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  1. As the title says,i cant find any simple circular or rectangular artillery script... I want certain area shelled for some time and thats it,and no i dont know how to create any kind of script so please help me out thanks in advance!
  2. matteo1944

    Cold War Enhanced

    Any news guys?
  3. matteo1944

    Cold War Enhanced

    My apologies,it appears that it was due to my f***** up registry,so I tried to fix it and f***** it up even more,SO i installed fresh windows and everything works fine!!!! I just began to test it,if I find any bugs that are not listed above I'll send them to you. And yes,great job! nice to see that someone out there still is working on this game!
  4. matteo1944

    Cold War Enhanced

    I cant start it using Cwe.exe,wheel keep on spinning but nothing happens :/ forget this :D
  5. matteo1944

    BX GateBuilder Questions

    Hy guys,can anyone help me a bit with this program,I used it few years ago and forgo how to add textures to model,I load texure but what button/s I have to press to apply texture to model? And if anyone have some spare time just to run me thru basics of it,just send me PM Thanks in advance!
  6. How do I keep units in certain area without advancing or retreating(maybe retreating after suffering heavy casualties),via triger? or waypoint? lets say they have to hold a city,but as soon as they spot enemy they run towards it...
  7. matteo1944

    holding position

    Thanks beno,will try this later today!
  8. matteo1944

    holding position

    My guys are holding crossroads(I44 mod) and I dont want them to charge the enemy as soon as they spot them,I want them to remain in certain area from which they will defend mentioned crossroads,and eventually fall back to secondary position if they are overrun.
  9. I'm new to ArmA 1,until now I've been playing OFP,and every command is kind of messed,so how can I board whole group in let's say in flying ch 47? I know how to individualy put them inside by placing x moveincargo chooper,but in ofp there was command to move whole group inside... thanks in advance!
  10. matteo1944

    ACE for OA 1.13

    i don't know which one to dl on playwith six,since there is 20 ace things offered
  11. matteo1944

    ACE for OA 1.13

    can anyone upload or give me working link for latest version of this mod?
  12. matteo1944

    WW2 Pacific War Mod 1.1 released

    Hey Spad,how can I be one of turret gunners on b29? and I am missing some scripts for it actionstation.sqs
  13. How to create object or soldier in front of player then delete it in a second or two?
  14. Thanks to both of you :D
  15. matteo1944

    Pacific war Mod

    This sounds great :D will planes have some sort of effects? smoke,fire,even tracers(I can't remember where I saw it but some soviet ww2 planes had tracers) and for flamethrower(no offence to Prof. T,and maker of original addon) I better like the one from ww2_mp mod,there soldiers and building actually catch on fire and run for some time before dying.
  16. matteo1944

    Pacific war Mod

    Hey Spad,have you considered about adding some effects to your mod,like tracers,explosions and some other animations?
  17. matteo1944

    Can't login to store page

    This is really starting to piss me off.... I tried like 20 times with all possible solutions i found and nothing,always some sort of error occurs when I try to create my account for store :depressed:
  18. if anybody still has the configs from dta\ace\ folder I would be really happy with them. I had to reinstall windows and lost everything,but copied ACE mod on dvd,and after copy/pasting it it won't work,and it would take too much time to download whole module again,please help. Thanks in advance!
  19. matteo1944

    WRP question

    It has been long time since I last used wrp.So what addons or data files I should extract to be able to use wrp properly?
  20. matteo1944

    OFP Addon request thread

    Thanks man! this was really fast :D
  21. matteo1944

    OFP Addon request thread

    I can't find COC Divers,and USMC symbols for VTE mod thanks in advance!
  22. This would be great to have :D also Starwars mod
  23. matteo1944

    OFP Addon request thread

    Is there an LVT addon? I think I used to have it somewhere on the pc,but few days ago I switched to windows 7 and everything is lost
  24. Here is a mission that can help You out with some questions RPG QUARANTINE
  25. matteo1944

    Veni Vidi Vici Mod beta 1.0

    I'll DL it with IE then,thanks P.T. :D