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  1. sup3r6f0ur

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    The M-ATV and J-LTV are basically the same vehicle in terms of how it will be used in game anyways.... The J-LTV was a 2nd evolution of the M-ATV..... I don't speak for you guys, but it wouldn't seem necessary to make the J-LTV if you already have put work into the M-ATV
  2. sup3r6f0ur

    [SP][Campaign][RHS] The East Wind RHS Remake

    Hello, Found a couple bugs. 1st one is in the first mission from Camp Maxwell where you destroy the blackfoot. The explosive charge is missing from the ammo crates and you are forced to pick one up off an enemy. 2nd bug is in the mission where you enter the town to help bravo, the UAV operator doesn't have the computer thing to operate the UAV, just the UAV itself.
  3. sup3r6f0ur

    daveygarys Rangers ArmA 3 update

    Just curious as to what we should expect for backpacks... Just camelbak stuff like in A2 or do you have more than that done/planned?
  4. sup3r6f0ur

    daveygarys Rangers ArmA 3 update

    Finding this thread just totally made my day :) Really glad you are working on something for ArmA 3 and If they are anything as good as the A2 units.... i'll die a happy man. Keep up the great work :)
  5. sup3r6f0ur

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    I agree, this would be a great addition to the mod, in the meantime, I have a template using map markers that does the same. Check page 2.
  6. sup3r6f0ur

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    Hey guys. I absolutely love this LHD, way better than the ArmA 2 one and the ArmA 2 ports. I made a little template for placing objects on the ship. I'll be submiting it on Armaholic but in the meantime, you can download it here if you need it right away.
  7. sup3r6f0ur

    UTS-15 Tactical Shotgun

    Can you make it so it falls apart and jams constantly like it does in real life? lol JK. Looks awesome, can't wait to boot up ArmA and try it.
  8. sup3r6f0ur

    United States Air Force

    Loving the update fullerpj, randomslap, and sig (and the rest of the team) Couple questions. Is the AFSOC addon going to be incorperated into the mod or left separate? Also, any news on spawning the cargo ramps open on the cargo aircraft? I'll be posting some screenshots and maybe a video soon. :) Thanks guys.
  9. sup3r6f0ur

    United States Air Force

    There has got to be a way to make it upload faster...
  10. sup3r6f0ur

    United States Air Force

    Fk... and I was just about to go to bed... looks like ill be up all night....
  11. sup3r6f0ur

    United States Air Force

    Hey Fullerpj, when you eventually do that U.S. Army mod, you should put in an OH58 Kiowa :) I think that would pretty cool... Not to mention using the service menu, it could really be used effectively with different weapons systems put on it. I keep getting notifications and hoping its you guys pushing out the new version lol :) Keep up the awesome work on this mod! I have no doubt its only going to get better with every release.
  12. Well, I'll have to use Sudden's pack as a placeholder if they are not out in time (Their good, just not what I'm looking for). I'm looking forward to a release whenever that might be and the best of luck guys. If this is anything like the A2 mod then I'm sure its worth any wait. even if ArmA 4 is out before the mod :)
  13. OK cool. I need accurate modern Russians for a campaign I'm doing. Guess I'll have to wait for you guys to get this out there. :)
  14. sup3r6f0ur

    United States Air Force

    I can't find any exterior pictures. But here are some interior. They appear to have Ramp guns (the USMC version anyways) Here, Here, and Here The first two appear to be some type of M240, the last appears to be an M2. Given all of these are Marine Corps Variants and may not be used by the Air Force. However, for sake of functionality, adding one with a .50 would be kinda cool. Plus you guys already have the .50 caliber machine gun model from the one you are using on the HH60 EDIT Here are some additional Pictures. More with the 7.62 machine gun. 7.62's Here Here, Here and Here
  15. sup3r6f0ur

    United States Air Force

    If I'm Honest... probably the best textures I've seen on any vehicle mod... In both ArmA 2 and ArmA 3... Just really well done in general. Can't wait to see the new stuff when you guys get them out. I'm sure they will be good. :) I hate to be a pest about it but... any progress/news about spawning the aircraft with the ramps down?