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  1. Congratulations to winners , can we get the points result ?
  2. malakdecaen

    setup a forest ??

    Thanks guys for you'r help ;) I've updated pboproject with the last version and delete the Temp folder but the problem is still here :( The only way i find is to pack with Binpbo unbinarized .
  3. malakdecaen

    setup a forest ??

    Thanks for the link , this is exactly my problem ;) if i pack the map without binarize it's ok but if i binarize , problem come back :(
  4. malakdecaen

    setup a forest ??

    LOL , you right ;) it's a terrible way . I will try to do something with shappe If someone get an idea you'r welcome ,)
  5. malakdecaen

    setup a forest ??

    Hi guys , thanks for your reply ;) I've taking the plant_f sample from bis and is declared like tree in property and if i use the normal trees from a3 that's doesn't work too :( Yeah i use PBOproject for packing the map and if i select the texture when i open the map i get the same trouble :( Any idea of what i miss ? Thanks for your time .
  6. malakdecaen

    setup a forest ??

    that's a good idea ;) but doesn't work too :(
  7. malakdecaen

    setup a forest ??

    thanks again Vcz for you'r reply ;) the config was : minTreesInForestSquare :4; i change it to 1 and repack but the problem are still here :( PS: the trees are made by me so the game maybe take it only for object and not trees . How can i define them for trees in terrain builder ?
  8. malakdecaen

    setup a forest ??

    Hi everybody , Thanks by advance to taking time to reply me ;) I'm looking everywhere how to setup a forest for my map project ? I know how to fill a polygon with trees but how to setup it like a forest ? i mean ingame if i open my map i need to see the forest on my map . A picture is better than my bad english ;) my ingame map are like that : http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/45363475931593671/886164EA2EEC98D0F6512BA1FF6905DF0FFB971F/ (564 kB) To do that it is by a shape like road or something like that ? I don't find any tutorial for forest :( Thanks for you'r times .
  9. malakdecaen

    Grid problem ?

    Ho i see , this is not a grid config problem but a relief problem ;) I smooth the relief and now is good . Thanks a lot for you'r help Vcz .
  10. malakdecaen

    Grid problem ?

    Hi everybody , I've started to work on a map for "Reign Of Jurassic" mod but I get a trouble with the grid. A picture is better than a explication ;) You can see in the sea there is too much grid on it , do you know how can i solve that ? Thanks by advance for your time .
  11. Same trouble for me , and if i edit the steam_appid.txt i get another problem : "buldozer may not work: Missing file bin\config.bin " :(
  12. Very cool Map Icebreakr !!! Great job on it , i will make Reign Of Jurassic mission on it ;)
  13. malakdecaen

    Reign Of Jurassic Mod

    You can play the MP mission in singleplayer or open the SP mission and remove "brachy" from addon lines
  14. malakdecaen

    The Username Change/Merge Thread

    hi , Could you please change my username to "MalakdeCaen" ? Thanks!