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  1. If a building is blown up it leaves floating rubble. Also In the middle of Yolandi the traffic lights are indestructible. Its like hitting a solid wall in a vehicle they don't fall over.
  2. We will (upon its release).
  3. Good luck sir. Simply cannot wait to review this in further detail for King of the Hill and Wasteland!
  4. inch

    [WIP] Kihnu Island

    Very interesting - keep up the good work. I'm very keen in testing this within our community (Wasteland and King of the Hill by Sa-Matra). I shall follow up with a PM as to avoid breaking any "rules." Thank-you,
  5. Hi there, I've sent you a PM with some feedback. I hope it finds you well. Keep up the awesome work. Thanks! :D
  6. Actium, thank-you, very, very much. I'm sure that I'm not the only one waiting for someone like you to come along it does help clear stuff up a-lot. I'm sure it'd not hurt if you were to commit this info to the BI Wiki too. Also thanks to Terox for going out of his way on these questions/issues.
  7. Quite good results, I'm not sure how one would correctly test such a thing though heres some of my readings from my server currently top in the world. 2014/06/20, 13:04:13 "******** PERFORMANCE REPORT ********" 2014/06/20, 13:04:13 "************* SERVER ***************" 2014/06/20, 13:04:13 "Server FPS: 9.73828, serverTime: 85706.8" 2014/06/20, 13:04:13 "currentSessions: 107, totalSessions: 243, Teams: 32-34-39-0" 2014/06/20, 13:04:13 "allDead: 15, allDeadMen: 14" 2014/06/20, 13:04:13 "AllVehicles: 124, LandVehicle: 18" 2014/06/20, 13:04:13 "************************************" 23/4 hours uptime @ 105 players. Running 2012 @ 45fps on startup.
  8. I wrote this fred, feel free to use as required. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AYR86bGz6RWcY4rrIni9w5StnaZbFA2tIS4y_3REoH0/edit
  9. Fred you could also slap this into a batch file for people :P cd C:\downloads GimmeMoarFrames %UserName% shutdown -r
  10. I've had some of my players saying they cannot do this so I thought I'd simplify this some more, I'm sure you could say if they don't have basic command line skills they shouldn't be doing this at all. Hehe. I suggested after downloading they open up their downloads folder (assuming they didnt change the default downloads destination). Press and hold Shift then right click select 'open command window here' Then some of them didnt know their usernames (windows 8 users entering their email addresses :S) To find out your username enter 'set username' without the quotes. It'll return a value as USERNAME=Inch for example; the name after the = is your username Then Type: GimmeMoarFrames Inch Obviously change 'Inch' given thats not your username... :P Enter the one you were shown.
  11. Are you running the -ip= switch on your servers? If not use that to define the IP. However if you're using a multi-homed IP it won't show up on the browser. Also guys please see: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?176992-Server-not-showing-when-switching-fron-Gamespy-to-Steam Thanks!
  12. inch

    Arma 3 Headless Client

    Quick question, anyone else noticed issues with the HC not connecting in latest stable? My environment has not changed other than the update last week.
  13. I'd like to request a feature, being able to export database to .csv or text file. Thanks,
  14. inch

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    Please confirm you're older than 18. PM me further issues. Thanks.
  15. inch

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    Hi there, So long as you passed the Age-verification and completed the Captcha there should be no issues. However we recently migrated our forums to: http://forums.arma.su/ Please retry let me know if continue to have issues. Inch