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    Manhattan - Completely stumped

    Are you positive it isn't disabled already? If not, get a launcher back at the FOB or from some dead enemy and use that. More than one shot, if necessary. I don't know if the main camp's position is random, in my case there were forests nearby that could have made for good cover.
  2. So, I restarted again and thank goodness this time I was able to finish. I did the same as my third attempt (Vishnoye, castle, camp, Staroye, power plant and quarry) but this time Bardak wasn't there and I had to wait for him in Gorka. After the call from HQ he came crawling uphill in a car, so I threw him off the road and shot his tires. He exited and this time he escaped as normal. I folllowed him for a while and then he stopped and the mission ended. When I checked the castle earlier in the mission I encountered the same problem as before: my squad wouldn't follow move orders in there, the only solution was switching to each soldier. I'm confident this would happen every time if I restarted the mission. I'll see if the problem repeats in closed areas elsewhere. By the way, I'm at the start of the following mission now, and my squad isn't following my bike... I hope the mistake is mine this time.
  3. *minor spoilers* After receiving no response in this thread I restarted Razor Two and found Bardak in the very first spot I visited, the castle outside Vyshnoye, in a truck. He clumsily tried to drive out of the castle for a very long time. In the end I shot the tires repeatedly (like 2 M2 mags) and he got out. And now he stands there, outside the truck, with me and my whole squad surrounding him, and nothing happens. He doesn't run away, I can't arrest him in any way. I tried to reload the game, in vain. Any ideas? Can I force the scripts to run via console? Please don't tell me I have to restart, It'd be the fifth time. Thank you.
  4. I replied hours ago, but my post is still in the mod queue. Maybe it's because it's a wall of text. I'll try with a shorter reply. The "Find/capture Bardak" objective does complete, but usually after that Bardak flees, I follow, and then there's the cutscene where he's arrested and the mission ends, with or without all the evidence collected. Not this time. More if my earlier post gets through. edit: It got through! Aside from what I wrote there I noticed two things: - Bardak only moves his truck if I start shooting at the tires or crash against him with the humvee. I tried doing it and then just waiting. He tries to drive away, but keeps crashing against the walls. I don't think the AI is able to drive out of there, I would suggest relocating the truck outside or deleting a section of wall. Or having Bardak be always on foot if in the castle. - My own team can't navigate inside the castle. Once they enter they no longer respond to move orders, e.g. they don't move when "return to formation" is issued, and they may go somewhere (usually outside) when issued the simple "move" command but never to their destination. I have to move them one by one by switching to them. This always happens in this game. I can't remember this being an issue in 1.59, but to be honest I'm not sure at all. At this point I'll restart the game (didn't try yet - might have to wait till early January) and check if at least squad behaviour returns to normal, and report back.
  5. @OMAC The objective "Find/Capture Bardak" does complete. However, the mission does not end. Whenever I captured Bardak in previous attempts (it happened twice) he would flee after the objective appeared as "complete". I would then chase him on foot, and after a while the in-game scene would start where he gets on the ground, then tries to shoot Cooper, then finally gives up after Cooper shoots him in return. After that StarForce 21 is called, you are told that "at least you managed to get one of the bastards" and the mission ends, whether you have all the evidence or not. To be clearer: - the first time I finished the mission I got 2/4 pieces of evidence, but couldn't get anything more within the time limit (wasted time with the empty camps and trying all the cool toys and so forth). I restarted to do better. - the second time I got 2/4 pieces of evidence after visiting the northernmost camp and the castle. Then I helped the farmer in Staroye. He told me to go to the power plant. Following the advice of the guy there I got to the quarry outside a city along the coast. There I found Bardak, on foot, protected by three guys. He fled and I followed and then arrested him as described above. When I arrested him the mission ended. I got to the next mission but, being the idiot I am, I restarted Razor Two to get all the evidence, in case it influences the campaign somehow. - the third time I did almost the same as above and finally got all the evidence. Took a while to get the dogtags in the quarry, because they are near Bardak and difficult to pick up. I always picked up the tags and couldn't reach Bardak afterwards. I then discovered that if you switch to one of your teammates you can walk up to Bardak without him fleeing (that only happens with Cooper it seems, or at least did in 1.59) and pick up the tags. So I finished the mission with Bardak and 4/4 evidence, but couldn't get to the following mission because of the problem described in the other thread. @Dwarden All I can do is upload the save somewhere, if it's of any use. No point in dwelling on it though, especially for what is apparently a rare bug. I'll just restart this evening or tomorrow, and report back if I find more problems. In the meantime, thank you both (and BIS for 1.60) and merry Christmas :)
  6. I didn't, and while that's a good idea I think I'll just restart (again) to make sure the problem is gone as you suggested. In the meantime I tried to reload an even earlier save, when I was still far away from the castle, but when I got to Bardak I could only go through the same routine. He didn't even try to drive away this time. I parked the humvee right beside his truck, took the gunner seat, shot his tires away. Once again when he finally got out Cooper shouted at him, "Hey you! Stop! You bastard!", but Bardak wouldn't take a single step.
  7. I'm very sorry, that was obviously information I should have provided. Arma II + OA + RFT, updated to 1.60 this very morning.
  8. Hi all. I was about to finish the fifth Arma II campaign mission, "Razor Two", when by some mistake I reverted to the beginning of the mission and all my saved games seemed gone (didn't appear ingame). This bothered me a great deal, because I was playing through it for the third time and finally managed to get all the evidence and get to Bardak in time. I thought I was in luck when I found the saved games in my "home\Documents\ArmA 2\Saved\ca\missions\campaign\missions\C2B_RazorTwo.Chernarus" folder. I opened the last one with the OA executable and reloaded the game successfully. However, although I can finish the mission, it will no longer advance the campaign. Successfully ending the mission does not unlock the following one. Also, after loading the savegame the "Suspend" option in the menu is replaced with "Abort", and it will delete all mission saves, or so the message says. Saving in a new slot and reloading that game doesn't change this. I've tried copying the old save somewhere else, like "home\Documents\ArmA 2\Saved\ca\missions\campaign" but it didn't work either. Only restarting seems to restore the normal menu behavior (and would likely allow me to continue the campaign). Looks like this behavior was intended (perhaps as an anti-cheat measure?) but as I mentioned I have already played through the mission three times and wasted a lot of what little free time I have, and I'd rather make that old save work if it's somehow possible. Does anyone know of a way? Thank you.