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  1. blackwater13

    Zee - M107 - announcement

    Really really amazing work. With the current m2010, and now the m24 sws in the works, I have seen people request the m40a series for the Marines as well in previous posts, but would be possible to also have a Tac-300? I would assume the Tac-300 would fit in well as it uses the 700 series action, just as the m40a and m24 which are based on the r700 series but in military standards/terms. I just thought it would be easy just as the m40a and m2010 uses box mags and the current m2010 animations should go well with both m40a and tac-300. Not sure how the m24 sws animations would be though, due to the internal mag instead of a box mag. Just pondering on how it will work, such as firing 3 shots for example, and then reloading. Would you have to reload a cycle of 2 bullets when 3 have been fired or you have to go through a whole animation of reloading 5 individual rounds each time.
  2. blackwater13

    Zee Identity Pack

    Yeah i get what youre saying, youre on point =)
  3. blackwater13

    Zee Identity Pack

    Ahhh alright I get what you mean, thanks so much too! I was just wondering as there was a custom face in the character profile settings, and thought that i could use a special face that everyone can see when i join a server but that clears things out!
  4. blackwater13

    Zee Identity Pack

    Hahahahaha so thats what that face is all about! xD well yes, you understood my question. Id like to be the only person on the server with a face you made. Okay that sounds really weird but yes, i meant it in the proper manner. I really like the bearded face, and want to be available to me so its unique in a sense. I have no idea what you mean by head proxies and such though.
  5. blackwater13

    Zee Identity Pack

    I wanna ask, is it possible to use only one of your made faces as a custom face that is available when you edit your arma 3 profile?
  6. Oorah brother. Finally another radioman with on field knowledge. +1 to the suggestion.
  7. I gotta ask, does that display of information on the bottom right of the screen come with ACE? Been using ACE ever since and never seen such a display before. Its sick too, what is it?
  8. blackwater13

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Oh i had no idea they had custom animations, I just got back to arma 3 and havent checked out the newer weapoms but from past experience, the AR15 platforms were using the vanilla scorpions smg reload animation iirc, Will redownload and check it out again ***Edit*** Well Ive downloaded and seen alot of new stuff which is amazing, but the AR15s are using the vanilla animations that comes with the scorpion smg, and they are using Toadie2k's animations on the AUG, so I was just asking if they would also use it for their AR15 platforms. Well I say the SKS has their own custom made animation as I have never seen it before which is amazing, but thats the only custom animation apart from the AUG that has been uploaded. Dont get me wrong either, just an idea as the AR15 platform weapons here are amazing, why not add in custom animations? =)
  9. blackwater13

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    any chance you guys will implement Toadie2ks animations on your AR15 platforms such as the M4s to the 416/417??
  10. blackwater13

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hey RHS team, just wanted to ask you guys and fellow RHS users, dont you guys feel that the EMR cammies is a lil too bright as compared to real life? As compared to this image https://c2.staticflickr.com/6/5761/23687940762_ce035d286a_o.jpgand this image in real life http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/image_50633e_6c_6bd_7f-tm-tfb.jpeg. Just thought if anyone felt the same way.
  11. Great on the update, one issue I have faced is that light sources in Takistan cannot be shot out. Also, when playing with ACE, standing at a light source in Takistan doesnt register as a light source so that makes me suspect the light sources have an issue, eg light bulbs.
  12. Sick release mate, personally though, wouldnt it be easier for you to make weapons of a similar platform with the animations that are already done? Just a general question. Like for example, since you have awesome animations for the AR15 platform, wouldnt it be easier for you just to model a 416/417 and slap on the same animations before making a weapon pack with totally different animation? Please dont get me wrong where I'm telling you what to do, but Im just curious as this would be my thought process. God speed Toadie.
  13. blackwater13

    Cheytac M200

    This needs to have some animations and 110% needed in game!
  14. blackwater13

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hopefully the mk18s and other stuff that has been hidden would return to the state it was like in 3.7 where it was accessible in the VA.
  15. blackwater13

    Scope Mod A3

    Aight I have tried it out and it works out! Well I also do hope that can be fixed if its ever made possible, and I do hope for the 2D variants, it would have the ability to look through 1x in 3D and 4x in 2D, which is similar to your ACOG scopes, where you have a 2D view when looking through the scope, and when you switch to 1x, it will look through the spectre like a normal RDS. I supposed that will fix changing zoom values with the fire selector. Do take my request into consideration! I think people might agree with me. Thanks once again!