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  1. There is a change side module in the editor that automatically does the change side of group trick. (just have to sync to group member)
  2. So I am working on a load out dialog- http://img805.imageshack.us/img805/2493/arma320130318200019509.png (2242 kB) And I am stuck on getting the max load of vests/units so I can set up the 3 inventory spaces like in the arma 3 inventory. But I cannot find out how much a uniforms or a vest can store, backpacks have a "maximumload" value in their configs and then there is values for "mass" in almost all items which I assume is how much space said item will take up in an inventory. And it looks like the inventory scripts are built into the engine, so how would I be able to tell via a script how much space a unit/vest can use? Edit: Ok I found that under the vests/uniform config in ItemInfo there is a container class value which goes to a class under cfgVehicles that has the maximum load
  3. Going to wonder about what to do first
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    Arma 3 plans for 2013

    Someone may have already asked but, any information on pre-ordering retail versions?
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    Well uhh you could just make use of this - http://www.bistudio.com/english/home/news/projects/329-take-on-helicopters-a-arma-2-join-forces If I ever get ToH I am definitely going to do that first.
  6. I am trying to figure out if it would be worth it to create a script that will have the server check where the player is and then send him a list of objects to create (locally) or delete, hopefully to improve performance. Problem with this is managing the objects moving between clients and stored variables to be shared so now I am wondering if hideObject would have a decent performance gain compared to.
  7. I will look into this, thanks. It's a TLR mission (link) and yes almost all users will have to turn down view distance/ terrain details and eventually the server has to be restarted just to increase client fps (almost no script lag though thankfully). We run the scripts from R3F for moving objects (so forts/hideouts/checkpoints spread out), tons of vehicles and all the objects created for the mission items, then the custom buildings placed. I think its the vehicles generally though. It may also have to do with this ticket (link). The enableSimulation page says the opposite though, or I am reading it wrong (link). And yes there is no deletevehicleLocal command, atleast not on the scripting commands page (link).
  8. I know about the local variants of the marker commands already, I was stating an example of a mission that I know does something similar. Does hideObject bring any similar effects compared to deleting locally/recreating locally? Thanks for the answer though.
  9. make an array of the slots to be reserved such as waitUntil {!isNull player}; waitUntil {(vehicle player) == player}; waitUntil {(getPlayerUID player) != ""}; reserved_units = [blu46, blu47, blu48, blu49, blu50]; reserved_uids = ["12345676", "12355123", "12313456"]; _uid = getPlayerUId player; if ((player in reserved_units)&& !(_uid in reserved_uids)) then { player groupChat "You are in a reserved slot, kicking to lobby in 5 seconds"; sleep 5; failMission "end1"; };
  10. Bumping Anyone know of any mission that does something similar to this? For example I know insurgency has the clients manage the marker colors locally.
  11. http://arma2missions.webege.com/ ^ try the "BIS First Aid System & respawn" You can also put one of those lines (in synchronise.sqf) under an event handler for MPRespawn to reenable them for first aid (forgot which line though)
  12. Because the module does not re-add the new player onto its list of effected players. There is a mission that gives an example of how to fix it. Trying to find the link.
  13. The closest that can be done is by custom extensions installed on the client And there is a lot of bad excuses/reasons out there I have heard as an admin on TLR, someone even blamed their coworker because he had the game installed at work.
  14. So I am trying to make some First Aid scripts, however I noticed a problem with the First Aid action where a wounded medic on one side cannot be healed by a member of another side (as long as its hostile) because the action just does not appear, but any other combination seems to work fine just not medic. And I am trying to avoid using setCaptive. I looked into cfgActions in the config file under the ca.pbo but I could not find anything that would help me since it only gives the text, priority, showWindow and textDefault; nothing about the conditions or the script ran, I tried going through other game PBOs but no luck with notepad++'s search in files function. I even tried running a simple script in a single player mission to try and find it (printing the results to a file with an extension) but again no luck, same results NAME: FirstAid CONFIG: bin\config.bin/CfgActions/FirstAid NAME: text CONFIG: bin\config.bin/CfgActions/FirstAid/text TEXT - First Aid NAME: priority CONFIG: bin\config.bin/CfgActions/FirstAid/priority NUMBER - 9.9 NAME: showWindow CONFIG: bin\config.bin/CfgActions/FirstAid/showWindow NUMBER - 1 NAME: textDefault CONFIG: bin\config.bin/CfgActions/FirstAid/textDefault TEXT - <img image='\ca\ui\data\ui_action_heal_ca.paa' size='1.8' shadow=2 /> So is there anyway I can find where the cfgActions stuff is added along with conditions, if it is possible that is. I can still make a custom addAction for this specific issue if needed, would rather figure this out though. And here is the script I used in a single player mission
  15. You could always make one, some commands to get started- http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/getPlayerUID http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/onMapSingleClick http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/getPosATL http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setPosASL http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createVehicle_array http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addWeapon http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addMagazine And here you can get all the class names- (make sure the game version/mod is correct in the top right corner) Weapons Magazines Vehicles There is also Loki Lost Key (the admins will have to download it + edit server cfg to allow its key or something, I forgot) Link
  16. Well that just proved hours of searching through files pointless (again), thanks for the answer. This thread can be closed.
  17. Bumping, really wish to know
  18. So is there anyway to view the conditions/actions and how the action is added?
  19. There is a publicVariable log, its only for windows beta servers I think though. (My server has it but I do not work with its updating stuff)
  20. The action is added on one of the poles on the end and you have to dead center look at it. You may be able to attach a invisible wall. Classes: InvisibleFence InvisibleFence2 InvisibleFence3 First one is rather large (similar to a large H-Barrier under the warfare section in the editor) You could also do an H-Barrier then barrier_1 attachTo [wire_1, [0,0,0]]; barrier_1 setObjectTexture [0,""]; Attach it to the wire, set the offset (its [0,0,0], its where it is attached to on the wire) Then make it invisible with setObjectTexture, if the 0 part doesn't work try numbers 1-3 since I forgot the texture selection number
  21. viewDistance setViewDistance setTerrainGrid Each are local so you will have to broadcast it some way, making it so server admins can access this and change it (UIDs help identify admins) You could also do- -Set view distance in mission file -Apply a setting's menu for each player to access (no links off the top of my head)
  22. Yes we had a similar loop on the server as well as forcing a unit to join and leave to try and delete it but both appear to be failing and all these empty groups are being created, even when we inject code to force a delete of empty groups they grow up in less than a minute again. I wouldn't be surprised if it is because of the high server load/ mission's design, server FPS is around 0-2 so ya maybe it is time to start a rewrite with performance in mind (its all working for the most part anyway).
  23. So on life missions there is a problem where a player will join in and some slots will be a bird, and only civilian slots. I have seen this on most life servers with no fixes that I am aware of, but not on any other game modes besides DayZ when it first started (granted most missions are better designed than life missions). I have tried searching for answers and running scripts on birded slots and them most I can find is- -player is null -Only appears to happen on civilian slots -Can happen when game starts, more bird slots happen as game progresses -Random fixes (joining a different slot and going back to birded slot, clearning mp cache, leaving server and coming back, very random) -that it is caused by a duplicate of the slot that forces the JIP player to a crow slot -There is no respawn as bird, only JIP as bird -Birded slots seem to grow as player units get nulled (their variable name is somehow deleted) ---This one may be related to a certain player which as far as we can see, every vehicle (and sometimes units) that goes through his client gets nulled/variable name removed I also found a ticket (link), but nothing more on it Anyone know of some kind of fix to the slots that allow the game to continue (no restart/reassign), or causes?
  24. Well we were able to make a script that checks the groups and logs when the mission creates one from our scripts, we were able to confirm that when the group count passes 144 all it takes is to disconnect while respawning to bird a slot. Now the problem is (after grouping all shop related AI to a logic group) just tons of empty groups being created out of no where and empty groups not being deleted at times. We found 2 ways to delete an empty group -Force an AI or player into the empty groups then have them join grpNull or another group -deleteGroup command Sometimes these do not work but the problem is all the empty groups appearing at of no where (they grow quickly, 0/60 to 90/180 groups being empty in just a few minutes), any reason for this?