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  1. T0bias

    Arma 3 lighting

    Yes. It's not THAT bright.
  2. T0bias

    Arma 3 lighting

    Just got to take a look at some of the footage and I've got to say: What the hell were you thinking? http://i.imgur.com/prGpV.jpg Look at this. This is a picture taken at night in arma 3 in an area with NO artificial lighting other then a bunch of chemlights scattered around the place. You can see everything perfectly. This is the kind of visibility I would expect to have looking through nightvision goggles, but this is just a dude's eyes. That's the kind of lighting I would expect from a game like Fallout 3, not Arma.
  3. T0bias

    Cyborg FLY 5 problems

    -Ideally or realistically they would have an indicator for that in the cockpit. Not entirely relevant since stuff like that is presumably going to be implemented in Arma 3 from some of the videos I've seen -I know this, never argued against it -Seems like a clunky workaround, if the analogue thrust control is broken why is it still like that after the game has been out for four years and the sequel is due very soon -Doesn't explain why the flap and gear controls weren't working, it wasn't like switching auto-hover on or off, there were 4 or 5 increments in the engine angle I could switch through and the auto-hover setting in the context menu didn't change from on to off when I fully raised the engine, vice versa for fully lowering it
  4. Having a lot of trouble getting this to work, aside from struggling with things like no hud indicator for things like flaps or landing gear up/down so I have to reach over to my keyboard and hit change camera to see if those commands worked. Trying to bind functions to the stick mostly worked for flying a heli, one weird bug though is that when I land, the engine refuses to start again. Can't do it from the context menu, increasing the throttle doesn't work, reaching over to the keyboard and hitting Q (which is how you normally take off using the keyboard) doesn't do anything. I can do it fine normally using the keyboard while the cyborg is plugged in, but as soon as I land using the joystick the heli just refuses to start again. Can't find any kind of keybind for "start engine" in the menu. Then went to try it out with the F-35b, flying around and take off / landing works fine in both VTOL and normal modes so it doesn't have the same issue as the helicopers, but now my buttons for flaps up/down instead change the angle of the jet engine thing in gradients between the VTOL and the normal setting. I can't find a bind for that, and the menu doesn't show any binding conflicts that I can see. Also my buttons for raising and lowering the landing gear do nothing. Also would be great if there was a toggle landing gear keybind since that's a binary setting so it's stupid to have to have more then one button for it. i have no idea what the f*** is going on plaese halp
  5. T0bias

    Steamworks, add it in or not?

    Steamworks is, all things considered, a pretty TERRIBLE drm system. The main issue with it is that if you lose your connection unexpectedly, you cannot play your games. In order to play offline you need to be connected, set steam to offline mode, and THEN you can disconnect. The problem with this is no one ever chooses to be disconnected from the internet. You also hear loads of stories of service and server failure causing issues for the people who bought the games, being unable to download or play them because "the servers are too busy to handle your request" or some such. The funny thing is, people who pirated those games can just launch and play them with no effort. Piracy is a service problem. When you implement DRM that makes it more convenient to play a pirated copy then it is to play a bought and paid for version, you are just inciting piracy. The other side to this coin is that THERE IS NO WAY TO STOP PIRACY, no matter what DRM you use people in the "scene" will just view cracking your game as a fun challenge. This is why selling games DRM free is the best possible option - if someone really wants to take the game and play it without paying for it, they're going to do it and you cannot stop them. Accept it. The only way to fight piracy is to provide better service to players then the scene is. The only reason steam is accepted is because they offer such great prices and deals. I know this because I have over 300 games on steam, but even if offered I will choose not to buy Arma 3 on steam, probably go for a boxed collectors edition if they have something like that. If I'm going to buy a game full price, I definitely won't get it from steam. I would seriously urge BI to use gog.com as primary digital sales platform for arma 3.
  6. The better graphics/clouds/render distance. Going to make flying the f-35b around so much more godlike.
  7. T0bias

    Aiming Accuracy in Arma 3

    BF3 is a casual deathmatch game with no teamwork. That's not what I'm looking for. See Also want to add that I totally wouldn't mind increased weapon swaying if they also implemented resting your gun on things to eliminate it, which I see discussed in other threads. That's pretty reasonable.
  8. T0bias

    Aiming Accuracy in Arma 3

    I find weapon sway and other things like head bobbing to be extremely annoying and immersion breaking. Running in real life doesn't make me nauseous, but in arma it does. Even with it set to minimum I spend any time moving from one location to another in 3rd person, because in first person the amount of head bobbing is unbelievably annoying and nauseating even with the slider for head bob as far down as it can go. Weapon sway is the same, it's an attempt to emulate "realism" that fails utterly, much like bloom attempts to emulate real lighting and fails utterly and is extremely annoying and is like being stabbed in the eyes. I want aiming that relies on skill at aiming with the mouse, not ability to predict the random drunken swaying of your sights.
  9. T0bias

    Please don't make this M

    I call for realistic wounding, and fully body/limb destruction. Land mines make a real mess. :P
  10. T0bias

    They better have female soldiers...

    I would like to see realistic gender seeding. You got some highly religious terrorist faction from a third world country, they won't have female soldiers. You got the US military, sure, they have plenty of female recruits. It should be based on faction politics and ideology.
  11. T0bias

    Arma 3 Community Alpha - Announcement!

    Can I just say, I love you guys. Open alpha, it's not something I've seen any other studio do. Can't wait. Probably going to need to buy a new rig for it. Is there going to be an option for gpu accelerated physics for those of us with nvidia cards? I'm currently running a q9400 and a gtx 470.
  12. Less use of the action menu. Example that most immediately springs to mind is a 3D GUI interface for weapon modification, similar to what Crysis uses, showing what you have available, as well as what you don't have available but what the weapon is compatible with (including different types of ammunition), and maybe a box of text about the weapon design specs and footnotes on it's history. Basically combine adjusting the weapon with a handy "examine" function. I can tell some people will question this kind of functionality in a simulation game, but I think this is the best way to convey this kind of information to new / casual players. Also tooltips. Tooltips are ****ing awesome. Tooltips when you mouse over things. Everybody loves tooltips. Right click functionality is also GREAT for knowing exactly what you're doing and what you have the option to do with things in your inventory, I would like to point at S.T.A.L.K.E.R. as primary example of how useful right click context menus can be a great way of making an otherwise terrible inventory system really easy to understand and use. These suggestions kind of overlap each other, but I'm just pointing to things and saying "this worked a hell of a lot better then what you had in Arma 2 and what I've seem of Arma 3". Something I don't really expect to see but would like to suggest anyway is destructible environments extending to buildings and even the terrain - if you detonate a barrel full of c4, shouldn't there be a crater there? Maybe you're already planning this, but I didn't see anything like it in the confirmed features. Better squad communication sentence / audio file building. In the Arma 3 GC presentation I noticed it wasn't quite as bad as in Arma 2, but there will still many jarring transitions in tone and inflection as different recordings were spliced together to form sentences. This problem could largely be avoided by being a little smarter with sentence and information break up and being just a little more free with the number of sound files used. Also, the ability to jump. Maybe it's not very integral to the core gameplay, but it'd be far less clunky then the V key "step over things" system and would also give options to modders.