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  1. swiftn7

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    OT: I see some infractions rollin' :coop:
  2. swiftn7

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    Sure, not everybody is willing or able to put money in this, but again: Who is supposed to do what? Just raging and yelling "can anybody please do something about this" won't solve anything, especially when you are not even directly involved (in terms of violated IP of yours). "I am so angry, I brought a sign" doesn't help at all in legal issues. The most important thing should be the discussion on how to prevent a re-occuring of such a mess in the future. The story with A3L is over, as soon as they fulfill their "promises" to substitute the "stolen" content with their own work.
  3. swiftn7

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    @StevenW129: Just to put it simple, what Koffein means: There are 2 options right now 1.) Has your IP been violated in any way by the A3L team? No? Then just be quiet. 2.) If yes, hire a lawyer and try to take them to court. As it has been explained many times here by BI staff, they cannot do anything about it from the legal perspective in the current state. So perhaps you want to explain us in detail whom you expect to do what? I totally agree with what has been said about the moral/ethical problem in this, and I also understand the anger. A3L team has screwed a lot of people of this community, but unfortunately you have no chance to get the demanded justice in this matter.
  4. swiftn7

    MFAA Antialiasing Support (request)

    You are aware that this feature is only available for the GTX980/970 series? Would be a hell of ressource waste to code such thing for a promille part of the user base! According to Steams monthly user hardware survey, there are 0.21% using a GTX970. GTX980 isn't even listed there.
  5. Just activate "Vehicle Freelook" or something in the options ;o)
  6. swiftn7

    Arma 3 Crashing

    You could have copied and attached that into a txt file instead of creating a wall of text... Have you tried running vanilla (without mods)? As I see you have @task_force_radio enabled and also a custom map (world:LakesideValley) loaded. Try connecting a vanilla server with all mods disabled. If that works, your mods are screwed up and you should reinstall them (and make sure to have the same versions the server hosts).
  7. swiftn7

    AH-99 Blackfoot upgrade/second variant

    The whole "stealth" thing in ArmA is just cosmetics. As far as I understand, despite of other aspects like low noise emission, stealth is meant to minimize radar signature. As there is no radar system of any kind implemented in ArmA, it's totally non-sense. So I would also like to see a heavy version of the Blackfoot. For scouting and reconnaissance I would prefer a small chopper with special optics like the Kiowa (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell_OH-58_Kiowa).
  8. And I am also pretty sure that the engine itself is locked source, so how should any modder/community-dev have access to the machine code?
  9. swiftn7

    Aircraft Stealth

    Since there is no radar system implemented in Arma, there is obviously no way to make this happen. All targeting is done by IR, as far as I understood. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?180867-Air-to-Air-missiles-and-why-they-need-to-change&p=2738179&viewfull=1#post2738179
  10. You might want to discuss here then: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?180958-Why-couldn-t-all-the-modders-work-together-and-make-something-better-than-ACE
  11. So I as a player, and also the server, would consume storage for data that isn't used?
  12. You really want to force the playerbase to download another XXGB (which will easily sum up, when "all the necessary things" are put together) for being able to play online? What about the players who WANT it vanilla style. You cannot make mods/addons mandatory, this would drive people away from the game. That''s why BI changed their DLC strategy: They don't want to exclude players from new stuff, but neither they want to force them to buy something.
  13. swiftn7

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    Uh-oh, thanks for the hint Greenfist. I was totally wrong with my statement above! The gear is the key there, just tried it in the editor with standard equipment. Lesson learned!
  14. Your idea sounds reasonable, on the first look. But how do you want to determine what should be part of this specific modular core-mod? Some people want the weapon resting, some want jumping, other ones HALO,... not talking about additional content like vehicles, weaponery, gear,... So I have to agree with Günter: If things aren't in vanilla, it will always be messing-around-with-the-mods.
  15. swiftn7

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    My 2 cents: From my own experience as a soldier I can say, whenever we were on patrol, we were NEVER jogging! And of course patrols are not like 500m, more like 3-5km. I understand and agree that doing such slow patrols in Arma would be more then boring and game-breaking, therefore I also like the in-game jogging, but it is not very realistical. What I really do not understand is the capped stamina of pilots. These guys (especially fighter pilots) have to be fit like hell because of the extraordinary stress being put to their body during flight, and in the game they can sprint for, I don't know, 100m? That's ridiculous!