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  1. anton_st

    Food for thought, and a rant about "Context"

    Personally after playing ArmA for a couple years I find it's nice to have one game that the devs didn't spend too much time creating their story/campaign/plot. I almost wish BI didn't spend any time attempting a campaign since it just never feels like a full mission/campaign no matter how hard they try because the community make such awesome content (damn you super awesome community!). I do wish there was more structure to the parts of the game to be able to make a better large scale war type mission. I say it's nice to have one game like this since it wouldn't work for most games. I find ArmA is created by really bright people that normally stick to solving really hard problems and creating a tool for their customers to expand and modify. Yes it's a mil sim in it's core but it's also a pretty good 'anything simulator' because the devs spend most of their time creating a plausible world with plausible physics in plausible locations ...and not much context, as you clearly point out. I would LOVE more context and logistics as well as personal attributes for AI / Players to be added by BI, I think we have all the tools to make a great war with all the bells and whistles, I just think it may be up to the community to create a type of mod that would allow more automation to easily add an actual reason for everything we see and do and results/consequences to our actions. IMO the ArmA formula that allows the community to mod all the content is a great reason to add context to all the items and units in the game. Couldn't agree more. On the other hand I feel the campaign & BI created scenarios are unplayable compared to the awesome community made content. They should think of getting the community to create their next campaign instead of doing it themselves. All just imo :)
  2. Did you try additemtobackpack? player addItemToBackpack "arifle_MXM_Hamr_pointer_F"; https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addItemToBackpack (Pasting the link may have changed the font & size of my reply... if so, sorry)
  3. anton_st

    Help me understand something..

    I don't get it, we don't need to buy the DLC but if we don't buy it our screen is flooded with ads even though we paid for the vanilla version we're playing. Don't get me wrong I love that they didn't split the community but i got all the DLC simply to get that **** off my screen, I like supporting BI but that wasn't cool to see a watermark on the game I own because I picked up some DLC item. The little ad in the corner was fine just that watermark...uhhh :/ I like the old model much better where if you paid you got the full feature & textures, if you didn't pay you didn't get spammed. I get the business side of it just not why it has to hinder the actual gameplay in vanilla.
  4. anton_st

    Need help with mission script

    if you're like me (a scripting noob) and use the editor triggers alot this is what I do for SP; Give the pilot a name then just make a trigger with the condition... Player distance INSERT_NAME_HERE < 5 in the ACT of the trigger paste this... INSERT_NAME_HERE joinAsSilent [player, 2]; works every time in SP even if you have 10 teammates already. Good luck! :)
  5. anton_st

    looting trash piles & bins

    thanks Ranwer that was quick! After trying it with a chance of no loot I decided it didn't make much sense to find nothing at all in a pile of trash so I just increased the chances of finding trash like empty cans and things that have no use. Since there's no limit to looting one pile it kind of makes sense to loot over and over and find way more trash than loot. Also added a 5 second animation so I don't spam the loot button. It seriously is starting to look awesome, especially with RickB's inventory items and survival modules. It's like a whole new game for me thanks to you guys. Thanks a million times for all the help guys, i'm so impressed! :D
  6. anton_st

    looting trash piles & bins

    Wow! it worked like a charm, thanks!!!Just wondering, is there a chance nothing will spawn? It seems like every garbage pile has something in it. I could just add a note in the briefings about how wasteful the locals are I guess :) Thanks again!
  7. anton_st

    looting trash piles & bins

    Thanks for your help Ranwer135 I appreciate it. So that code you wrote should allow objects on the map to spawn loot? I'm not sure what it did. Hi Dreadedentity, since you seem pretty popular around here and made an appearance is there anything you can add that might help me loot the garbage bins on the map? :)
  8. anton_st

    looting trash piles & bins

    lol i've done that without even hiding the crates since A2 but now I see in A3 looting garbage piles & bins etc makes it seem that there's no placing crates, you loot the trash that's originally on the map by destroying it then loot just spawns on the ground.It adds that much more immersion imo. Same with chopping trees with an axe and getting wood to craft fires etc with. I just wish I could have some kind of module or script to add those things to pretty much all my personal missions.
  9. anton_st

    looting trash piles & bins

    Thanks for the reply, I tried pasting that code in my mission but i'm not sure what it did, the trash still isn't "lootable" If there are any corrections that could be made please let me know. My level of scripting is comparable to a 2 year olds level of reading... i'm still working on it, big time. Is there any way I could extract the Epoch trash loot files and add them to my missions (in mod or script)? I love pretty much all the ways Epoch make loot available but I don't have the skills to make a similar mod. I have no idea how they make parts of the map lootable... that's what I really would like.
  10. G'day, I've been on the hunt for a script like the one used in ArmA 3 Epoch to add loot to trash piles & bins etc but can't find anything similar. I'm new to editing & scripting so if anyone could help point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate the help. This is what I am looking to add to my missions... Trash Nodes Outside List of objects that can be looted To loot a pile or object outside of a building stand on top of or next to it and press "i"(or inventory key) and again to open gear. http://epochmod.gamepedia.com/A3Epoch:Arma_3_Epoch#Explore_.26_Loot