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  1. I have both, but I saw only Y-harness (LC-1) with ALICE. I seems to me that H-harness was used only with LCE and MLCE. A bunch of new screens (sorry, have no will to create a composition): AT Gunner: http://imgur.com/mLseF (cool goggles, huh?) Crew: http://imgur.com/fkcMN Grenadier: http://imgur.com/REWXX (Messed up with vest so made a cloth bandolier) Officer: http://imgur.com/lpcQ6 SAW Gunner: http://imgur.com/F7buw RTO: http://imgur.com/MH2mP (looks a bit crappy but will do)
  2. Thanks again. And about PRC-77 radio, was it worn just as is or in backpack?
  3. Can anyone also give me some info about carrying M 203 grenades? I have gigabytes of USMC photos in period from 1983 to 1990 but there is nothing like bandolier or M 79 vest. Were grenades just carried in M16 pouches?
  4. Can anyone give me advice (and photos :)) on MG pouches to use with ALICE?
  5. You mean when the release is :)? When it's done :p Ok.
  6. dcvm

    Someguywho's A-TACS

    ATACS? Do the Americans have a new camo again? They change camos like gloves lol :). P.S. It doesn't seem to be actually working in game. The GI turns into dark pixel at 500 + meters in any camo, so u can easily spot him.
  7. I was inspired by this film by the way :)
  8. Yeah no problem. http://i.imgur.com/pgRbN.jpg
  9. Hi all, I'm proud to present a few screens of USMC guys. They're valid for the period between early 1980s and 1990s. At the moment futures version with PASGT vests and helmets, with ALICE gear and in woodland and OD camo. I have plans to make a desert version (yeah, 6-color desert, mmm :p) and maybe add some older stuff (OD-107 uniform, M1 helmets, etc). Pics:
  10. dcvm

    Gaz "Tiger"

    There were "Vodniks" there, weren't they? :) Anyway, damn good work on Tiger. Hope there will be an ordinary russian camo version though.
  11. There are already grenade pouches (used for both hand grenades and grenade launchers ammo) on each unit with 6Sh92 vest. They are worn on the pistol belt. About the shadow bug - i missed it because it is not seen on high and very high shadow settings. Sorry for that.
  12. dcvm

    Celle 2

    Woh, i liked how roadsigns felt apart when destroyed, just amazing. But if one destroys a bridge, its parts just float in air, and some edges have no textures. And why have you reduced size of Celle town? Anyway, very good job. 9.5 out of 10.
  13. From 6 to 13. I'm gonna fire all my testers in shit. Thank you a lot.