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    Old Spectator Mode

    Hey thanks. I'm still struggling to get it to work. So I put that in the init, but the only time I can actually get it to put me into that old spectator mode is when I set an instant respawn, and when I do that it still respawns a unit right where I die, and I can't orient the camera in any direction, just move around while looking in one direction. Then as soon as I right click, it just brings me back to my character. I've tried messing with various options for respawn using both the editor options and description.ext, but to no avail. Is there I can make it so when anyone dies, they don't respawn and just go straight into that spectator mode? Thanks. EDIT: So I just tried changing the event handler to MPKilled and setting respawn seagull and that has made some progress. When killed, I'll go into the old spectator mode, but so does everyone else. Also, the screen is all blurry. I tried setting the variable name and then changing "_player" to the variable name, but everyone still seems to go into the old spectator still. Know of anyway to make it specific to each person and anyway to get rid of the death blur? Thanks
  2. I'm trying to make it so when anyone playing dies, we go into the old spectator mode (pre EndGame Spectator), for we actually prefer it. I've found the function BIS_fnc_cameraOld but due to having just about 0 experience with scripting, I have no idea how to apply it and everything I've tried has not worked. Any advice? Thanks
  3. If anyone has tried Australians At War mod for A2 then, it'd be cool to have that feature with the ability to open the door on a vehicle, and walk inside without selecting "get in back" or something. On Arma 2, you fly out and die, but it'd be cool if you were able to stay in on Arma 3. Doesn't have to be on every single vehicle, just on some APCs and armored vehicles and stuff like that.
  4. Hi. I keep getting a problem with JayArma2Lib. Whenever I go into a game, this is in the top right corner: "ACRE: JayArma2lib not installed! Check JayArma2lib installation!". I manually installed ACRE and have both @ACRE and @JayArma2Lib in my OA directory. I have retail Arma 2: Combined Ops.