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    I am a hardcore gamer. I built my own system, and many others. I enjoy simulation games, mostly of the military nature.
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  1. ArchAngelAlien

    What is Analogue Controls?

    What settings should I set to my flight simulator joystick? It seems they act as analogue even though they are set to digital keys in the key editor.
  2. Okay so I tried to do some research on this before posting and all I can really find is threads of people 'talking' about how it doesn't work well or how they don't like it but I can't find any direct information to exactly 'what it is." Can anyone explain to me what analogue controls are? From my experiences can I benefit from this? My current controllers I use are: Head Tracking: TrackIR 5 for head-tracking. Controller for Driving: Razer Onza Tournament Edition Xbox 360 controller for driving vehicles, it feels a bit better than the mouse and keyboard and offers force feedback. Thrust-master T-Flight Hotas X flight simulator joystick for helicopters and jets. (Still trying to setup perfectly.) Keyboard + mouse for on foot infantry operations ect. So currently from my experiences, I set the 360 controller to a default customization layout they had in the game. It allows all the buttons to be setup without me having to adjust them, but also locks them down so I cannot change them. Honestly this is okay with me as I can drive fine with TrackIr 5 to look around. The flight simulator stick I use comes with a side thrust hand thing. So I guess you can decrease thrust and increase thrust. I currently just used the increase and decrease thrust and not the analogue controls section as I don't know what they are for. When I am in a helicopter for example, and my thrust pad is centered, it in fact keeps the heli centered. When I press the thrust up a bit, about 1/4 I begin to climb in altitude very slowly and can center out moving my hand pad back to center. Also if I force the thrust pad all the way forward (4/4) I climb in altitude very quickly and mimicks the Q key. What is the point of analogue controls and why do I need them?
  3. ArchAngelAlien

    ShackTac ACRE Volume Control

    Where do I put the files to install this? Or do I just make a mod folder named like, @ACREP and place it in my OA folder? Sorry I am still new to this system.
  4. ArchAngelAlien

    Are you going to upgrade because of ARMA 3?

    I find myself just gaming on 1 monitor most of the time so I can monitor my temperatures and chat and browse the web sometimes. The bezels drive me crazy.
  5. ArchAngelAlien

    Are you going to upgrade because of ARMA 3?

    2x Corsair Force 3 GT SSD in raid 0@240gb@1005r/1000w and 2-2TB Mechanical drives in raid 0. You suggest me get more ssds? lol
  6. ArchAngelAlien

    Are you going to upgrade because of ARMA 3?

    You guys think I should upgrade? current specs: Core I5 2500k@4.5 ghz 2x XFX 6970s in Crossfire at 8x/8x running 1450/950 overclock 16gb Corsair vengeance ram@9-9-9-24@1600 mhz Asus P8z68-V Pro Motherboard TrackIr 5 T Flight Hotas X Flight Stick Razer Anansi Keyboard Razer Tiamat 7.1 Headset Razer Naga Mouse Blue Yeti Microphone w/naddy pop fiilter connected to boom stand Logitech g13 hand pad for custom keybinds Razer Nostromo for in game custom keybinds 3x 27' inch Asus monitors for Eyefinity. 2x Corsair Force 3 GT SSD in raid 0@240gb@1005r/1000w 2x Western Digital Hdds: 2tb in Raid 0 Creative Fatality champion pci-e 7.1 sound card Corsair H100 CPU Cooler w/ 4 fans in push/pull config running cougar fans. New Dish Reciever in game room with HD DVR and 42' HDTV@1080P for watching tv till Arma 3 community alpha releases. New ottoman full size swivel chair, with swivel foot rest. New full window sized air conditioner cooled by water injection for the hot summer Prolly alot more, but got tired typing. Should I upgrade for Arma 3? (Being serious :) )
  7. ArchAngelAlien

    Better Accessory Support?

    I have not yet set up my Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X stick with Arma 2 but I hope it won't be a painful process as you described.
  8. ArchAngelAlien

    Ability To Vault Over Walls/Obstacles?

    This was the last thing I expected. Smookie, himself to comment on a thread that I made about something he is very good at. You have seriously surprised me and I am grateful to hear there are improvements coming. You are a great at what you do and I know will do Arma 3 justice in that department. I really hope alot of your animations make it into Arma 3. Good job and thank you.
  9. ArchAngelAlien

    Will Arma 3 have better mouse controls?

    Ahhh lol. Just came back and read the responses to my post and also read my post again. I feel where you guys are coming from, maybe I should not of commented since this situation isn't affecting me. I just loaded up the game for the first time 8 months ago, turned off smoothing and adjusted my mouse settings out of the game and never looked back. Guess it was just too easy. Sorry xD
  10. ArchAngelAlien

    ShackTac ACRE Volume Control

    Roger that, your link is now working. I will pass this on to my 18th Tactical Regiment and see if I can convince them to use it for our servers. Appreciate it Dslyecxi. You rock.
  11. ArchAngelAlien

    ShackTac ACRE Volume Control

    Says I am not authorized to download? 403 You are not authorized to access this page.
  12. ArchAngelAlien

    Ragdolling players without killing them?

    If ragdoll affects are only tied to death animations I am going to be extremely sad. It's 2012 and on the brink of 2013. It's the future, and we as gamers expect our games to better their technology as time progresses with future releases. If your goal is to make the most realistic war simulator you can, then one would assume ragdoll physics would apply to all scenarios and situations.
  13. ArchAngelAlien

    Will Arma 3 have better mouse controls?

    Honestly the mouse controls in Arma 2 for me, are fine. I use a Razer Naga and just customize my settings out of the game with my mouse program features to get the exact values of precision and sensitivity that I want. Not sure if this is needed.
  14. This would be awesome if it was built in house and shipped by default. I am tired of having to download 25 mods to get the full experience. They should just launch with most of the experience already built in house. They need to just hire all these modders, and make it all in house.
  15. ArchAngelAlien

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    Being able to vault over walls and other objects. Such as high porches ect. Current stamina, and weight of carried gear comes into effect of vaulting walls that are 5 feet to 6 feet tall. This is a much needed feature in the game as it is used constantly already in war and can change a bad situation quickly.