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  1. Since the patch of 05-05-2015 there have been some modifications to the netcode, you can read about it in SPOTREP #00042. In a line you can read "Optimized: Various netcode optimizations to reduce the amount of redundant information being synchronized (in gear, position, turret and other updates)" Facts are that rit registration now is worse than before. Maybe movement results more fluid to the eye, but it does not correspond to the actual position. This is the impression it gave me, like setting higher interpolation values in CS, this is an assumption, I'm not sure. What I am sure is that it's much harder to hit people now.
  2. Another unhappy player here! As much as it's good to have AI mods, I must say that AI was better in older games and got progressively worse! I played OFP, Arma2 and 3, in the latter the campaign is fells like a mocking experience, specially on the latest episodes. Mission design needs improvement as well. Specially last mission, I'm ok with perma-death but only if death comes with a valid reason, it's too buggy and badly designed to implement something like that properly. I see how this game is more oriented towards MP and it did improve on that side, but sacrificing the SP aspect can hurt the old fan-base.
  3. the1freeman

    AI Configuration - feedback

    I've noticed Friendly AI is generally bad at close range shooting and ammo management in all campaign missions, specially the late ones in the second chapter. There is also a bug in "beyond recognition" when Gamma team comes aid your defense and they just walk in front of the enemy with their weapon down (one of them looking to the sky in a perfect retard-walk) just to get gunned down in seconds. There seems to be a problem with enemy detection for friendly AI, a part from the oblivious walk in front of enemies, triggered by the elimination of enemy personal from withing ~50m from where they park (but further ones take pot shots). They rarely go back from combat state(7-2) to alert (7-3) when ordered, like in arma2, even if they are not engaging or being noticeably engaged by enemies. Some times I have to go through the relaxed (7-4) state, but rarely works. Organizing a retreat is pretty troublesome.
  4. the1freeman

    bad italian translation

    Lol videogame publishers should really up their standards regarding translations in general. I remember lots of funky things from various games, for example "suppressing fire" translated with "cessare il fuoco" which means "cease fire" in MGS4, or "bipod" in BF3 translated with "bipode" which is not even a word in the Italian dictionary and according to pre-ADSL era books is "bipiede", just to name the first few that come to mind. It looks as if they translate games with google and/or just pick translations totally out of context. Games look like they' re translated by people who have no knowledge what so ever about what they are working on (like common military terms) and are too lazy or stupid to do a 5 minute google search. I currently can't play games in Italian which is my native language without feeling offended. There are people looking for jobs here what the hell! ;)
  5. The latest patch that introduced the "win" episode of the campaign also changed the difficulty options, in particular the enemy/friendly skill bars have been removed for a unified AI skill setting. Now I don't know if some kid abused it and played on 100/0 for friendlies (still not a good reason), but I think it was better before. The problem is that friendly AI is just plain stupid. I've been playing this series since OFP and I felt like Friendlies needed a ~10 point boost to balance them out with enemies in A3. They are simply not able to carry out orders correctly and can't hit a guy walking 3m in front of them looking the other way. This is a tactical shooter, it shouldn't force you into "lone action heroing" because your team is plain retarded. Now if I want harder enemy bots my team gets proportionally more stupid.
  6. How is multiplayer supposed to be more stable than singleplayer? ROTFL you crazy!
  7. I've noticed that there are no servers running HOLD location game mode.. There were in the alpha and they were pretty populated. I think this is was a great mode in Arma 2. Most multiplayer Arma2 I played was AAS missions on HOLD servers, particularly on a russian one that is currently still active. Arma 3 alpha HOLD had great potential, I don't understand why it got removed.
  8. the1freeman

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- DISCUSSION

    An ARMORY mode like the one in ARMA2 would be awsome.
  9. Definitely agree with the colors and vegetation textures, specially the maritime pine trees. I live in Italy as well and I find Chernarus' colors and vegetation more photorealistic. Don't transform a military simulator in a friggin' comic book hoping to sell more. It's already been done in other games and got heavily criticized .
  10. the1freeman

    Harvest Red - Cooper's voice changes

    This problem happens only in the 1.62 OA patch. If you launch arma II 1.11 alone coops' commanding voice is normal. Yeah should be pretty easy to fix (no need to redo the acting since it's already there -.-), we can just hope this thread gets enough attention..