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    BMR Insurgency

    Indeed. I absolutely love the F-22A. I'm still learning to land it safely. :ph34r: I'm anxious to let my friends get at it though. It will be a nice change from what I've experienced troubleshooting. The only error I have now is out of memory error. I've gone through all the basics I think on troubleshooting that one. But, It usually remains in persistent setting for 3-4 days time on my virtual machine before the out of memory error occurs.
  2. blazedone

    BMR Insurgency

    Update on this: I spent some time last night trying some of your recommendations and reading up on the individual mods installation methods. I noticed in the LOP mod, the author recommended putting mods into a separate folder of their own. After doing this and sorting the LOP mod to load first, then RHS, then AiATP, I played for about 3 hours without noticing a single issue. No more vehicles or infantry under terrain. All reward/mod vehicles were accessible at all times, etc. Purring like a kitten basically. So, hopefully this is the end of my issues. Thanks jigsor :cheers:
  3. blazedone

    BMR Insurgency

    I'm about to PM you the log text with that preset and my original mod load. Also, going to try what you've recommended.
  4. blazedone

    BMR Insurgency

    "Ok, great so I take it that mods are not missing from client or server?" No, I don't believe so. The client and server have matching mods. I basically installed them back to back. "I recommend trying with only required mods plus terrain." Ok. But which ones should I be removing? CBA? Better question, what do you propose I should load? I haven't noticed any messages at startup. Unfortunately I don't have logs enabled. Will have to switch that on. "Are the vanilla aircraft placed in editor kicking you out as well? Does it kick when entering a gunner or passenger seat?" No. So far, I've only seen this on the F-22A. The Vanilla vehicles all work fine. Its not giving any message or anything when it dumps me out. It just does lol. "Not exactly sure what you mean by this. Enemy air patrol aircraft?" Yes. The Patrol craft. I didn't know if they were supposed to change with the enemy preset or not. "How are you witnessing this." I've seen this a lot. Usually from range. The vehicles will be moving and you'll only see the top half. This is manned. "I recommend trying chosen the mod combination on altis or statis versions first to check if there are consitent anomalities with takistan version. Also recommend trying only "RHS Armed Forces of the Russian Federation - Requirements :: @rhs_afrf3" in additional to optiontional @rhs_usf3 without leight's opfor mod enabled client and server side and check for problems then enable leight's mod on both sides." I will give this a try and see if it yields different results.
  5. blazedone

    BMR Insurgency

    Got a question regarding the Takistan mission. I've been trying to load it with the Islamic State of Takistan. I've got the RHS mods and Leights Opfor mod loaded on server and client. As well as AiA terrain pack and CBA. We've got access to all the weapons, vehicles, etc. Enemy seems to be loading correctly (IS ground troops, Soviet era armor). We've noticed a few bugs tho from our first use of it. We chose an F-22A as a reward, spawned just fine. Went to try and get in it and keeps tossing me and anyone else right back out. Tried to bump with another vehicle (has worked before), wouldn't even budge, almost like a structure. I also noticed the air units are the same, not sure if that's intentional or something else. I also for some reason see a lot of enemy vehicles traveling below the terrain, didn't have this before using CSAT. Any suggestions to help me troubleshoot are greatly appreciated. I am admittedly a bit of a amateur when it comes to setting up modded servers. p.s. Many kudos to jigsor for this mission. This has been a staple for me and a few friends who LAN this often.
  6. I have a dedicated server setup and launched with TADST 2.6. No matter what mission it is, if I connect and try to change parameters/options, like time of day, difficulty, etc every time I start the mission it just starts with default parameters like nothing was changed in the lobby. Now, Its been a while since I hosted an A2 server with A3 being out, but am I missing something? this same setup and process that's failing me now never gave me an issue before. Any ideas or input are greatly appreciated.
  7. For some reason I'm getting a 404 error using your link to the v5 files. I also couldn't find your server. Any ideas?