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    JSHK Contamination Area Mod

    Hey, no probs @jshock, life is far more important. I'm just toying around with your creation now, always wanted to do a post thermal apocalyptic mission, but the game lacked the functions and assets to make it possible.. Good luck with your education Jshock, and thank you for the fast retort
  2. 3l0ckad3

    JSHK Contamination Area Mod

    Great mod @jshock ! I have a question, or maybe input, is it, or could it be possible for you to make it possible to use editor placed markers or triggers for contaminated areas, I'm trying to simulate a thermal nuclear aftermath, and I would like the whole northern part of the map to be contaminated, and it would be much easier with rectangle markers or triggers. And could you add a geiger counter audio sample 😉 Cheers, and thank you for sharing this great idea with the community 🙂
  3. Try Get in nearest or Assign as cargo index Make sure you're not running any mod or script that augments the ai's behavior, like Vcom, and if you are, make sure that you disable the mod or script on the team leader. There is a few ways to get around this with some minor scripting. One thing you should know is the ai tends to bug out when it has command over players in some situations, vehicles is certainly one of them, but simply assigning them to a role in the vehicle will help in most cases, if not, try assigning them to cargo index.. Arma is just one of those things that sometimes you'll spend a lot of time trying to get minor things to work as intended. GL
  4. I have no clue what the issue is what-so-ever, made tons of missions for this unit and their server, but this mission will NOT load up.... It works in a local host, but once loaded to the server, the issues below is the result Problem, Well, when I load in my camera is up in the air like a 100m up, and I can't move around or anything, there is playable units on the ground, and it doesn't matter which unit I pick, same result as you can see here. The mission file is Here Thnx for any help, I'm racked, and I only have till sat to sort this out, so any and all suggestions and help welcomed.
  5. Yeah, unfortunately that is not my choice.. I'm actually going to pull the mission apart and rebuild it piece by piece, and keep testing it on the server in steps. Thnx anyways @Larrow
  6. 3l0ckad3

    Advanced Medic - ACE 3

    Don't quote me, but I do believe there is options within ace to have the uncon state run on them too, I tried it a while back. I just didn't find a use for it on a mission level as it was kinda taxing, but dig through the options.. My issue was different than yours, I couldn't kill them if I remember right, they had to bleed out.
  7. Not getting errors now, but nothing is spawning either 😕
  8. I normally don't have issues with scripting triggers, so, I think this one is out of my grasp. Basically, I'm trying to merge two scripts together to get a better particle effect. So, I have Phronk's random IED script, and I'm tryin' to call ALIAS script from Phronk's script, but I don't want to lose the params.. I tried to call it from his triggers, but to no avail.. 1st I ran it right after the triggers just to see what would happen, and it goes off right when I spawn, then I tried running it from the triggers, and it just kept spitting out errors.. Thnx for any help. ied.sqf iedMkr=["iedMkr0","iedMkr1","iedMkr2"]; //List of markers to spawn IEDs in iedNum=5; //Number of IEDs per marker, defined in iedMkr [Default: 5] iedDmg=false; //Can the IED be killed with weapons? [Default: false] TRUE = Yes | FALSE = Can only be disarmed Dbug=true; //Show IED markers on map? [Default: false] //!!DO NOT EDIT BELOW!! iedBlast=["Bo_Mk82","Rocket_03_HE_F","M_Mo_82mm_AT_LG","Bo_GBU12_LGB","Bo_GBU12_LGB_MI10","HelicopterExploSmall"]; iedList=["IEDLandBig_F","IEDLandSmall_F","IEDUrbanBig_F","IEDUrbanSmall_F"]; iedAmmo=["IEDUrbanSmall_Remote_Ammo","IEDLandSmall_Remote_Ammo","IEDUrbanBig_Remote_Ammo","IEDLandBig_Remote_Ammo"]; iedJunk=["Land_Garbage_square3_F","Land_Garbage_square5_F","Land_Garbage_line_F"]; if(!Dbug)then{{_x setMarkerAlpha 0;}forEach iedMkr;}; if(!isServer)exitWith{}; iedAct={_iedObj=_this select 0; if(mineActive _iedObj)then{ _iedBlast=selectRandom iedBlast; createVehicle[_iedBlast,(getPosATL _iedObj),[],0,""]; createVehicle["Crater",(getPosATL _iedObj),[],0,""]; {deleteVehicle _x}forEach nearestObjects[getPosATL _iedObj,iedJunk,4]; deleteVehicle _iedObj;};}; {private["_ieds","_trig"];_ieds=[];_iedArea=getMarkerSize _x select 0;_iedRoad=(getMarkerPos _x)nearRoads _iedArea; for "_i" from 1 to iedNum do{ if(count _ieds==iedNum*4)exitWith{}; _iedR=selectRandom _iedRoad; _ied=selectRandom iedList;_junk=selectRandom iedJunk; _ied=createMine[_ied,getPosATL _iedR,[],8];_ied setPosATL(getPosATL _ied select 2+1);_ied setDir(random 359); if(!iedDmg)then{_ied allowDamage false;}; if(round(random 2)==1)then{_iedJunk=createVehicle[_junk,getPosATL _ied,[],0,""];_iedJunk setPosATL(getPosATL _iedJunk select 2+1);_iedJunk enableSimulationGlobal false;}; _jnkR=selectRandom _iedRoad;_junk=createVehicle[_junk,getPosATL _jnkR,[],8,""];_junk setPosATL(getPosATL _junk select 2+1); _junk enableSimulationGlobal false; _trig=createTrigger["EmptyDetector",getPosATL _ied]; _trig setTriggerArea[10,10,0,FALSE,10]; _trig setTriggerActivation["ANY","PRESENT",false]; _trig setTriggerTimeout[1,1,1,true]; if(isMultiplayer)then{ _trig setTriggerStatements[ "{vehicle _x in thisList && speed vehicle _x>4}count playableUnits>0", "{if((typeOf _x)in iedAmmo)then{[_x]call iedAct;};}forEach nearestObjects[thisTrigger,[],10];", "deleteVehicle thisTrigger"];}else{ _trig setTriggerStatements[ "{vehicle _x in thisList && isPlayer vehicle _x && speed vehicle _x>4}count allUnits>0", "{if((typeOf _x)in iedAmmo)then{[_x]call iedAct;};}forEach nearestObjects[thisTrigger,[],10];", "deleteVehicle thisTrigger"];}; _ieds pushBack _ied; if(Dbug)then{ iedMkrs=[]; _iedPos=getPosWorld _ied; _mkrID=format["m %1",_iedPos]; _mkr=createMarker[_mkrID,getPosWorld _ied]; _mkr setMarkerShape"ICON";_mkr setMarkerType"mil_dot";_mkr setMarkerBrush"Solid";_mkr setMarkerAlpha 1;_mkr setMarkerColor"ColorEast"; iedMkrs pushBack _mkr;}; }; }forEach iedMkr; sleep 5; {CIVILIAN revealMine _x;EAST revealMine _x;}forEach allMines; The block I'm trying to add. null = [_ied,20, true, true] execVM "AL_bomb\alias_bomb_ini.sqf";
  9. Is there a way, or, a workaround to make ai spot enemies at night at far distances ? Basically I want base defences shoot at an object, but once I get just a few hundred meters out they can no longer spot the enemy no matter what I try. It's for a mission for my unit.. Here is what I tried so far through a trigger. baseG knowsAbout inv1; baseG reveal [inv1, 10000]; baseG doTarget inv1; baseG doFire inv1; baseG setskill ["spotDistance", 1]; Cheers
  10. Title says it all, I hide objects with the ingame module, but the vehicles blow up in multiplay/dedi, however, are fine when locally hosting.. So far I have tried to disable damage and simulation, and then reenable the damage and simulation after a sleep, but, when I log in, the vehicles collide with the hidden buildings and blow up, because when the map loads in the buildings still exist. I read many threads on it, and it sounds like an ARMA bug, is this fixed yet ? any workarounds ? thnx in advance for any help..
  11. Could you explain a bit about how that works, I saw the option, but I didn't understand it all that well.
  12. Yes, the vehicles are placed in the editor on hidden objects.. I'm aware of createVehicle, I was hoping there was something with a tad bit easier, but I'll try it. Cheers.
  13. So, it's rather comical, but, I want a vehicle on its side, and the setVectorUp, or other commands I have tried all failed, and made the vehicle flip into the air, and even when the vic should have stayed on its side it somehow managed to roll back onto its tires.. I read a bunch of articles, and have not found a single solution.. So, is it possible ?? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- edit------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brainstorm BIS_fnc_attachToRelative to the rescue..
  14. 3l0ckad3

    Vehicles are like cats

    Yeah, but I want the vic burning too, so, it worked, but I didn't get the emitters working with sim disabled.
  15. 3l0ckad3

    Vehicles are like cats

    Yes, I started with that, and many variations of that block, but did not get the results I wanted, it would shoot the vic up in the air, and even if it landed on its side, it will still turn onto its tires no matter what, so, I remembered an article I read a while back on BIS_fnc_attachToRelative, and so far it works like a charm, however, there is no locality documentation on it,, will it be fine in a dedicated environment ? is my only question now. And thank you for your reply. ----------------edit------------------ And that command will work with boxes, not with vehicles from my experience, vehicles have from what I notice a bug, even if the momentum is wrong, it will still flip to its tires no matter what..
  16. 3l0ckad3

    Locality, locality..

    Oh I didn't provide all the snippets, because I wanted to keep this post fairly short, however, it is the exact same script, I just copy pasted it from another sqf that was shortened, and the problem remain on this one too.. I'm confident that if I find the solution to this problem, I'll find a problem to all the issues for the multiple sqfs I'm running in this mission to spawn troops. Let's say BLU is present in a trigger, after, mission start, it calls this script, I do not want the units spawn at mission start, just when I need them. I only added the IsServer so that only the server runs the block, and not every client, or one group would turn into multiple groups depending on how many clients are connected to the server. I'll leave what I have below on the vehicles, but they spawn fine for some reason, it is the units that delete out of it when people join, or disconnect, and, same with the units that I spawn, like what is provided above. But here is what you were inquiring about. Sorry for the belated reply, doing renos on my house, busy busy // Alpha East null = [this] execVM "IQ_Spawn\RED\IQ_R_TRUCK1.sqf"; //_rtruck1 = []; //_rt1crew = []; if (isServer) then { _rt1crew = creategroup EAST; _rtruck1 = [[3818.07,11259.9], EAST, ["rhs_tigr_sts_msv"], _rt1crew] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; { [_x] execVM "IQ_INIT\RedInit\Rin.sqf"; //[_x] execVM "IQ_Load\RedL\RLoad.sqf"; [_x] execVM "IQ_Skill\RedCon\RedCSkill.sqf"; } forEach units _rt1crew; _rt1wp1 = _rtruck1 addWaypoint [[3924.22,10844.8], 0]; _rt1wp1 setWaypointType "MOVE"; _rt1wp1 setWaypointSpeed "NORMAL"; _rt1wp1 setWaypointBehaviour "AWARE"; _rt1wp1 setWaypointFormation "LINE"; _rt1wp1 setWaypointCombatMode "RED"; _rt1wp1 setWaypointCompletionRadius 5; _rt1wp1 setWaypointDescription "Move here."; _rt1wp2 = _rtruck1 addWaypoint [[4223.9,10441.4], 0]; _rt1wp2 setWaypointType "HOLD"; _rt1wp2 setWaypointSpeed "NORMAL"; _rt1wp2 setWaypointBehaviour "AWARE"; _rt1wp2 setWaypointFormation "LINE"; _rt1wp2 setWaypointCombatMode "RED"; _rt1wp2 setWaypointCompletionRadius 5; _rt1wp2 setWaypointDescription "Move here."; _rt1wp2 setWaypointStatements [" this setFuel 0; true", ""]; }; skill script _unit = _this select 0; _unit setSkill ["aimingspeed", 0.3]; _unit setSkill ["spotdistance", 0.9]; _unit setSkill ["aimingaccuracy", 0.6]; _unit setSkill ["aimingshake", 0.5]; _unit setSkill ["spottime", 0.6]; _unit setSkill ["commanding", 1]; _unit setSkill ["general", 0.1]; _unit setskill ["Endurance", 0.1]; _unit setskill ["courage", 1]; _unit setskill ["reloadSpeed", 0.5]; _unit setUnitAbility 0.5; //RedInit\Rin.sqf"; _unit = _this select 0; _unit allowFleeing 0; _unit allowDamage true; _unit enableFatigue false; _unit enableStamina false;
  17. I have a mission that I have to get done by Sunday, and I think I'm having a locality issue. It's weird, units are spawning when people join or jog out, regardless of what the triggers conditions are, however, the vehicles spawn on time every time, but, the units delete from the crew on log in or out. So, I'm positive it's a locality issue, or a server syncing issue with the trigger possibly ?? It is also not a dedicated server, just a game server so I'm told, and, works flawlessly in single player naturally PLease HALP Call method null = [this] execVM "IQ_Spawn\RED\IQ_A13.sqf"; if (isServer) then { _a13 = [[3596.33,11325.9], EAST, ["rhs_msv_emr_sergeant","rhs_msv_emr_arifleman","rhs_msv_emr_grenadier","rhs_msv_emr_RShG2","rhs_msv_emr_junior_sergeant"],[],[],[],[],[],265.921] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; { [_x] execVM "IQ_Skill\RedCon\RedCSkill.sqf"; //[_x] execVM "IQ_Load\RedL\Adv_Load_ISIS.sqf"; [_x] execVM "IQ_INIT\RedInit\Rin.sqf"; } forEach units _a13; _a13wp1 = _a13 addWaypoint [[3828.04,10900.5], 0]; _a13wp1 setWaypointType "MOVE"; _a13wp1 setWaypointSpeed "NORMAL"; _a13wp1 setWaypointBehaviour "AWARE"; _a13wp1 setWaypointFormation "LINE"; _a13wp1 setWaypointCombatMode "RED"; _a13wp1 setWaypointCompletionRadius 5; _a13wp1 setWaypointDescription "Move here."; };
  18. 3l0ckad3

    force respawn at a respawn point

    Unsync those units from the markers, when you sync units to markers it gives them a random start, I have no clue why you're spawning out at sea. Then, create a marker where you want your base to be, name it: respawn_west. Create a description.ext in your game rootfolder, and then put this in it. description.ext respawnOnStart = -1; // Default: 0 //-1 - Dont respawn on start. Don't run respawn script on start. // 0 - Dont respawn on start. Run respawn script on start. // 1 - Respawn on start. Run respawn script on start. respawn = 0; // Default: 0 for SP, 1 for MP respawn = "SIDE"; // text version works too respawnDelay = 42; // Default: ? I would strongly urge you not to mess around in your description.ext too much, it can toss you errors or crash your game out if you do not follow the format.. Note, this is more tricky in single player, because you have to go into your options to disable death in single player. If you have any question don't be shy, ARMA cab be kinda daunting at times, even more so when you're just starting to wrap your head around it. Read this
  19. If you go into bis or ace arsenal, you can make a loadout, and then export it, and post it in an sqf and exec it, save yourself all the work, it even writes out the code for you to exec it if I remember right, you just have to turn it to local variables and use the select command, like I'm sure is posted above. but the arsenal is the best way to get your touch. Ask if you need anything.
  20. 3l0ckad3

    Locality, locality..

    Yeah, I'm sorry. The units don't spawn, even if the trigger is activated, they only spawn when players join or leave, I'll show you the files you're referencing.. But, oddly enough the vehicles still spawn, but, if someone leaves the server, or joins, the units spawn or delete, it is so weird. initPlayerLocal.sqf waitUntil {alive player}; enableSaving [false, false]; player setUnitTrait ["camouflageCoef",0.3]; ["InitializePlayer", [player]] call BIS_fnc_dynamicGroups; initServer.sqf ["Initialize"] call BIS_fnc_dynamicGroups; [ 1000, // seconds to delete dead bodies (0 means don't delete) 500, // seconds to delete dead vehicles (0 means don't delete) 500, // seconds to delete immobile vehicles (0 means don't delete) 1000, // seconds to delete dropped weapons (0 means don't delete) 3600, // seconds to deleted planted explosives (0 means don't delete) 3600 // seconds to delete dropped smokes/chemlights (0 means don't delete) ] execVM 'repetitive_cleanup.sqf'; /* --- testing --- _b1fltrg = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", [3522.32,11539.6,0], true]; _b1fltrg setVariable ["DELRED1", _this]; _b1fltrg setTriggerArea [1111, 1111, -0, false]; _b1fltrg setTriggerType "NONE"; _b1fltrg setTriggerActivation ["EAST", "PRESENT", true]; _b1fltrg setTriggerStatements [ "REDSRG1 in thisList && isTouchingGround REDSRG1", "{if ((_x != player) && {(side _x) == east && {_x distance DELRED1 <= ((triggerArea DELRED1) select 0)}}) then {deleteVehicle _x;};} forEach allUnits; hint ""WORKS""", ""]; */ I don't have access to their server yet, so, I want to do a bunch of footwork tonight so I can get back to troubleshooting the issue. It works just fine on single local hosting, but, when more than one person connects the issues start.. And thnx for pushing me off to the functions, when I'm done with this mission I'm going to start trying my hand at them.
  21. Oh, and this might help as well. unassignVehicle unit1; There is other commands as well if you're still having issues.
  22. I also suggest removing the fuel from the chopper to make sure the chopper stays put till you are all off, so he doesn't rebound back up injuring you or units in your group. So, when helo is touching ground setFuel 0, and you could set a timer up for, let's say 30 seconds or so, and give him his fuel back if you're to re task him. Trigger condition: isTouchingGround _theHelo on trigger act:. _theHelo setFuel 0; And then run JShocks block of code. Another tip, is to ungroup your pilots from your crew, and set your pilots to careless, just so they don't do something weird if your heli takes fire, and then set the gunner crew to aware, so they will return fire to protect you while you're in the heli and on the ground 😉 Just ask if you run into any other problems..