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  1. Hi, can someone tell me if there is a way to unassign units in a group, make units independant again?
  2. Hi all, is there any way I can run a condition to detect if the squad isn't in safe mode (limited speed)? if player behavior etc? Basically hopefully going to make the _group all die if they're not walking (acts aggressive) Maybe speed? I don't know, what do you think?
  3. Hi all, I'm looking at starting a dog fighting community European. Multiple teams Air To Air Custom skins (design your own give me your own designs) Have your own team page Organise your own team training Try to be the best Competitions against other teams My Background I am a developer creating missions and graphics etc. Love flying on arma Anyone interested in joining anything like this? Other ideas welcome
  4. Hi all. I'm currently using setObjectTexture Works great. Just one problem, textures don't always appear until you get really close to the vehicles. Is there a script anywhere that preloads the textures before game start? Im guessing it's a caching issue? Doesn't look that good at the moment with my vehicles all black because textures not loaded. Thanks
  5. This is still work in progress. Test is and let me know if there's bugs. It's all fun :) Readme.txt holds instructions for installation. CONTENTS: *Intro Video *CRW mission *Unique Graphics *British Lynx Skin for HellCat *British SAS BlackOp uniform *British UK MTP Pattern (on a character) *Altis Police cars with sirens. *Police light effects *Intro Video *Voice Acting NO MODS REQUIRED This is part of a mini campaign. This has been uploaded for you to test. If you find any bugs please let me know. *readme.txt file lists known issues. Promo Image 1 Promo Image 2 DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire.com/download/85ha6115m4iqzne/Operation_Sentinel_Beta1.0.zip
  6. Hi all, got this custom sound going on when in a building (by a trigger). Two questions. 1. it's 20 seconds long and ends. How do I get it to loop? 2. After I exit the trigger (exit building) I want it to stop. Possible set up another trigger to do it? I'm thinking something to go into Deactivation box?
  7. Hi all, got a couple of questions around && and || .Basically who do I get this code to work? (ff1 distance civ1 < 5 || ff2 distance civ1 < 5 || ff3 distance civ1 < 5 || ff4 distance civ1 < 5) && !alive murder1 && !alive en12; I'm trying to say if these units are less then 5m away from a unit but also two other units have to be dead? Trying to add it into a condition field. Also how would I write it if in a SQF file?
  8. hmmm, unit is still joining group when murder1 and en12 are still alive. They though only be joining if both of these are dead. Any ideas?
  9. Hi all. I'm wondering if there is a better way to spawn units. If I place units where I want them in 3D editor, is there a way that you can make them only when a trigger is activated? I'm used to scripting units to appear on markers etc.
  10. If I set unit tp 0% presence how do I script the presence to 100% though?
  11. Hi all, I've got a really annoying issue with a steam window keep popping up in game. Seems to happen randomly when I hold down shift to run. Not the right time anyone needs that to happen. Does anyone know how to switch it off?
  12. hi all. I'm simply trying to have a condition if a player has either 1 or two of the weapons. Not sure what it should be. player hasweapon "arifle_MX_ACO_F" OR "srifle_EBR_SOS_F"; I'm stuck. Any ideas?
  13. Hi all, I'm having difficulty trying to keep my original task assigned. Script below for my task. _null = [west, "tskobj_1", ["briefing", "name of task", "task named in briefing"], "marker", true] spawn BIS_fnc_taskCreate; If I create another task after that then that will become the current assigned. How can I keep the first one being the current one?
  14. Hi all. I'm trying to set a enemy unit to look in the direction of the closest bluefor unit. If a different unit appraches closer to him he will then look in that direction. Any ideas?
  15. Hi all, I've got an issue with if a unit doesn't exist and I have a script running Arma3 throws up an error. How can I avoid this? Example. I got enemy units with variables from en1 - en34 (34 being total number) en15 has a has a probability set of 75% he also has en15 setUnitPos "MIDDLE" set in the init.sqf. en15 doesn't exist and get an error. I'm sure I never had that before. Is there any way to avoid it?
  16. bump... still lost with this one
  17. No good on the first code I'm afraid austin_medic. The second would be more ideal at the moment though I'm still going to need the first for loading out kit for the units eventually :S
  18. if(!isNull en1) then {en1 setCaptive true;}; if(!is> Error position: <en1) then {en1 setCaptive true;}; if(!is> Error Undefined variable in expression: en1 Still has an error unfortunately. My code below: if(!isNull en1) then {en1 setCaptive true;};
  19. Would I have to write that for every unit or is there simplar way maybe in some sort of array?
  20. thetrooper

    Ungroup a unit headache

    Love the editor. Has been missed for a lot of years. I'm struggling with some of the simple bits. How do I ungroup a unit? (in 2D was F2 drag mouse then ungrouped)
  21. Hi all, just had a brain wave. Is there a way to set a units waypoint to another unit? I'm looking at two options. 1. permanant - unit contantly following another. 2. waypoint refreshes - waypoint adjusts after a given time in seconds at current location of a unit First one i imagine is easy with experienced scripters. The second would be interesting for something like a fugative hunt. Any ideas?
  22. Yep, all handy tips, thanks everyone. Also helps facing the right way, this is solved
  23. Hi all, Trying to get an image onto a User Texter. There are three sizes 10m, 1m and 1x2m. I can't get any of them to work at the moment. I'm guessing there are strict sizs the images need to be in order for the following to work? board setObjectTexture [0, "sign1.jpg"];
  24. "CIRCLE" may work better I haven't tested that yet. There must be some sort of function like setWaypointCombatMode "BLUE" that sets the height for the UAV to fly at
  25. Haveing difficulty with this one. Basically what's in the title. Set a waypoint where there's a marker, set the type, in my case it's loiter with range of 500m, behavoir is never fire and altitude 'High Altitude 500m'. Thanks in advance