make the game a lot better if fixed ;) I was perfectly fine with ArmA 2's recoil, but ArmA 3 completely overexaggerated every single weapon, especially when PISTOLS have more kick than a sniper rifle.. Sorry no, I have no clue how, was hoping someone else would do this :S
  22. The recoil should just be changed to what it was like in ArmA 2, that worked perfectly fine, even though it wasn't quite as realistic as could be. I don't really know what you mean by the cursor moving.. If it's anything like below, then hell no :) I hate games like BF3/CS where if you aim down the scope of a shotgun, it somehow magically becomes more precise and has 50% of the spread. Or that your gun kicks up when you shoot, but the bullet spread gets wider and wider and wider the longer you hold the trigger. This is just unrealistic and it's also the reason why I only use powerful one shot weapons for headshots.. anything requiring more than one shot in these games I can't bear playing with, hah. I pray to the gods that BI doesn't do something like this, but instead just fix the recoil. I like how it is now, as in, where you aim the gun, the bullet goes. This should never change, only recoil.
  23. Take On Helicopters, what is FM? I never played TOH, sadly. I personally don't remember ever using TAB for anything, actually there's a helluva a lot of keys I don't use. TAB could be used to cycle through main/offhand/rocket.. Or (silly idea), TAB once to get Main Weapon, TAB twice to get pistol, TAB three times or perhaps hold it for a second to get rocket launcher/etc out? I sometimes (rarely though) accidentally click on the launcher instead of pistol, the animations are so so so slow and valuable seconds are lost in the transition/animation. Even when selecting the rifle again. But this is so counter intuitive it hurts. I obviously agree they need to make weapon swapping easier/smoother somehow.. Also, perhaps speed it up. It doesn't take long to fling the rocket launcher on your back and pick up your rifle hanging from your waist in real life, why does it have to take almost a whole minute in A3? Gorbachev; It doesn't feel like ArmA changes the pitch of the blades, it feels like it only slows down and lets gravity do its work. This is what I mean :(
  24. Thank you, thank you! But what I mean with Q/Z in the chopper is that it feels like flying a car. You rely on gravity to fly down, my remote controlled helicopter turns the blades so the direction of air pull gets turned around, the engine is always on full speed and isn't something you change.. As far as my reading goes, I read that this is also how it works with real helicopters? :checking your sig links: Your sig link reminded me of something I forgot to add, the mounted guns on vehicles and popping 4 tires thing making you unable to enter.. yeah, stupid indeed
  25. While this is very very interesting and 99% of us indeedlydoodly do want, sadly it may not be added to the game for many various reasons that I don't even know about, I just get the feeling this isn't something they just "go and do". I've made my very first tread that's actually useful and it's also about helicopters. You might want to read the whole thing, but if you only worry about helicopters, read the last line :) http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?151685-Compilation-of-issues-I-ve-found-or-read-about-intensively&p=2355320&mode=linear#post2355320