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  1. SissiSaatana

    Loss Of 60% Throttle

    I there's already post about this on tracker , anyway I feel your pain up voted ...
  2. SissiSaatana

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I had big wishes for arma 3 considering the performance (all the extra money from dayz mod etc.) but NO, and what really destroys my faith for future improvements is the fact that these are ages old bugs/flaws within the engine... This really pains me hard as I love arma series ...
  3. Your TrackIr might be of center which causes your character to lean which in turn results your character being not able to run, try centering track ir .This is the only reason I can think of atm...
  4. Me and my friend are in tears cause of the player shortage, I've been trying to spread word on some other forums but servers remain empty 90% of the time. Maybe we should try set game event some weekend and make sure there are enough players then invite some youtube video game channel guys play with us(write a nice request to help us with our situation?) we need to try to get some media coverage for tacbf to really get the word out.
  5. SissiSaatana

    CPU and GPU overclocking does sweet f a.

    overclocked ages ago, no problems major increase in performance at arma, same with three of my friends but maybe we all are just delusional ... WAIT WHAT! so much utter BS in this thread that I have hard time to comprehend it. YES running cpu faster within safe temps and volts will make it faster there nothing else to it, and uuh it degrades faster? what u want to use same cpu +5 years ? buying new chip is safer? yes but which one is cheaper?! + u cant really buy better chip than the market has to offer and if u want to top that u need to oc it. And kudos to all oc'ers here for already pointing out the things needed pointing, And for love of god guys oc the sh*t out of your cpu's / gpu's !
  6. SissiSaatana

    Remove destroyed vehicles from radar

    yes, armas all seeing eye called radar needs no improvements as it's imho already way too good
  7. SissiSaatana

    TrackIR - Does it add £130 worth of fun?

    Had it long time , haven't regret buying it, I initially bought it for flight sims but have been surprisingly pleased with it in arma 3 infantry gameplay. It took quite a while for me to get fully used to the idea that u might be looking different way than your gun is pointed (specially fast situations (cqb :D)) but once I got I cant go back. I heard good and bad stories about the DIY solutions but haven't tried one myself so dunno about them at least worth looking into. Only two minus I give for track ir is price (I've heard rumors that they are relatively cheap to produce but not solid facts) and that my track clip is always lost when I'm starting to play and I have to meditate on the subject where I left it for 5-10 minutes before I can start gaming xD
  8. SissiSaatana

    Best multiplayer/PvP game modes?

    I've been playing on the at http://arma3.swec.se/server/data/17196 it seems to be populated on fridays and saturdays 19-01 (gmt +0) clock (two times in a row now at least ) and there's been really good team play mentality kudos to all guys who have been playing there with me :cool: ps. it makes me sad also that there is so few players, I have trouble playing other mod's lately cause I simply feel that they lack so much lol (I am heavily into pvp^^) +1 There's so much more to arma than just vanilla arma there is all kind of tastes like chocolate and strawberry + many more^^
  9. SissiSaatana

    Best multiplayer/PvP game modes?

    tacbf is by far the best pvp mod for arma that u can get, it's so so sad that there's so few players (come on wasteland & life sucks to compared to this , and eutw cti feels like a child play). But when u get to play tacbf with good 30vs30 teams there is no coming back I tell u so remember you've been warned. The mod encourages team play a lot and from my experience ppl play really team at eu servers and u get the feeling of being part of bigger fighting force and this is the only mod that has done this to me.
  10. SissiSaatana

    [WIP] IkaR F-16

    yeah some news about progress would be much appreciated :) Atm it looks really good and promising (it's my favorite plane <3 falcon bms \o/ xD ) on the few screenshots it would be really awesome to see some pics about the cockpit but as always, take it easy and take your time and good luck ^^
  11. SissiSaatana

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    congratz m8! awesome work! u have my respect ^^
  12. SissiSaatana

    Blastcore A3

    omg look awesome maybe I'll have to put up some christmas "lightning" after all :D:D
  13. SissiSaatana

    Very low FPS

    to op I have same cpu running @ 4ghz u should definitely overclock it that's the best u can do for your fps ... and u can make sacrifices to ctulhu and hope hi spook's arma devs to actually do something to the problem ;)
  14. SissiSaatana

    2 CAS Aircraft remain unknown. What if?

    hah well that's quite literally outside the box idea ^^ and personally love falcon but few questions, Will ppl see your aircraft(anykind?) in arma that u fly in bms? and how do u check what the hell are u shooting and where are u hitting? ie u don't exactly have altis in bms theaters (at least last that I checked xD) overall I would really like to know more I try to pm u and your utube vid ^^ ps. pretty pls implement bms flightmodel and f16 to arma :cool: lol
  15. SissiSaatana

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    ymmm your right, but well watch the screenshots and make your conclusions ... And nordkinchen talked that stratis would require 1-2 months of work, don't really now how many working hours a day that means ... But as bis having professionals working regular 40h / week (at least I think :D) they imho should have the manpower for this and as watching the screenshots this is imho something they really should do, as mid range textures are being the most lacking part of the graphical looks atm. + this would also have huge game play effect as stealth play would come more viable option