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  1. - Freeaim added either as an option for freelook (with key assigned to toggle between freelook and freeaim) or as a new keybind. It should be restricted to shorter angles than freelook (about 50 - 70 deg for each side). It would be a great replacement of aiming deadzone for those who would like to.
  2. Qp0n

    Mouse Acceleration in ArmA 3

    IMO mouse acceleration should be completely the other way around. I mean when you move your mouse slowly it should move slower, when you move it faster it should move faster (and respectively travel less, more distance) If you want to eliminate some weapons from use in CQB you could make player lower his weapon while too close to a wall, or use the "raise weapon" key more useful by forbidding players from coming too close to wall, while facing it, with raised weapon making it really clunky to operate indoors. I think its way better than adding this weapon weight thing, because: 1. its actualy the length of the weapon that makes it more useful in CQB. 2. in real life, after a little bit of weapon handling training, you are able to compensate for the weapon weight while turning by putting a little bit of force in the opposite direction, when ending a turn. In game it would mean that when you move your mouse 10cm left you should quickly move it 1cm right to compensate, and it would be really annoying :-( What do you guys think about this? I'm playing ArmA II lately and I observed that quick aiming inside of the deadzone is really easy, but aiming outside of it (or with deadzone = 0) is harder.
  3. GAMEPLAY -Commanding your subordinates by speaking to microphone (speech recognition like in Tom Clancy's EndWar). -Ability to climb about 2m high walls etc. Right now its hard to infiltrate a base if its surrounded by wall or to climb a good sniper position in cities. -Better gear management. -Fast roping from choppers. -Grappling from roofs/hills. GAME ENGINE -Movement animation divided by body parts. So e.g. when you can change your weapon while running. AI -Information spread by communication between AI. For example when enemy sees you, he has to report it so the other knows (he could shout, radio it). -You should add more unexpected behaviours for friendlies/enemies like surrender (already in ArmA 2), panicking, escaping, calling reinforcements etc. EQUIPMENT -Weapon straps for quicker weapon changing/drawing.