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  1. industrialdonut

    Better Zeus AI CONTROL (move under fire)

    Yes absolutely only the zeus, no need to run it on the server either.
  2. industrialdonut

    Better Zeus AI CONTROL (move under fire)

    Oh I probably should have put the workshop link too XD https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2078507200
  3. Not sure if this is the right place to post, my friend told me to do so on top of publishing on the workshop. I made a mod that adds some zeus functionality to controlling the AI that I felt was severely lacking as someone who sees zeus as being a very good tool for creating PVE experiences for players. CBA Keybinds and controls: -"Unconditional Obedience apply" : Default key "T" selected AI units in zeus (a group or individuals within the group, whatever units ultimately are selected in the scope) will go to complete obedience mode and will not shoot at enemies, will not lay down and hide, etc, will just MOVE like good soldiers under your command! Fantastic when you need them to flank effectively. -"Normal mode apply" : Default key "G" selected AI units again will now return to their normal operating behavior, with autocombat and all the stuff that makes them very difficult to manuever but will make them again part of the gun fight. -"Reveal selected" : Default key "B" selected units are queued as targets to be revealed, TO (see next line down) -"Reveal to" : part of the same function as "normal mode apply" key "G", the selected units will be able to see the targets that were just queued (see line above) "Halt Selected" : Default key "H" immediately halts all pathing of the selected AI units "NO halt selected" : Default key "J" returns pathing to the selected AI units http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=06512961986126740384
  4. Don't know if people already have figured this out in general by now, but I had been searching for how to do this and only found dozens of threads with no real successful solutions. I have pieced them together however into a solution that I am pleased with, and would like to share and ask for help on making it into more of a 'mod' or a generalized script to be used by zeus dynamically. The codes I am using are the following: { _x disableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _x disableAI "AUTOCOMBAT"; _x setbehaviour "AWARE"; _x disableAI "TARGET"; }forEach units group this; Executing this in any soldier's init of a group, makes that group absolutely ignore getting shot at and just fucking move. { _x enableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _x enableAI "AUTOCOMBAT"; _x enableAI "TARGET"; }forEach units group this; Executing this in the same fashion (any group member, doesn't have to be the same one as the original), returns the group to combat status. I WOULD LIKE: To make a system where this can be either a script on the player/zeus or a mod basically so that the zeus can do a "fast move" or a "combat move" type command, where these will automatically be employed and then be restored to combat status when they arrive, or something like that at least if you are following. If you have played the Wargame (ex. Red Dragon) series, I would IDEALLY like to turn this into the "right click/regular move" command and the "Q click / attack move" commands. If anybody can help me please please please do :D:D:D
  5. industrialdonut

    Render To Texture + Scopes = ???

    What he means is that in RO2 the weapons use Hit Scans thus there is no bullet drop or wind compensation needed. In Arma 3, there are no hit scans, instead there are simulated bullet models that literally travel through the simulated world until they hit something. This is good because it makes it very realistic and also you now have to compensate for bullet drop and wind and etc.
  6. industrialdonut

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    C-130 varients as well as Chinook varients to be able to load vehicular cargo into the bay and transport them to be delivered at other airports OR to be dropped off into battle. In the movie Act of Valor, a RHIB boat was placed into a river via Chinook transportation and then it drove into the forest through the river where it provided massive fire support to a stealth SEAL squad that was already there. This is be AMAZING to be able to do in game. Also the C-130J or whatever sort of massive cargo plane BIS intends to put into Arma 3 should be able to do similar tasks, except it will be more used for transporting vehicles from different bases or whatever instead of bringing them into battle. The cargo doors shall be operated by either the Pilot or Co-Pilot of the aircraft. This will be great, always wished I didn't have to mod Arma 2 to get this feature.
  7. industrialdonut

    Higher altitudes?

    Well first of all, the ceiling in Arma 2 is much higher than 3000, in fact I have NO idea where you got that number from, must have been flying an AH-6J or something. But also, even if you were at said 3000, that is indeed measured in Meters I am quite sure, and so that is more than 9000 feet.
  8. industrialdonut

    Better useage of 2 or more monitors

    Seriously, think about it in the way that, Arma 3 is a sim, not a run-of-the-mil shooter. If you think about it, having your own map will basically turn this into Battlefield BECAUSE you now have a mini-map that constantly shows where you are and such, and except its a full map. This is NOT a good idea to have this option.
  9. industrialdonut

    Opinions on manual gun cocking?

    I think that manual gun-cocking to be in Arma 3 is a fantastic idea! I don't know what button you would press, but this would absolutely just immerse you into the world of Arma 3 so quickly it would be awesome!