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  1. Thanks for the rapid reply, JD! So it would seem that I need to fly as an Engineer class or Repair specialist, or assign those abilities to my pilot. Thanks for clearing that up. As for specialist scripts, I think thats way beyond my noobishness.
  2. Hello all, I'm trying to put together a little Taru training mission for myself and need a repair facility. I'm using ACE and was hoping you could help me with an issue. I put down a helipad prop and tried linking that to the repair facility module for ACE. I set the damage on the Taru to about 25% and placed it on the helipad. When I ran the scenario, the Taru remains damaged. I then included a trigger and, instead, linked that to my repair facility module, with the same negative outcome. I'm sorry if I come across as noob in the extreme, but I'm not mission maker, but I thought I'd have a go, as I want to improve my Taru experience. Also, I'd like to post my screen grabs from Steam, but can't seem to get them to work, so if there is something I'm failing to include in my description, please let me know. I feel the screen shot will go a long way to clarifying my issues. Thanks in advance.
  3. I'm trying to post a question for another thread, and I can't get my screenshots to insert from Steam Gallery. Could someone please assist in this? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi folks, I thought I'd have a go at my first scenario, and tried following dariusz1983's great tutorial on Steam. I've attempted to have the players starting position inside of the decent vehicle, as is makes it's decent to the LZ, but no matter what I do, the player position always seems to remain on the ground, watching the decent vehicle coming down. Here is a dropbox link to my .SCN file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/14694053/ToM/Cydonia_survival.scn If anyone can clarify what needs fixing, I'd really appreciate it! :)
  5. I apologise for digging this one up, but I've tried to start the Apache up using the prescribed procedure in the manual and I can't get the rotors turning. Sequence tried: battery APU ENG 1 & 2 start (watch pressures and EGT's) move throttles to idle extinguishers on advance to full throttle. release rotor brake nothing. P's & T's remain at operational levels, but no rotor movement or engine sounds. Pls advise.
  6. astrospud

    MP Co-op cannot install default 3d printer.

    Hey Dram, thx for the reply. When I spawn in, my marstronaught has a cordless drill in his hand, so I immediately thought he would use it. I'll look at equipping the tool. Thanks again.
  7. I started an MP game today for Gale Crater and the default 3D printer at game startup doesn't want to install. Any ideas?
  8. Hi Dram, You've probably already sussed this out, but the VTOL "aircraft" has a slight COG issue. Depending on what you've got planned for it, it might warrant a loo at putting the rear lading gear toward the back. Obviously not a deal breaker, but it makes coop interesting when the ship starts up of it's own accord to account for the tail down position (auto-correcting itself?).
  9. I had a crash tonight, and tried to post on feedback tracker with attachments, but got the following message: Any ideas? EDIT: checked issues, and every time I posted a report, it was successful, regardless of the above message. Weird. EDIT 2: Attachments not going through. This is what's causing the problems. I need to include crash logs here but cannot: http://mars.takeonthegame.com/feedback/view.php?id=461
  10. Hi Dram, thanks for the reply. I just thought it would be a good idea to post an all-in-one thread showing where to find log files and how to post feedback. The post relating to location of crash logs was 2nd page on the original thread, so I thought you could combine the above feedback link and crash log location on post #1, page #1 of the sticky. You know, for new folks! :) Thanks again.
  11. I'm having a hard time finding crash logs to include in feedback tracker entries. It would be good for some new players to detail how to contribute to the dev process. A sticky thread will go a long way, I think. It may have been posted else where, but if it were in a sticky, users (including myself) would be encouraged to contribute in a meaningful way, instead of having to trawl through countless pages.
  12. astrospud

    Mobile Curator Area

    Umm...use a UAV?
  13. Since splendid camera isn't available in MP, shooting video of our coop missions can be done with zeus, but the watermark in the bottom left doesn't make it suitable for inclusion in our promo videos. Is there a way to remove the watermark, leaving a bare external camera view? Thanks in advance.
  14. astrospud

    Zeus Feature Request Thread

    Probably already a request in the thread, but "save composition". Useful in so many ways, but in my mind gives life to a possible dynamic MP campaign.