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  1. caliban55

    The long watch

    I have added versions for Tanoa and Altis of The long watch. The Steam workshop links are in the first post of this thread.
  2. caliban55

    The long watch

    Thank you! The mission will try to integrate loaded mods automatically, as long as they follow BI specifications. I can not guarantee that every available mod will work, of course, but most vehicle/weapon mods should be no problem. The long watch mission type is combat patrol, it shares none of the code from BI Combat Patrol. At the moment, there are several mission assignment templates, which are chosen at random. Getting two laser designate mission following each other, is really only something that the god of randomness is responsible for ;-) .
  3. caliban55

    The long watch

    Mission summary: Mission name: The long watch Mission type: Coop combat patrol Maximum player number: 14 Supported world island(s): Malden 2035, Tanoa, etc. Features: Virtual Arsenal Dynamic Groups Auto-scaling of enemy troop strenght with connected player numbers Medical and revive system Mission parameters changeable for servers Description: The long watch is a ArmA 3 combat patrol mission which mainly puts the focus on infantry combat and teamwork. A dynamic mission assignment is generated for the players to complete (for example, destroy something, download, support, scout, etc.). The next step is for the players to reach the exfil point to finish the mission. You can create a dynamic group by pressing the U key and invite players to your group, or join an existing group. The default medical and revive system is enabled, you will need a medikit or field aid kit to revive a downed team member, medics have a massive speed modifier to revive. Some mission types will have civilians present, so be carefull what you shoot at. Killing civilians can result in a mission failure. The mission requires players to work together to complete the mission. You can test the mission on our server and I will also add the mission file to my Steam Workshop and Play with Six repository. Please leave any feedback here, if you want to . Server IP:Port Steam Workshop link for Malden 2035 version: The long watch Malden 2035 Steam Workshop link for Altis version: The long watch Altis Steam Workshop link for Tanoa version: The long watch Tanoa
  4. caliban55

    Ranked community servers

    Thank you for the clarification Locklear. I pretty much expected this and I can understand the security reasoning behind it. From a community point of view though (at least for us), this makes hosting a community server and devoting high performance server resources for an Argo server more or less pointless. Helping Bohemia expand the server network structure would only have been an option, if there was chance to use a player ranking. I wouldn't have minded white listed missions/server settings, or IP binding. This way, the only use of a community hosted server would be for practise/training reasons and in my opinion that is not worth, if the same can be archieved with official servers. But thanks for the open response .
  5. Do/will we have the option to apply for community hosted servers to be ranked (match statistics will contribute to global leaderboard, rank progression)?
  6. A Tanoa port of Balance of Power is now available, you can download the mission from my Steam Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=725622472 Also, several bugfixes and changes since the latest post.
  7. Thank you for your encouraging words and the feedback aztec_ghost, much appreciated :) . It should not be possible to vote for a sector that is already captured by the voting team. I also noticed an error somewhere in the underlying code and have to find what is causing this exactly, propably around a weekend when I have some time. This is actually a core element of the mission, the required capture points are calculated by nearby sector influence and the team commanders can additionally fortify sectors they own (this is represented by the + on the map, when viewing the sector). It more or less represents how much a sector is worth for a team holding it and how hard it will be to capture. You can change this yourself through a mission paramter, look for: class MissionParameterSectorControlPointRequiredCapturePointModifier { title = "Modification factor for the required points to successfully capture a sector"; values[] = {25,50,75,100,150,200,300}; texts[] = {"25 percent","50 percent","75 percent","100 percent","150 percent","200 percent","300 percent"}; default = 100; }; And also: class MissionParameterControlSectorTicketBleeding { title = "The rate of the capture points bleeding away if there are no side units present"; values[] = {1,2,3,5,10}; texts[] = {"1","2","3","5","10"}; default = 2; }; You can set this directly in your server.cfg with a mission paramter. Yes, I was plaining on adding this, together with a clean up function, just haven't found the time do it it yet. Will definitley be in one of the future updates. Yes, you can port the mission to another world, it is actually very easy to do this. Basically, you just need to place the HQ objects on the new world (and of course the player units). The distance between the HQ objects determines the radius the code will check for available sectors to create. Make sure that you do not change the name of the objects though, as they are refrenced in other mission code parts. RHS and CUPS should work, the mission automatically adds resources, as long as the mods follow the standard BIS config layout.
  8. Mission name: Balance Of Power Filename: cti50_balance_of_power.Altis Gamemode: CTI-COOP Maximum defined players: 50 Playable sides: BLUFOR, OPFOR Balance Of Power is a traditional tactical/military simulation mission, that puts two sides against each other to fight for control over sectors. Players can select their side and each team is lead by a commander, who can support his team with tactical and logistic support. Each sector is initially owned by the independent AI team, which is hostile to both BLUFOR and OPFOR. Players can request vehicle and supplies through the logistic menu (which can be accessed through the map screen). The mission offers a wide range of individual settings/parameters that can be changed by the person hosting the mission and is (should be...) compatible with most mods, though I can't guarantee this (nor will I extend the support to mods, if they should not work directly with the mission). Some of the features are: Virtual Arsenal Dynamic groups End-game revive system Logistic support Tactical support Fast travel You can download the mission from my Steam Workshop link here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=688675654 Tanoa version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=725622472 If you want to, you can also test the mission on our server (if it is currently in rotation) and directly download the mission file this way: Name: {TNT}ArmA3_Teamwork_Focused IP: ​Port: ​2312 Balance Of Power is released under a Creative Commons license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/
  9. Operation Llama's kick season one Operation details: Date: Sunday, 26.10.2014, 20:00 GMT+1 Mission name: Forward Edge of the Battle Area Mission type: COOP Maximum players: 35 - 40 Required mods: None (maybe Task Force Radio, if interested). Allowed mods: @cba_a3, @jsrs2, @sthud_a3 Server info, usable for remote direct join: Server name: {TNT}Arma3_Teamwork_Focussed IP: Port: 2312 Teamspeak info: tnt.ts.nfoservers.com:8340 Mission settings: Mission date/time: June 2035/0500 Weather: Random Number of battle areas to spawn: 2 Overview: Available teams: Heavy Infantry Assault (10 slots) -> Team Alpha Light Infantry Assault (10 slots) -> Team Bravo Heavy Armored Vehicle Assault (10 slots) -> Team Charlie Light Vehicle Assault (10 slots) -> Team Delta Support Team (10 slots) -> Team Echo Recon Team (5 slots)-> Team Foxtrot High Commander (1 slot) -> Team Guardian First stage: Players will get their equipment gear load-outs either through the equipment system, or the virtual arsenal and orient around their teamleaders/XOs. Second stage: Elements from spec-ops/recon team Foxtrot will fast deploy via HALO jump close to the Battle Area at a suitable secure and (ideally...) elevated location (hill, industrial complex, etc.) and establish a first outpost. From there, they will use laser designators, rangefinders, eyes, etc. to check the Battle Area for OPFOR static AA defense positions and will transfer those positions to artillery (SPA, MLRS) units from Team Charlie at the BLUFOR base, which will launch immediate artillery strikes at the detected static defense positions (in case of laser targets, guided shells are required, as the shells laser guided - guided are swapped...). A side/global marker on the map will help to accurately hit the targets. Third stage: As soon as the static AA defense positions are down, Team Echo will launch a flight of A-164 Wipeouts from the BLUFOR base, which will engage enemy air assets (helicopters, planes) and ground armored vehicles as primary high priority targets. Fourth stage: Engineers from Charlie and Delta team will deploy near the Battle Area outer perimeter and build a FARP and static defense positions. They will also air-lift armored and light vehicles to the FARP that will lead the advance into the Battle Area. Fifth stage: Teams Alpha and Bravo will be transported to a suitable Battle Area landing zone via helicopter transport provided by Team Echo. Together with Charlie and Delta team, they will start the assault on the Battle Area and try to capture the strategic points in the area. Sixth stage: A pilot and gunner team will get airborne in a AH-99 Blackfoot helicopter and remain on standby to take out any OPFOR support structures, as soon as their position becomes known to the BLUFOR team. Tips and recommendations: If a player selects the High Commander or air traffic controller slot, he should have some experience with this. Medic units should not be in the first front lines, they should focus on healing/reviving other players. FEBA has an entry in the Field manual under the mission section. Reading it if you are new to this mission is recommended, which can happen during the first stage. Vehicles that have a driver/pilot and gunner position should always be operated by teams and not leave with only one person on board. Please leave a short post if you are interested in joining this event and/or the number of people. If you want to join into a specific team/role, please post which one. Website: www.tnt-squad.com
  10. Mission name: Forward Edge of the BattleArea Mission type: COOP World island: Altis Factions: BLUFOR (NATO, human player side) against OPFOR (CSAT, AI side) Arma 3 branch: Stable Players: 1 - 55 (55 defined player slots available) Summary: Team(work) designed COOP mission with many customizable features (through mission parameters and/or configuration files) which is intended for long-time running. Dynamic and random mission generation on start, which offers a changing and challenging gameplay. Requirements: Dedicated server. There is no Singleplayer option, a server-client should be possible, though I did not test it. Anyway, as Arma 3 comes with the dedicated server files, please use this. Description: Forward Edge of the BattleArea (short, FEBA) is a highly customizable Arma 3 mission originally designed for the world island Altis, though it can be changed to be run on different world islands without to much work. The goal of FEBA is to capture and control a randomly generated BattleArea with a random number of Strategic Points in it. Radius and terrain preference for the BattleArea can be customized through the mission parameter settings (for example, BattleArea on water only, on land only or either). The radius of the BattleArea also influences the number of OPFOR units (larger radius will usually result in a higher number of OPFOR units, which helps scaling the resources to different servers). The design concept for FEBA uses a highly teamwork based approach, which means that players should work within/as a team and also help/support the other teams. For this, a clearly defined chain of command is in use, with a teamleader taking command of a team and a second in command unit, which supports the teamleader (this only works if the players want this and play along of course). Basically, this mission is not really suited for lone wolf players, though it is possible of course. Vehicle access is also based on which team a player selected; a infantry team member is not able to use attack helicopters or planes for example (although this can be changed in the mission parameters). FEBA is a bit more on the complex side, as there are many options available for each class; so please take some time to get to know the basic concepts and gameplay. Features: Customizable mission Equipment system: players can get/change their equipment and gear Tactical artillery support: script coded; teamleaders/XOs can request different kind of artillery strikes with different ordnance types (MRSI also available) Tactical drone support: script coded; teamleaders/XOs can request drones Tactical aerial support: script coded; teamleaders/XOs can request air support from helicopters and planes (CAS) Tactical long range missile support: script coded; teamleaders/XOs can request long range missile strikes Engineer support: engineers can build structures on the field Combat transport: script coded; AI helis will provide transport to the BattleArea (if the location is suitable - the middle of the ocean isn't... ;) ) Combat evacuation: script coded; AI helis will provide evacuation from the BattleArea back to base Option to directly spawn on the teamleader, if he is already deployed from base, whether he is in a vehicle or on ground (if the vehicle has an empty passenger seat) Transport around the different base parts Vehicle respawn Player revive Setting of team respawn points for each team Teamleaders/XOs can request missions from HQ through the comm links menu ... Where to get: FEBA is available through my Steam Workshop page, just search for Forward Edge of the BattleArea, or my user name caliban55. Probably also through with.Six later. If you want to try the mission, you can connect to the {TNT}ArmA3 server (IP: The latests version will always be running there.
  11. caliban55

    ArmA2:OA Mission: co35_combined_forces

    Changelog version 0.015 Added an AWACS feature One of the C130s and one of the Ospreys now have an AWACS option. Usage: The AWACS option can be used by default by the following units: cf_commander, alpha_6, bravo_6 Look in the action menu for the option. After that you will have a menu availabe where you can Enable/Disable the AWACS option, broadcast the AWACS data to fellow players, designate targets to remote launch vehicles and fire missiles in remote launch vehicles. Another new feature is the option to fire at a target trough a remote launch vehicle, this feature is linked to the AWACS option. It is also a good idea to change the client viewdistance to a setting between 3000m and 5000m. Usage: Get into one of the remote launch cappable aircrafts (you will receive a message for those vehicles) and access the remote launch menu trough the action menu. Before a vehicle can be used as a missile platform, bring it online. You can also designate targets to your pilot or gunner. Before launching a remote missile, it is best to align the vehicle roughly in the direction of the target (cone about 120° wide in the target direction), or the missile will not be able to correctly follow the target. So, have fun ;) !
  12. caliban55

    ArmA2:OA Mission: co35_combined_forces

    Changelog for version v0_005 Fixed a problem with the markers for the forward base not appearing at the corect position for connected players. Added and airlift option for the helis. Players can now airlift other vehicles. The Chinook is able to lift other helis and planes as well (I know, not very realistic, but it helps retrieving air vehicles to the base after some ace pilot flew them in the next hill, or the engine was shot out). Re-design of the vehicle managment menu for the commader. Now adding and removing vehicles is possible without error.
  13. caliban55

    ArmA2:OA Mission: co35_combined_forces

    Combined Forces version 0.003 changelog Added a much needed Admin Spectate function. This can be accessed through the action menu and offers a robust admin spectate interface that gets the job done without any frills. Added a surveillance camera network to monitor the base compound with different image enhancement options. Added a marker for the enemy forward bases that can be raided for supplies. Not what I intended in the first place, but I think this makes it a bit easier for casual gamers to locate the base, instead of scouting for it. Corrected a few mistakes with the player/vehicles markers when the player was dead and did not yet respawn. Added a rank system where players can advance through the different ranks based on their scores: Rank Private Score = 0 Rank Corporal Score = 100 Rank Sergeant Score = 200 Rank Lieutenant Score = 500 Rank Captain Score = 700 Rank Major Score = 1000 Rank Colonel Score = 1200 Destroying HQ vehicle awards 35 points. Raiding supplies awards 25 points. A few screenshots can be found under this URL: http://www.tnt-squad.com/joomla/index.php/forum/arma2-operation-arrowhead/6-co35-combined-forces-v0-002-takistan-changelog#15
  14. caliban55

    ArmA2:OA Mission: co35_combined_forces

    Changelog for version co35_combined_forces_v0_002.takistan: Corrected a spelling mistake that unlocked one of the A10 even if it was in a restricted array. Corrected a spelling mistake with the pilot slot foxtrot_2. The unit can now always enter restricted attack vehicles, just like the foxtrot_1 unit. Added several marker settings that can be activated through the Client Settings. Commander Team Detail menu linked.
  15. I would like to present a new ArmA2 OA mission that I have been working on for some time now, co35_combined_forces. One of the design ideas for this mission was use random elements whenever possible, so that with each mission start, the mission conditions are a bit different (within certain limits of course). Enemies are spawned at random locations on the world and are either making life for the players more difficult or trying to capture strategic points – or both. If set in the parameters by the server admin, weather conditions are also random. The mission can be easily ported to different worlds as long as certain objects are also present, like flagpoles and certain markers. Another guiding idea was to use one of the strength of the ArmA2 engine (in my opinion), the possibility of teamwork among the players. Each units slot serves a certain role, for example the commander has access to a wide range of support option like heavy artillery or an UAV drone, which he can use to support the team. His role is also to coordinate the teams through the team leaders, to whom he can issue orders. This specialization goes on a bit further with JTAC units that can control UAVs/Airstrikes, engineers who can build support structures and sensor towers that can detect enemy units in the area, artillery operators and so on. On overall, this mission is a lot easier, when players work together and use the features available to them, instead of a Call of Duty one man army approach (nothing against CoD player ;-) ). Now to the mission itself: The mission is centered on capturing strategic points and holding them. As long as a team holds a strategic point, it will be awarded with supply points, which can be used to unlock restricted attack vehicles, call in artillery and so on. To capture a strategic point, move to the camps that are scattered around the strategic point and remain there until the marker turns blue. When you have captured all camps belonging to a strategic point, the strategic point will be assigned to your team and produce supply points. Camp colors are the following: Green = neutral Blue = Blue Team Red = Red Team You can also acquire supply points by raiding enemy bases, or destroying patrols operating in civilian towns. The base compound is equipped with a few weapon crates by defaults, which hold a wide variety of weapons. When a player dies and respawns, they will be filled up automatically. One of the crates has a backpack option in it. Look in your action menu when standing close to the crate for the “Select Backpack†option. The base radar will automatically detect enemy units in the base compound and relay this information to players. There is also a prevent teamkilling/shooting in base feature active that can be configured in the mission parameters. After shooting a certain number of rounds while there are now enemy units present in the base, the player’s weapons will be removed. Teamkilling is handled a bit differently. If you exceed the number of allowed teamkills, you won’t be able to connect to the server until it is restarted. Now to the technical side: The mission does require a dedicated server, it will NOT run in single player. A LAN server client can work, but will not be optimal. Also the mission does NOT work in ArmA2, Operation Arrowhead is required, CO not really necessary but does not hurt also. As of this writing, the mission also requires at least ArmA2:OA version 1.62. Now a word from me: The mission is not yet finished, there are still a few features missing that I want to include, but that can come with time. At the moment I would appreciate some feedback about mission balance, enemy strength/numbers. If you want to see some feature in this mission, please leave a short note. If it can be done and fits with the overall mission concept I will see what I can do. Also I hope that I can ort this mission over to ArmA3 after it has been released, but that remains to be seen. You can download this mission from our FTP server (or by connecting to a server running this mission of course). Detailed connection info for the FTP can be found under the following URL (IP, username, password): http://www.tnt-squad.com/joomla/index.php/ftp-access You will need an FTP client that is able to handle encrypted conenctions, for example FileZilla. Alternativley, you can also download the mission file from the attachment from our forum post, although I recommend using the FTP client. Please make sure that you download the most recent version. http://www.tnt-squad.com/joomla/index.php/forum/arma2-operation-arrowhead/5-arma2-oa-mission-co35-combined-forces I hope you enjoy this mission. Regards, Caliban55