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  1. Hello nice app, tho on my smaller screen I would wish for less aesthetics and maximum button and text space. I'm on a HTC gratia and the 4th digit in any field goes down below the next field. another wish would be the option to have the app not round off any numbers and give decimals if you want to in the answer. ( if the app rounds off before the final answer that is, however just being able to toggle rounding off on/off for the final answer would be a good addition, helps with small holds) Also can you post the formulas the app is using to calculate everything ( want to compare to my own methods)
  2. My first imperssion and feelings, cool much smoother movment than ArmA2. gfx.. look good in some regard but a patch of lowres ruins it, could be a weird looking bush LOD not loaded or similar, some things look good but the whole picture doesnt fit well together at all times and its enough to ruin it. Also feels like it runs really poor relative to what it looks like, low and unstable FPS. To me it FEELS like unoptimized game that i've put aside to see if things improve, hopes are low though, ArmA 2 is a problematic game aswell and it's the same devs and same engine in the core. I'm aware it's alpha and this is impressions of the ALPHA game in it's current state, just wanna give a +1 to *feels like game runs like shit crowd* because where's the point or feedback in "it's alpha don't worry" As a costumer and player I expect the finished product to *just work* and run good relative to my system and game settings... up to devs to prove that it's alpha prolems by action, fixing it, not forum arguments. i7 460gtx sli 8gb ddr3million also the future equipment bore me and the physics are dissapointing so far. Potential lurking around, will try beta. I like the inventroy system lol
  3. man cold war looks great terrain wise in those screens. ive only played A2 and A3alpha, definetly want improvments in this area.. theres not much point to have a beautiful close picture if it looks like ass in the distance
  4. I want to save farm animals trapped in a sinking submarine
  5. i bet you my game will crash and I will have to download some binarydll exe directory bios garden files from dodgy sites for 5 hours :D
  6. http://www.armaholic.com/datas/users/disrupterspart1_3.png what models are these where can I get them? :D
  7. you're all missing it, there is no problem with this? Since there is ragdolls in arma 3.. dying mid-animation isn't a problem! it will look GREAT, and that's what matters
  8. Animated vehicle and object entry/exit with animated doors, hatchets etc for vehicles. simulator please be immersive?
  9. rallyolle

    ARMA 2's player movement "feel"

    This is what i think you move like a fridge in arma, CQC is a pain, clearing out buildings etc. I want it to be alot smoother, cod4 cs etc normal fps games give a more realistic feeling when moving indoors especially sorry, wish it was like that. Grab something like my paintball gun or w/e move around inside and its alot more like cs than arma. Also hope arma 3 features full deactivation of mouse acceleration and smoothing inside the game options.
  10. cmd window pop up for a second nothhing happens how do you set it up properly (exactlly what is it you are entering into the configsettings.. does it even work when you have A2 and OA on steam?
  11. well alot of time when playing coop is spent as INF, yeah? When I'm new in a bigger community alot of time will be spent as infantry usually. When I play with close friends we do SF stuff on foot mostly. Anyway I was thinking about more interaction with the guns, like gun malefunctions, different reloads, rackin'. In the popular(read mandatory) mod ACE your gun can jam but its just text telling you and you click fix jam and you're done. You know how some games lets you manually cock your shotgun or pull the bolt, I love that feeling and I want more of it. What I tought would be cool is a dynamic and ofcourse animated system. Making the guns more interactive, not just aiming and shooting. kind of like in magicka where after a while you learn combinations for certain spells and you do them faster and faster... if you had controls to do various things with your gun, you would get efficient with it. These are just examples of how it could be control wise, Im sure u could have more or less steps aswell, gotta have a balance where its not too much tho. G release magazine. R (hold or Press) grip/release magazine / holster grab new magazine F lock bolt or whats it called lul T Cock/rack the gun. (could perhaps have mouse movments too, T to grab etc) Scroll down/move mouse to move magazine between in the gun/pulled out/holsterd in your vest. Space (toggle or hold) inspect gun with mouse movment, similar to alt looking. (so that you can hold space and turn the mouse and see if you have a double feed or wtf is up) Notice that I give multiply button suggestions for actions, its hard to know what would work good without testing, hopefully you'll get the idea tho. Ok so a tactical reload would look something like R (grab your mag) G (release the mag) Pull/scroll (mag out) Pull/scroll (move mag/hand down) F/R (holster the mag, perhaps that would be R's function in this position) F/R (Grab a new magazine, perhaps that would be R's function in this position) Up/scroll (bring new mag up) Up/scroll (push the new mag in) R (release your grip of the mag) a speed reload you could just drop the mag by releasing and grabbing a new mag. Ok so now malefunctions become more intressting aswell. You might have to lock the bolt back pulling your mag out etc. rack a few times w/e. different malefunctions and it can be % random how hard your gun lock up. Ofcourse it could all be toggable with game difficulty or a separate option if you dont want to do things manually. you might have to strip it down.. At the very least I want the option for manual bolt action. What do you people think of the general idea? more manual things. interaction. (dont get locked up on my specific controls or suggestions)
  12. rallyolle

    ARMA 3 needs to revamp their vehicle interface

    entering and exiting vehicles needs animations like in say GTA games, where you open the doors and step out etc
  13. climbing onto things would be useful, so you can climb ontop for example, a box, humve or a roofpart from a lower placed roof, etc. a more proper, faster jump would also be useful, depending on your carry weight i guess. A jump faster than stepping over ( V). but would also be ofcourse louder, more tiresome and would offset your aim more etc etc, like a real fkin jump.. your momentum could affect the distance you travel, you could now jump over a small ditch while sprinting or skip over from roof to roof where buildings are very close. And also play that game *dont touch the ground* on vehicles.. .w/E... REALISTIC JUMP/forward skip in additon to the stepover!
  14. rallyolle

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    if you could move around and move your gun freely while in a seat that be great then you could shoot out from any vehicle, helicopters, cars or w/e and if u shoot ur machinegun thru the windshield you'll just have to deal with w/e happens when you do that