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    Composition tool - Eden editor plugin

    TY great tool saves a hell of alot of time placing objects
  2. I am looking for the ground pads I see under the buildings on the maps. I got that awesome tool CompoT. With big pictures and haven't found them yet. I also tried the item database on the wiki.
  3. alamonelf

    Solutions for Apex malicious shareware

    @ Istor LOLZ @Jackal 1. Same map on my server as before Apex I did not make or Modify the map so I did not use Apex assets. 2. Did you read my post I am all for preloading. 3. Really? Why you mad bro?
  4. alamonelf

    Solutions for Apex malicious shareware

    Allright so I did confuse the addon with the complete package. My bad but... The map on my server is almost a year old. I did not voluntarily use Apex content.
  5. I have a few questions regarding the Apex realease. The product was downloaded without my consent usually referred to as 'preloading'. This usually makes me want it more even though its an extra 90 minutes to get to game. I can accept helping Bohemia here. Upon getting into game there is this little Apex symbol on the side of my screen. Violating an reasonable idea associated preloading. Then having spent the better part of an hour getting into position and just as the firefight starts BAM Apex ad right over the crosshair. Rising to the extra challenge I retreat and recover. Then I get it going again Its getting hot when a cascade of Apex symbols fills the screen. So based on this ..... 1. Is Bohemia in such bad financial shape that A. Expansion are released for $59.99 and (My mistake was complete package) B need in malicious ingame advertising? 2. Why did you fail to get my permission to do this? 3. How do I remove Apex?
  6. THANK YOU.... BIstudio, Your dedication to this title and its community comes with a consistency which has become all to rare. You have come to exemplify military simulation as the anithesis of big production them rides. All while maintaining good gameplay. With every script and addon I download I see the effects of your community support. MODDERS, Thank ALiVE, best dam military sandbox/ arma mod ever. And thx to everyone who has made or worked mods I have and have not found the time for. PLAYERS, THX fer fillin my scope.
  7. Well said I would like to add that ALiVE got 20$ off me and did NOT have to charge.