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    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- DISCUSSION

    with the helmet camera wil it be like you wil have a type of camera effect and you wil like hear when you speak direct like on the camera and you wil hear other player that speak som way from you they wil be not so loud ;D
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    hey need som player in my new squad but it best if you are from norway for the N.O.R.D.S stad for NOrwegian Rapid Deployment Squad. but we can add player from other contrys but best if you are from norway. i dont have TS server jet we are very new squad and its best if you are 17+. we are 2 now in the squad and i need 2 sniper,4 assault. and you need ACER,ACE,CBA. hope i wil se you soon. just send me a PM if you what to join.
  3. hello my name is Ben im a arma hardcore player and i cant wait for Arma 3. but i was thikin of if its going to become nuclear power plant's that you can enter but ofc its going to be opfor protectet. but you can go in and se the reactor and you can shut it down or it can blow and the city will go black. like its good for stealth but if you hack in to the control rom on the power plant and trund down the power can opfor go in and trun in on and if you blow it up radiactivit will get spred out in in a area. thats have been cool for mods and normal gamplay ;D Sry for very bad eng im from norway.