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  1. You can change it in MCC while the mission is in progress.
  2. @Bloodpainter You might have the bases too far apart. If that's the case either change the WICT_sd to a higher value or put your markers closer together. If you change your WICT_sd make sure to change the WICT_scandist to an equal or higher number than the total value of your WICT_sd + WICT_sdRand. Also check if there's two bases active with debug mode on. It should give you "west_base: yourbase_1, east_base: yourbase_2" etc. @keyers Make sure your starting position isn't too close to any bases. I don't know the exact distance but as long as you're at least as far away as the WICT_sd variable in your "startsettings.sqf" it should work. EDIT: (I misread your post) You might have to try increasing the WICT_sd in the startsettings.cfg. See above. The units don't necessarily spawn right on top of bases in WICT. It's more about scanning 360° around the player and putting them in logical places between the player and the bases. @kirkherbstreit There's an error in the default start settings for all CDF configs: /* AT units */ wict_w_at = [ ["CDF_Soldier_TL","CDF_Soldier_RPG,"CDF_Soldier_RPG","CDF_Soldier_AR"] ]; Open your start settings and add a quotation mark at the end of "CDF_Soldier_RPG" and it should work fine. If you're using the ACE start settings you'll have to just copy the ACE Russia config over the Russia config in the non-ACE startsettings.sqf.
  3. Clarkey1

    ArmA3 Tweaks request

    I don't know if you've done this already but disable threaded optimization on your graphics card. This gave me a huge FPS boost, same as ArmA2.
  4. Thanks DAP! I was just thinking about this literally 10 minutes ago, and here it is! :)
  5. Clarkey1

    Skirmish module tutorial?

    The Reinforcements module spawns a fireteam at it's location when it's synced to a unit or group. They won't spawn in until the synced unit or group is under attack. That's the basics of it anyway, I still want to see if there's a way to use it to spawn reinforcements at random locations around the synced units and if it can be somehow synced to units created with the Dynamic Spawn module. Is the marker name in the marker field of the spawn module surrounded with quotation marks? (e.g. Marker: "yourMarkerName") That caused me to have blackscreen as well but the quotation marks fixed it as Wolffy mentioned.
  6. Thanks Sbats! Nice re-tex :D EDIT: I noticed there is a multicam texture and an aussie flag patch on the the helmet in the preview pics. It's not showing up in-game though. Anyone else getting this? I tried loading it both manually with a modline and with the in-game expansions manager.
  7. Clarkey1

    Ambient Radio Chatter

    Thanks zorrobyte, but ah... I'm not quite sure where to use this. I tried running it from an init.sqf but couldn't get it working.
  8. Clarkey1

    Ambient Radio Chatter

    Not sure how it goes in co-op but theoretically I can't see why it wouldn't work. It might play it more often because there are multiple player entering/exiting vehicles but you could simply extend the "time random _number" line if it was playing too often. The trigger size can just be set to 0 if you want, it doesn't take trigger radius into account. You should watch this tutorial if you haven't already: . And as far as I can tell the triggers in Arma3 work pretty much the same as in Arma2 so any trigger tutorial for A2 should still be relevant too.
  9. Clarkey1

    Ambient Radio Chatter

    Basically everything that is playable in Arma is a "vehicle", even the infantry. So say you spawn in as a Rifleman. That rifleman is now the players vehicle and when he gets into another vehicle such as a Hunter MRAP the player's vehicle (vehicle player) becomes not equal to (!=) the (player). Alternatively if you wanted another unit entering a vehicle to fire the trigger you would name the unit and change the condition field to "vehicle MyUnitNameHere != MyUnitNameHere". Also if you wanted to use the script only for a specific vehicle, you would name the vehicle and change the condition field to "vehicle player == MyVehicleNameHere" or simply "player in MyVehicleNameHere". I don't know if that's the best explanation I hope it made sense.
  10. Clarkey1

    Ambient Radio Chatter

    Thanks Foxhound :) Thanks. Yep, just updated the link, sample mission is now included.
  11. Clarkey1

    Ambient Radio Chatter

    Not sure, are the sounds playing at all? Did you make sure the trigger condition and on activation have the correct code? I was just running it ok. Yeah, the vanilla "RadioAmbient" tracks.
  12. Ambient Radio Chatter v1.2 by Clarkey Description: A script that adds ambient radio chatter to ArmA 3 vehicles. Features: - Adds to the "battlefield ambiance" of A3. - Easy customization - Only uses tracks from the A3 Alpha so no addons are required. Installation: 1. Copy the file "radio.sqf" to your missions folder. 2. Create a trigger set to "repeatedly" with: - Condition: vehicle player != player; - On Activation: nul = [this] execVM "radio.sqf"; 3. Place any vehicle on the map. 4. Enjoy! Customization: Time Interval To change the time open the radio.sqf and change the number "300": sleep random 300; And the number "300": [["RadioAmbient2, "3", "etc."], 300]; They represent time in seconds and can be changed to anything you want as long as they are the same in each field. You can also remove "random" if you want regular intervals but I find having it set to random adds to authenticity. Volume To change the volume open the radio.sqf and change the number "0.2" at the end of this line: (0 fadeMusic 0.2); You can use any value between 0 and 1. The default BIS music volume is 0.5. Included files: radio.sqf Usage: Just credit me if you use it. You don't have to ask permission. Change log: v1.2 - [ADDED] Volume setting (see customization) - [CHANGED] Default volume set to 0.2 (sounds less intrusive now) - [FIXED] Script now terminates when player exits vehicle. v1.1 - [ADDED] Sample Mission - [CHANGED] Default timer now set to 300 Known Issues: Even though the script now stops correctly on exiting a vehicle the loop itself will continue and you will probably still hear the effect once more within 5 minutes (or whatever you may have set the timer to) of exiting. Notes: I'm extremely new to scripting so feedback is welcome. Credits & Thanks: Thanks to BIS for the ArmA series of course, and thanks to the community for having an answer to everything ArmA related. Link: Armaholic MultiUpload
  13. BACKPACKS Assault Pack (Black) B_AssaultPack_blk Assault Pack (Black) - Diver Team Leader B_AssaultPack_blk_DiverTL Assault Pack (Black) - Diver Explosives B_AssaultPack_blk_DiverExp Assault Pack (Coyote) B_AssaultPack_cbr Assault Pack (Digi) B_AssaultPack_dgtl Assault Pack (Green) B_AssaultPack_rgr Assault Pack (Green) - Engineer B_AssaultPack_rgr_Repair Assault Pack (Green) - Medic B_AssaultPack_rgr_Medic Assault Pack (Hex) B_AssaultPack_ocamo Assault Pack (Khaki) B_AssaultPack_khk Assault Pack (MTP) B_AssaultPack_mcamo Assault Pack (Sage) B_AssaultPack_sgg Bergen (Sage) - Explosives B_Bergen_sgg_Exp Bergen (Sage) B_Bergen_sgg Carryall (Hex) B_Carryall_ocamo Carryall (Urban) B_Carryall_oucamo Carryall (Urban) - Explosives B_Carryall_oucamo_Exp Field Pack (Black) B_FieldPack_blk Field Pack (Black) - Diver Team Leader B_FieldPack_blk_DiverTL Field Pack (Black) - Diver Explosives B_FieldPack_blk_DiverExp Field Pack (Coyote) B_FieldPack_cbr Field Pack (Coyote) - Anti-Tank B_FieldPack_cbr_AT Field Pack (Coyote) - Engineer B_FieldPack_cbr_Repair Field Pack (Hex) B_FieldPack_ocamo Field Pack (Hex) - Medic B_FieldPack_ocamo_Medic Field Pack (Urban) B_FieldPack_oucamo Kitbag (Coyote) B_Kitbag_cbr Kitbag (MTP) B_Kitbag_mcamo Kitbag (Sage) B_Kitbag_sgg Mk6Mortar B_Mk6Mortar_Wpn Mk6Mortar Base-plate B_Mk6Mortar_Support
  14. Clarkey1

    Skirmish module tutorial?

    I think the idea is to use the dynamic patrol module as well so they'll patrol after spawning in. Just add marker names to the "route #X" fields. (e.g. ["wp_1","wp_2","wp_3"]) then just place the markers as if they were waypoints. This is only theoretical though because I've only made pre-placed units use the module. Maybe syncing the spawn module to it would work? EDIT: Ahh I see what you mean. You just have to change your marker to rectangle/ellipse and set it to the whatever size you want. Then the module will randomly generate WP's within the marker radius. It's like a built-in DAC mod. :D
  15. Clarkey1

    Arma 3 plans for 2013

    Yep, that's just for the Alpha version. From the Alpha briefing: -What is in the full game? Altis (270 km2) & Stratis (20 km2) 5 Factions 40+ Weapons 20+ Vehicles Multiple Weapon Attachments Customizable Gear Singleplayer Campaign Multiplayer Multiple Scenarios & Challenges Scenario Editor Modding