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    Singe Player Zeus Missions?

    Hey there I'm looking for Missions like an "enemy team is trying to enter a city/kill a unit inside the city and i have a certan amount of cash to stop them". If they are not able to finish the mission after a certain time the player wins. Would be perfect if there was some fog of war ;) Sadly havent found such a mission. I think i'd be able to build it, but i don't want to create my own SP missions ;) Any idea?
  2. sagehorn

    Kicked from almost every server..

    Okay, I actually fixed it and think i know the reason for the problem Month before, someone told me to copy the addons folder from arma2 to arma 2 oa.. The files inside seem to cause the kick... Unfortunately, this folder wont get deleted after checking corrupt files etc..
  3. Hey there.. I installed Arma2 OA with steam now but i can't join any of the servers.. Here the main facts: - I'm using play with six beta - I start the game with CO - I join servers which doesn't use any mod (green icon in server list) - I tried with and without beta - When I check the game files of Arma2 and OA, there are always corrupt files, no matter how often i repair - There are no error messages when i get kicked except of the pop up that i was removed from the server - I redownloaded the game, without success.. And thats how it goes: http://postimg.org/image/3rhlk1ehl/ http://postimg.org/image/5598fcdqx/ http://postimg.org/image/bufrvcz2x/ I get into the lobby of the server, and after some seconds i get kicked... Any idea?
  4. sagehorn

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    including body cavity search? :D
  5. sagehorn

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Anybody interested in creating some kind of jagged alliance mod? I think this would be great fun ;) -Coop action (duration: >10h with saving etc..) -Collecting cash, items and weapons -Engage soldiers etc -Create some kind of logistics -Accomplish side goals (kill special warlords or free people) -Main target: Killing the dictator of the island Edit: -Everything in REALTIME, of course I think arma3 would be appropriate for that, not? Write me, if your interested
  6. Hi there I'm trying to edit that cam made by mrcash2009. What I'd like to do is creating a real mouse freelook. But it seems, that the cam is somehow fixed on a spot at the bottom. It's just possible to look forward when you are near the ground. When you zoom out, you are fast in a pure top down perspective. Anybody know that addon or/and can tell me some commands to change the controls? I'd post in the original thread, but i shouldn't. It's too old ;)
  7. sagehorn

    MBG Window of opportunity

    Hi Mondkalb Are you interested in making a sequelmod for arma 3? I had a lot of ideas for a thrilling project ;)
  8. Hi Folks I already had this idea in ofp times and it has been realized in Arma e.g. as Command & Conquer Mod. If I had a team of developers, I would try to make a realistic war simulation like wargame plus all advantages of a shooter. With access to all those upcoming addons there could be an endless list of units, vehicles and weapons. Are there ambitions to create something like this in ARMA3?
  9. in the "adjustmode" the sit back movement should be backward arrow button and not forward, seems to me more plausible. or is there a way to rebind it? in some positions the arrow keys are also a bit strange set(?) (forward is leaning/rolling etc.) and btw: i think, turning in "sit mode" should be animated more "detailed" (especially the feet). at the moment it also looks a bit strange. there could also be a lean move in this mode :D
  10. Is that possible with the Six Updater? When i try this in the mod or type column all servers are gone.
  11. Hi there I have to open a thread for this, because yesterday i had a crucial revelation concerning my low warfare-fps. All i had to do was deactivating the second screen. By this my frames went from 20fps up to continuous 60fps. I guess it works for everyone who gains higher fps after alt+tab. Im not sure if i have to be happy or frustrated (played very long with 20fps..), but deactivating the second screen is actually nothing new. There are also troubles with other games from time to time. Maye this issue is well known, but now it's my turn. ^^ Greets and good luck
  12. sagehorn

    ARMEX Armory Question

    yes, thats what i would use normally. but i thought the armory could take the work out of my hands :j: above all, afaik there is no easy command to put all weapons (incl. custom) in one crate.. it's just a pity, that such a good feature has been implemented "too consequently" :P
  13. sagehorn

    ARMEX Armory Question

    Is it possible to get all the weapons directly in the base? Seems not. :/ Another problem with the armory and armex is that it all takes much too long.. When I want to fire a grenade with the AK74 GL I have to start a complete mission and even then I just have ONE grenade to fire. I just want a shooting range and all weapons with all ammo.. whats the problem? or better, whats the solution? :P
  14. There should be a dev-heaven project page :)
  15. I like the idea of a continuous game even after restart. But isn't the reason for a restart regaining server-performance; and isn't it necessary for this that everything is tabula rasa again? And what about saving stuff after player-disconnect? I think a disconnect should be still like a normal death in future. In this case, the player can just put all his stuff into a box and hope, everything is still at the same place next time ;)