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  1. Please update the documentation for this. It's basically non-existent and frustrating. I just uploaded my repo (25 gigs, took a few hours) only to find out, I need to run the creator after I've made the JSON repo, let it enumerate the addons and then upload that.
  2. I'm back again (lol) at the moment I'm having an issue where my mission runs fine in a local server on MP, however If I attempt to run it on a dedicated server DAC simply says initializing then the hint box fades away. There is no errors in the server .rpt or my own local one. Any idea? Server .rpt: http://pastebin.com/dcC47wqv Local self hosted server: http://pastebin.com/c23hhd2s
  3. slendermang

    Advanced Towing

    How exactly do you use the standalone script version? I have it being executed on the server if (isServer) then { execVM "scripts\fn_advancedTowingInit.sqf"; }; However I can't seem to deploy ropes from the action menu, does it need to be run for every client? I'm using a RHS Ural and a D30 howitzer if that affects it.
  4. slendermang

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Was dragging/carrying the D30 removed? It no longer appears in my ACE interactions.
  5. Is CUP Chernarus compatible with the LandTex mod? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=84082
  6. That is the curious thing. I'm not referencing those two 'count 40' or the '_group' handle anywhere. The only thing I've used is the script you see above. However I fixed the position and it seems to be working now. It still gives out the "...set [count 40, _group]" error however
  7. Got it now, thanks bro. I have another question now. I'm using a .sqf to spawn a zone using the following. [] spawn { waitUntil {sleep 1; time > 0}; waitUntil {sleep 10; (!alive refinery) && (alive mi24)}; hint "It worked!"; deleteVehicle mi24; [helo] call DAC_Activate; }; [] spawn { waitUntil { sleep 1; time > 0}; waitUntil {sleep 10; (!alive refinery)}; _cnt = {alive _x} count [hmmv_1,hmmv_2,hmmv_3,hmmv_4]; if (_cnt > 0) then { _values = ["vic_reinf",[19,0,0,0],[],[_cnt,4,1,15],[],[],[1,1,8,0,2]]; [(position [5219.493,6786.812,0]),40,40,0,0,_values] call DAC_fNewZone; {deletevehicle _x} forEach thisList [hmmv_1,hmmv_2,hmmv_3,hmmv_4]; [vic_reinf] call DAC_Activate; hint "Humvees activated"; }; }; However upon destroying the refinery DAC spams in the .rpt non-stop 21:56:31 Error in expression <40 set [count 40,_group]> 21:56:31 Error position: <count 40,_group]> 21:56:31 Error count: Type Number, expected Array,String,Config entry Can anyone discern the reason? It appears to be tied to the activation of the vic_reinf zone.
  8. slendermang

    Syntax error in counting array?

    It would appear you're correct. It seems I misunderstood thisList, I assumed it was to specify arrays. Upon re-reading it just means all units in a trigger's radius? However now it tells me 16:52:06 Error in expression <0and%20Kings.lingor3\alivecheck.sqf" [] spawn waitUntil { sleep 1; time > 0; };> 16:52:06 Error position: <spawn waitUntil { sleep 1; time > 0; };> Looking at another example [] spawn { waitUntil {something}; hint "cache 1 is down"; }; [] spawn { waitUntil {something different thats possible at the same time}; hint "cache 2 is down"; }; It looks right? EDIT: Woops! I forgot to enclose it in brackets as a new scheduled script.
  9. Hello, I'm trying to activate a trigger and have an integer passed by using the count command and deteremining the number of vehicles left alive. However I'm running into a syntax error, I've checked the count and array page but I'm abit lost on what exactly I'm doing incorrect. [] spawn waitUntil { sleep 1; time > 0; }; waitUntil { sleep 10; (!alive refinery) && (alive mi24); }; hint "It worked!"; deleteVehicle mi24; [helo] call DAC_Activate; [] spawn waitUntil { sleep 1; time > 0 }; waitUntil { sleep 10; (!alive refinery) }; _cnt = {alive _x} count thisList [hmmv_1,hmmv_2,hmmv_3,hmmv_4]; if (_cnt == 0) then { exitWith{hint "There's less than 0 Humvees"}; } else { _values = ["vic_reinf",[19,0,0,0],[],[_cnt,4,1,15],[],[],[1,1,8,0,2]]; [[5219.493,6786.812,0],40,40,0,0,_values] call DAC_fNewZone; {deletevehicle _x} forEach thisList [hmmv1,hmmv2,hmmv3,hmmv4]; [vick_reinf] call DAC_Activate; hint "Humvees activated"; } The .rpt tells me that the highlighted line is incorrect. 16:16:06 Error in expression <ry) }; _cnt = {alive _x} count thisList [hmmv_1,hmmv_2,hmmv_3,hmmv_4]; if (_cnt > 16:16:06 Error position: <[hmmv_1,hmmv_2,hmmv_3,hmmv_4]; if (_cnt > 16:16:06 Error Missing ; What is the correct method of using count to determine this using an array?
  10. So I suppose making the player die from the explosion of say a MANPAD rather than the crash is out of the question?
  11. What exactly am I doing wrong? The event config refuses to pass my script to spawned vehicles _Events_Vehicle = [ ["[_vehc] execVM "dispersion.sqf""], [], [] ]; It spits out this in the .rpt 14:30:31 Error in expression <; _Events_Vehicle = [ ["[_vehc] execVM "dispersion.sqf""], [], [] ]; }; case 2:> 14:30:31 Error position: <dispersion.sqf""], [], [] ]; }; case 2:> 14:30:31 Error Missing ] 14:30:31 Error in expression <; _Events_Vehicle = [ ["[_vehc] execVM "dispersion.sqf""], [], [] ]; }; case 2:> 14:30:31 Error position: <dispersion.sqf""], [], [] ]; }; case 2:> EDIT: The handle can't be enclosed in brackets
  12. Hey, is there a way to make units in Helicopters land and disembark rather than parachute? I looked through the Documentation and couldn't find anything. Also, if I use a trigger to switch independent being friendly with Blufor mid mission will this break DAC? The documentation mentions this "DAC_Res_Side = 1", is it a problem if I switch it mid-mission? If so is there a way to switch the config for DAC as well? EDIT: I'm having a weird bug where my wheeled vehicle zones are spawning in my waypoint zones, I'm not sure the reason. I know its considering spawning them at unit zones because it said the WP zone for them was too small but when I zeus out they're waaaay all over the WP zone in the middle of nowhere. Is it because I'm spawning the unit zones within the WP zone? I have another Helo Zone that doesn't do it, it doesn't spawn in the WP zone. A bit weird.
  13. Can someone clarify on how to use the ambiance sound module? I'm trying to point it to a soundfile within a mission folder. How would I do that? Does it also understand relative filepaths? I ask this because playSound3D doesn't when the mission is put into a .pbo and the mission maker needs to specify i.e. playSound3D ["mpmissions\__Weapon_Trade.fata\sound\sfxsound.ogg", false, [4246.172,3496.474,165.538], 10, 1, 50];
  14. I have a trigger setup which plays a helicopter with my recorded flight path. When this is activated it will also loadup a squad of infantry who have a waypoint set to Search and Destroy, my problem is the AI will disembark the helicopter but then quickly try to get back in, I have no idea why they're doing this and I've tried to lock the helicopter and assign them as cargo but they still do it. Any ideas? My placed triggers in the editor Condition: triggerActivated phase4; On Activation: hip1 engineOn true;{_x enableSimulationGlobal true; } forEach [q1,q2,q3,q4,q5,q6,q7,q8]; {_x moveInCargo hip1; } forEach [q1,q2,q3,q4,q5,q6,q7,q8]; {_x assignAsCargo hip1; } forEach [q1,q2,q3,q4,q5,q6,q7,q8]; 0 = execVM "hip.sqf"; hint "ja ja" the contents of hip.sqf hip1 engineOn true; rec = [] spawn Mypath; uiSleep 102; {_x action ["getOut", hip1]; } forEach [q1,q2,q3,q4,q5,q6,q7,q8]; hip1 lockCargo true;
  15. waituntil {((format["%1",isnull DAC_StartDummy] != "BOOL") && ((getPosAT> 15:27:29 Error position: <DAC_StartDummy] != "BOOL") && ((getPosAT> 15:27:29 Error Undefined variable in expression: dac_startdummy 15:27:29 File DAC_Source\Scripts\DAC_Create_Zone.sqf, line 102 Getting this, its continuously logging it in my .rpt and DAC never initializes.