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  1. The problem can't be the shadows for them because they never had any similar problems with their setup. Since alpha the game wont drop fps like that for all the time out of nowhere. They can play any other SP scenario with more action and more AI units under the calculation of their own CPU. Same for any MP scenario.
  2. So no one get performance problems and sound bugs like only one channel is working? I have two friends with Nvidia gtx 680 and gtx 760, who cant play it because the fps brook down to 10 or less after the campaign starts also they can only hear one channel. I only have some fps problems with the cinematic intro everything else is fine with the performance. I played the first part with regular with not that much bugs I though. First bug was at Camp Maxwell when you can choose your weapons and stuff, the marker where you must go just disappear after a few seconds. And this happens all the time when you play it further at the next mission from maxwell. Next bug , well not really a bug but the motion capturing for the facial animations are really bad. Not bad like in Arma 2 but Yah they really don't fit to the voice actors. Last bug was that at one of my AI get stuck at a tower and the mission could not be finished because the team wont move forward because of this. I finish the Campaign after a few hours of good game play without a single death but at the end only me survived funny thing :P
  3. Serpentras

    Arma 2: Namalsk Crisis

    I play this modification when it was done. It works fine for me with some light bugs but whatever I re-download the 3 parts and play it again, now I am stuck at the end of Mission 12 or I think it was the end in the mining tower where you must hide. The game just jump back the beginning of the mission. The autosaves are erased and I must play again and I try this the second time and is exactly the same for me. Try it today again, still the mission is not possible to finish for me.
  4. Serpentras

    Destroying Ports?

    I don't check that but it must be, the problem is that the AI probably cheat and noting happens to the other islands for the defense.
  5. Serpentras

    Voice actor volume.

    ha foxhound the arma engine sounds are to quiet. I don't want something to hear when I sitting on the door gun from a helicopter. But in Arma you have the voice slider. Whatever cc need a voice slider too, I read most of the time the subs too. Or I don't care at all and listen to the good music :P EAX yah but that can only work on cards who support that?
  6. Serpentras

    fun factor : ON

    Streamlined sorting mods whats that? So its exactly what I say , most of the games who are good modifiable have auto-update tools for mods. I don't see the workshop for the easy to modify games. Thats a bad thing because the have already the auto modification upgrade tool. When I look closely I only see 2 games on my steam acc who get the workshop. Popup like spam popups haha :), na I am no fan of social network things and steam goes this way more and more. To bad because I like the easy installations and launch of games.
  7. Serpentras

    Destroying Ports?

    no when island 4 is connected via 3 to 2 and 1.
  8. Serpentras

    Destroying Ports?

    When you destroy the port it slows you down only when you take the island because it took some time to rebuild it and that means you don't get the resources, factory capabilities or defensive range for your other islands who a near to it till the port is up again.
  9. Serpentras

    fun factor : ON

    Whats the thing with steam workshop? It looks like another dl site for mods and nothing else for me. So what is for you that you want that? And oh shit arma don't have it and look how big the mods are for it ;)
  10. Serpentras

    Weapon stats?

    The quad aa for the walruses are to strong too, when I must kill some radar or other big buildings I just take that, it will blowup before the gun overheats. With this gun you can easy kill all things in no time.
  11. Are you sure you have the 1.2? I have the steam version too and I still have the 1.1. but whatever I have a other problem with the AI, when you choose the aggressive behavior for your units you cant let them dock because they want to attack everything but I only give them the order to dock in the battle before they blew up. You must change it back to defensive mode that they will do it. This time you need to change it back is most of the time to long and the Manta is lost. For the Walrus it is the same but they will die with defensive too because they are to slow so it doesn't matter for them.
  12. Haha Daeion something that reminds me what I do drunk yesterday. Undock all ground units and turn the carrier and blow up all of them in on sec.
  13. Serpentras


    So Scepticer you dont know Arma and OPF? Do you? And you dont know games like civilization,Shogun 2, Heroes of Might and Magic, Since of a Solar Empire, ... should I go on? There are much more games out with much more consumable time to get the game over. I played with 3 friends Arma2 for 10h with no bio-break, sometimes and why? Because it is huge and complex. CCGM is not so huge and not so complex that make it easy peacy in my eyes when I compare it to your problems who you are see it. Those other games who I write, do that even bigger. Ive played Since of a Solare Empire with those friends for 48h and the game was not over jet. Shogun 2 with one friend over 50h in the same MP campaign. It is the same as you play it in the single player+you have a good mate or a very difficult enemy when you play against the human. And Shogun is round based strategy game with rts battles. When the other player cant fight he must watch and even when they must watch it for 1h and cant do anything else than turn the camera , people play it. So don't think only because you are not such a player that there are no others out there in the world. And as you see most of the votes for now say the same. Ah and in Arma and OPF you can do nothing for hours because you waiting to strike in the right moment.
  14. That must be hard, because GDI don't have good defensive buildings like the Obelisk. I think the NOD is better for a pretty base. I especially when saw the first time the Laser-fence in Teberian Sun :P. But what ever how can you play defensive in cc? Here in CC I take some AA first out than rush with all what I got into them with the control of one ground unit myself.
  15. I try that but I only get video files who are empty.