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  1. Hey guys, my group's recently returned to using ACRE. Only thing we can't seem to get to work at the moment is players in the unconscious state being able to talk to each other (using ACE). We're using the new CBA ability to set settings serverside so no modules are placed in the mission itself, wondered if this might have something to do with it? Cheers for all the hard work on the mod ACRE team.
  2. Also experiencing this problem on our dedicated windows 10 server. Have generated new serverconfig.hpp after the update, running the ace_server.pbo as it's own mod, double-checked for corrupted files. However if i use the same method and host the mission myself, so using the full install of the game instead of the server.exe it seems to work with no problems. Is the mod currrently needing the 64bit upcoming patch to work on a dedi sever?
  3. flipped

    3CB BAF Weapons

    From Client RPT Error in expression <eUpperLimit = _muzzleVelocityShiftTable select 10; if (isNil "_muzzleVelocityShi> Error position: <select 10; if (isNil "_muzzleVelocityShi> Error Zero divisor File z\ace\addons\advanced_ballistics\functions\fnc_calculateAmmoTemperatureVelocityShift.sqf, line 9 Only happens when firing shotguns when using the advanced ballistics module.
  4. flipped

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Cheers for the response. Couple of small things we've found so far: the GL variants of the weapons aren't able to use the HuntIR (if this is intentional I have no problem with that) From server rpt [ACE] (frag) WARNING: Ammo class UK3CB_R_AT4_AP lacks proper explosive properties definitions for frag! Look forward to seeing what you guys do with the choppers
  5. flipped

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Hey 3CB. Great work so far, me and my community have been really enjoying using your work. My question is whether it's your aim to have ace3 and your weapons etc. to be fully compatible? I don't want to give you error reports about this if that's not your intent.
  6. For a potential fix on the uniforms check out this thread: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/185256-problems-with-uniform-con
  7. flipped

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    Sorry if this has been asked/answered before ... was trying to set up a system to auto-join a ts channel when a player joins the mission and couldn't find any documentation in the wiki on the relevant api functions. I know this was possible for acre in arma 2 but unsure if there are any commands to do so in arma 3.
  8. flipped

    ASR AI 3

    Hey Robalo. Really enjoying the mod, it's a huge asset to the co-op community i play with. Been looking into the skillFinal values in the debug to try and tailor the difficulty to fit us better and noticed what seemed like a discrepancy general set: 0.740688, get: 0.740688, skillFinal: 0.751999" courage set: 0.730972, get: 0.730972, skillFinal: 0.744955" reloadSpeed set: 0.873322, get: 0.873322, skillFinal: 0.848159" commanding set: 0.807076, get: 0.807076, skillFinal: 0.80013" aimingAccuracy set: 0.323534, get: 0.323534, skillFinal: 0.308092" aimingShake set: 0.288885, get: 0.288885, skillFinal: 0.277774" aimingSpeed set: 0.344682, get: 0.344682, skillFinal: 0.732447" spotDistance set: 0.392752, get: 0.392752, skillFinal: 0.299949" spotTime set: 0.306907, get: 0.306907, skillFinal: 0.306255" That's a random selection from the tests i did, the thing i can't work out is what governs the 'aiming speed' modifier. In all versions of trying out different combinations of skill presets it was uniformly double it's set and get values unlike any of the other skills. Is this intentional and if so what's the easiest method of bringing it into line with the other skill modifiers?
  9. flipped

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    Congrats on the release matey! Look forward to trying out the full version.
  10. Hey Alex. The items that don't show up are ammo, smoke grenades, grenades and a few optics. Didn't do an exhaustive test as was working on a few things at the time. If it helps here is the full script including classnames http://pastebin.com/PXKux84g. comparing with your script they seem to be the same cases.
  11. Hey Alex. Good news is the belt items now show up correctly, bad news is we have a bunch of kit that tells us it's not whitelisted when we try and load existing loadouts. This is how our whitelisting script works: [] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal; [_this,[ "stuff", "moreStuff" ],true] call BIS_fnc_addVirtualBackpackCargo; [_this,[ "stuff", "moreStuff" ],true] call BIS_fnc_addVirtualMagazineCargo; [_this,[ "stuff", "moreStuff" ],true] call BIS_fnc_addVirtualWeaponCargo; [_this,[ "stuff", "moreStuff" ],true] call BIS_fnc_addVirtualItemCargo; called from this addaction ["Open Virtual Arsenal", "OurScript.sqf"]; This method works for us with the default arsenal but wondering if it's conflicting with your method somehow. Also with the 1.3 download there's 2 keys and 2 bisigns. Cheers for the work. We're hoping your mod will help us to get ACRE incorporated properly into our whitelisted arsenal.
  12. Thanks for the work. Will test and report back soon.
  13. Hey ImperialAlex, had a quick test of your mod on a dedicated server. Had to turn signature checking off (appears the key is 2 days behind the .pbo) and during testing all items in the belt kit (gps, radio, watch, compass, map) will not load even though they are in the whitelisted part of our arsenal.
  14. flipped

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Cool. Thanks for the quick response. Really enjoying the mod btw.
  15. flipped

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Exact same line repeated. Checked with a few clanmates and they're seeing the same in their rpts.