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    [SP] Operation Nemesis

    Op: Nemesis is: SDV and Scuba Slingloading fun! Ambience Stealth Infantry Only CQB! Fog with no NVG enemy. Also present are many civilians and roving patrols. This mission was made with Tophe's House patrol script and Monsada and Azroul13's additions to UPSMON. Briefing is top and I feel you'll be plenty entertained for whats in store in this little gem, its a fun one. Use any mods you wish, more info on steam, which is the only place I published it for now. Expecting feedback and bug reports. Search operation nemesis on the workshop and let me know if it doesnt work. Expected play time (never finished) is probably at least 3 hours, no autosaves so save your shiz, slacker. I was tired of never playing a proper CQB mission with all the available features that arma brings to the table, so I just made it. No mods required however I have a whole list on steam that I run my PwS presets. See more info there. Thank you for playing and thanks BIS! Also I may present a coop version for 4-6 players (zodiak maybe??) but I get all confused by locality and spawning ai and trigger mechanics in the MP environment so it might take some time, depends on the SP feedback. If you want to do this with friends let me know! A few updates (19Nov2014) 1)Updated end trigger to wait for team to RTB. 2)Added Various mines 3)Edited tracer modules to work better. 4)Edited Independent spawn trigger to allow time for friendly chopper to leave and de-spawn. 5)Added note to description about using the AI to blow cache.
  2. Thanks anyhow, I believe its a problem with the vas load. Maybe if items have the same display name or something then only one gets loaded. Both versions show up in the arsenal though... Makes me angry cause I really like your units and that rifle.
  3. A small inquiry for you Sir Massi, I love your uniforms and have them on all my PwS profiles. There is an issue with the dependency of your weapons, when I open VAS there is an issue while running your dependent weapon pack and Robert's M4/M16 pack. In your pack you have and M16A4 as well as his. However only your version shows up. Since RH's has A1, A2, and A3 I get all those, but yours contains only the M16A4 and it apparently causes an issue with RH's. Unfortunately his A4 Tigg version is sh*t-hot>> http://i.imgur.com/4xpgnmd.jpg (252 kB) So what I'm asking is there any way you can remove the dependency or release a non-dependent version or just reclass/config your 16 so it doesnt conflict? Your uniforms are top notch, and it seems retarded but I really want that freaking rifle... Thanks- ~Wild
  4. I want to say thank you because a lot of the features are amazing, and overall this is an amazing mod. Unfortunately I've stopped updating it and plan to let it sit for a while. For the last week or two every time I have come home and ran up my server and jumped on six there is an update for TPW_mods. I like the fact that you are updating it, its incredible how fast you work. Sadly I'm downright sick of rewriting all my values in the config every time I update which lately has been everyday. My only hope is that in the future maybe you can push game-breaking mods and leave optimizations for weekly/monthly updates. Updating a mod and rewriting configs on a daily basis is kind of a hassle. With that being said, I still think your work is amazing, there is only a few things I turn completely off and the ones I keep on and use make the game so non-immersive without them. Thank you.
  5. I agree and understand what your saying. However I think as far as I've been using the editor(alpha) its been like this, and who knows when BI will get around to fixing it. In the meantime I think we are on our own. If you can figure out a workaround I'd ask for it, although I doubt it would be needed to maintain. Hopefully someone will just build an independent mod that will modify them correctly and has the proper configs to work with alive like caf. I'm using caf in this mission already. Thanks for looking at it anyhow.
  6. Yes I've tried the override option for all of them, it places the objectives and everything else but throws and error saying something like "this opcom has no forces defined add troops to this opcom" or something like that. If you look in the config browser under cfggroups>IND you'll see only IND_F is defined and that is FAA forces. There is no definitions for FIA groups. I know alive works on only group so I can imagine this is the problem. I was hoping the g_groups mod would fix this as it adds the necessary groups for FIA under cfggroups>IND>guerrillas but ALIVE still does not use them. To test, place taor, and MP module, fill in OPF_G_F and sync opcom override option OPF_G_F. Start game and switch on profile debug and you'll see that no AI have spawned(profiled or otherwise). FIA can be used as OPF_G_F as in the config browser the OPF_G_F groups are defined in the vanilla game. But for now that is the only way to access FIA.
  7. I can confirm this. The setting 5 reloads all the squares like every minute or faster. I tried on 120 and never seen it load but I was only in game for 10 minutes. I set it on 10 and now its like every couple minutes. On a totally unrelated note, I tried the g_groups mod that just came out which adds groups in the config for IND_G_F which we all know is currently blank in the config. So I added this mod and now I do have groups in the config for IND_G_F, but ALIVE still does not recognize them. Is there some way we could get IND_G_F to work with ALIVE cause I'd really be happy to have FIA as independents running around the map. They are the best looking standard game units after all. Just can't use them as anything other then opfor currently(OPF_G_F). Might want to update the ALIVE wiki too, to show that while the mod may work with all default factions some of those factions are currently not implemented.
  8. Yeah I was trying to add respawn eventhandlers for that exact reason but I couldnt figure out how to do it. Thanks for the reply though, maybe i'll figure it out at some point, I'll keep trying in the meantime. I think its really good too. I was having a bunch of errors but I ran up my dedicated today and used it with that and it pretty much worked really well except the respawn issue im bitchin about. Otherwise it does its job and works very well thank you. As for brians, the only time I've seen a player invincible is like I was saying after respawn, so if your people or players are invincible right off the bat I'd say you either missed something with install and use, or you have another damage mod or AI mod running in parallel affecting this package. I'd test in vanilla and as I found today on a dedicated server to see if you get better results.
  9. WildFire6

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Respectfully request a full functioning module for wounding and revive. SP/MP compatibility. AI/Player Compatibility. AI--> Heal player / Player --> Heal AI. Included eventhandlers to handle respawning AI and calls to revert command to group leader on revive. Requested configuration items: Respawn on/off Bleedout timer/unlimited(respawn disabled) Spectator script only if no issues present Medic/Any revive option 100% health on revive/heal Heal at ambulance/field hospitals or with medkit/FAK AI heal group only/All within readius/All 3D & map markers and STHUD if able So far there has been a few wounding/revive systems. None of which truly work. I've tested all with vanilla and many mods. It seems the people who are truly gifted as far as scripting are focusing on weapon and unit mods or things like Alive. Not to say the people who are working on wounding scripts arent gifted but perhaps they could use help with more experience. I wish I had the time myself to dedicate to learning how to script and configure such a mod. I only ask because I know there is a lot of untapped talent in the arma community. I want to express a lot of gratitude to those who are doing their very best to implement this stuff already. I know arma has a lot of AI issues you have to dance around to make things work and I want to thank Norrin, psycho, chessmaster, farooq and the countless others who worked really hard to try to get the AI and damage handling to play ball in this new version of arma. I don't see why the devs don't justify that if you put in friendly AI in a game that you should be able to medic/heal/save them and they should attempt to take care of you. Medics are pretty vital in real warfare, I don't see how they slide off the template in a war simulator. Friendly AI is like a completely uncontrolled entity that happens to be on your team. Doesnt make sense to me. /rant Thanks devs for all the great things that have been implemented, beautiful graphics, physx, and a couple sweet maps! Scuba is cool minus the AI shooting you underwater but whatever its fun.
  10. I had mentioned this a few posts up. The problem was once a unit respawned the first time they were invincible, hence I was trying to add a respawn eventhandler to the unit so it would run the functions after a new unit had spawned. Alas I couldnt figure out how to make it work and he didn't reply but to the posts after mine. I am also using alive and some AI mods so I've been doing a lot of testing trying to get it to work with vanilla game but it seems the mods are not the issue, simply respawning units. I also tried farooq's script which was supposed to work with AI in MP however that returned failed results, as well as Norrin's revive script which also claim to be used with MP AI. So far no one has tackled this issue. At this point I would be willing to donate if some scripting god could really build a no-bullshit hardcore wounding/revive system tested in MP and SP and with full AI functionality. I'd do it myself but I am only novice at scripting, local and global stuff confuses the hell out of me, as well as publicvariable and eventhandler syntax. I get really confused when we start talking about compiling and FSM's. I've even read every wiki page on all those subjects without any forward progress. Wish I could help more guys.
  11. Im using the High Command module so I can give them waypoints. You give them a get in waypoint near the chopper and they will get in it. Getting them to debark is pretty much impossible. You have to force them out of vehicles using transport unload, same as A2. Its always been the crutch of the HC module. I tried to use a separate squad that was just a ghost hawk and I figured I could control both the infantry squad and the ghosthawk, but unfortunately you cant get two squads to get in the same vehicle at the same time. Even if the first squad is just the pilots/gunners.
  12. Yeah so quick question. I have an AI playable group in an MP mission. I am using the profile and have it set to only profile synced units. I start the game, HC module works and I have 2 AI groups under my command. Once I move 1 klick out which is what my profiler is set to I lose the AI groups no matter what. Any way to turn off the profiler for friendly units, or playableunits or to specifically set up a group that cant be controlled by the Profile system? It seems the only profile synced units doesnt really work, I tried the opposite setting on the profiler too, no dice. Yeah turns out deleting the profile mod then running then re-adding it worked. So there might be an issue with adding groups after the profile module has been put down. So my issue is resolved but a couple other things I'd like to see. Could you add the transport unload option to combat support helo's cause its the only support helo's I can get to work with AI groups, they will get in just fine but I cant get them out. Perhaps an option in creation to sync combat support units to profiler. I havent tested sincing with them yet, perhaps that works. If it does then belay my last request. Just the transport unload stuff.
  13. No you dont. I use VAS so I load my gear everytime I respawn. As for my AI teammates I used LEA, the loadout editor. The respawn option doesnt work in multiplayer, basically when you die in MP it reloads everyone's gear including mine which is a problem if I changed it with VAS. So I modified it so that each unit has its own loadout script and when they respawn they call their own loadout and it doesnt affect anyone else. I also added a radio trigger that reloads all the AI's ammo when I call it because they refuse to pick up ammo and rearm in the field. I've tried everything.
  14. Trying to investigate the command bug further but I'm having a hard time getting the whole package to play ball. Ok so now here is this issue, once an AI unit is killed and respawned he becomes invincible. After he is shot a few times he gets the injured 3d marker but not the map marker and he never actually goes down. So I'm trying to figure out how to add a respawn event handler to the AI units so they re-init once the new unit is created. Unfortunately your init is using call and compile commands so I dont know how to amend in units init line. I've tried both: this addEventHandler ["Respawn",{(_this select 0) execVM "ais_injury\init_ais.sqf";}]; and this addEventHandler ["Respawn",{[_this select 0] call compile preprocessfile "ais_injury\init_ais.sqf";}]; No dice.
  15. I can confirm that the injured 3d marker sometimes stays after revive and I also confirm that the AI will shoot you dead even if you don't move. But above all those they are minor issues to me. In an MP game when I respawn I lose command of my AI squad and even with leader group this in my init and my rank set much higher than all my AI troops crossroads still refuses to give me back command. If I could just have command back I'd be a happy camper with this script. I also tried setting a radio trigger to make me leader anytime by scripting it into the radio onactivation field. That didnt work.
  16. A couple issues I found running alive and this script in a mission with AI teammates on an MP mission: 1) Often but not all the time, I lose my squad. I respawn and I am no longer in my squad or its been disbanded. Another related issue is if I am still in my squad it doesnt revert command back to me. 2) When giving the medic AI the action command to heal another AI the AI that receives the healing becomes stuck and immobile. Doesnt even respond to orders. I don't know if these are things that are able to be fixed or even seen before issues, I guess it is entirely possible it is only happening to me.
  17. WildFire6

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    Thanks for help, LEA rocks once we figure out how to use the addons and stuff, I thought I added the new version correctly and it would work, it said it extracted, analyzed and all that jazz, so I def thought it was good.
  18. WildFire6

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    This just applies to the uniform correct, So if I assign a vest and backpack, those will be rewrote to whatever I have chosen correct? Its just the uniform itself is not global or added?
  19. WildFire6

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    Read every post and the wiki and created a new version of massis devgru units with the latest 1.2 version which is what I am loading when I run arma. I built a mission with 6 units for mp using the devgru units and loaded it in LEA and when I try to apply default wear it gives the unknown units error. Any ideas?
  20. He answered that in the first sentence. And this option has been available since initial release. Sync it to placement module and set placement module to objectives only if you dont want regular faction units spawning there too. CQB module will use the TAOR marker seen by the placement module.
  21. Hey thanks everyone for your help back in the day via skype setting up My SQL server for MSO. Been running alive since they day you dropped it and will til we are all dust. As far as the answer, white hat hacking is cool at forums and open venues and such where everyone is typically acknowledged to be in the same business and for the better good. However here there are trolls and black hats, security is not something I think the creators are going to want to talk about openly on the forums because if they tell people what they are doing to secure something, then the concept is only one troll away from figuring out how to hack those implements. Again this should be discussed privately. Security in any event is NOT open source, and neither should be the information about its methods.
  22. Thanks for the headsup about the cqb mods although I dont get how aiskill is not affecting them because of where they are spawned or how? I guess since they are client-side the server does not pickup the units and adjust them? Is that close? As far as what I meant about the opcom attacking the base immediately, I meant seriously like immediately. Like 2 minutes after mission start there are enemy in my base and their base and all their forces started halfway across the map. They shouldnt be able to move across the map at light speed and be at my door shooting me in the back while I'm still picking out guns. A little bit ridiculous I think. Maybe that is something you cannot control?
  23. Couple things, otherwise happy. In my AIskill module I have BLU and BLU_F in veteran and IND_F,OPF_F in custom. I am using opfor for profile stuff and only ind for cqb in the cities. The CQB module is working, to note only the first cqb module works, I have been unable to place and make multiple work which is a severe handicap as you might want 20 percent in this city and 30 in this one, instead its blanket coverage. But regardless the Independent's I have spawning through the cqb module are not applying the AIskills I have set in the custom menu of aiskills module. Is this intended? Is there a way to modify them, cause the built up military bases are wonderful but entering a ind held city is like genuine terror. You will die. Thanks! Yeah intel doesnt work much, not a big deal though neither is the rest. Other feedback: occupation/invasion modes on opcom is not really working, prob need to be fleshed out, AI attack base at mission start like immediately which is a little fast(its being looked at). and I dont know if logistics is actually respawning anyone and AI enemy still win against supposedly superior friendlies in profiled mode. Good job guys!
  24. Ok so self explanatory. Kind of like defend, you can move in a small area but limited. Only for cover and better shooting pos. Seriously over kill and round based. For instance say in round 10 you get 200xp for completion, there are 30 tangos. Round 20 would be around 400xp and 60 tangos. You work your way up each level til you get to impossible. Possibility? Maybe more weapons with different chance setting too, that'd be nice. Edit- Playing PC version and it rocks, once its on my droid I will be happy forever. Thank you BIS!