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  1. Hey, I seriously wonder why there's not a single thing about Breach & Clear. It's a till-now mobile game and is awaiting PC release on Steam (Greenlight currently). http://www.breachandclear.com/ You have a squad of Operators from different SOF (JTF2, NSWDG, Rangers and more) and set up different roles and loadouts for them. There's a big shop with items like Uniforms, Vests, Weapons, Patches (some of them for charity) that you are able to buy for either ingame coins or real money. The goal of each mission is to Breach into the AO and clear it. I guess that's why it's called Breach and Clear. There or other game modes beside the classic ("Terrorist Hunt"), for example bomb defusement. There are different mission areas throughout the world (Turkey, South China Sea, Germany, Afghanistan, Mexico and Russia). Some gameplay vids:
  2. News: http://www.onlysp.com/all-new-details-on-ground-branch-the-upcoming-unreal-engine-4-tactical-fps-exclusive-interview/ Video about new Effects: Not sure if rain or the tears of all the players desperately waiting:
  3. Would clans be allowed to implement it on their website / app?
  4. Will you add the not-so-russian-but-definitely-russian-sf-operators-occupying-crimean-bases or something similar? They look pretty badass. Nice mod!
  5. AFAIK there are no real furniture mods. There is an objects package, called ARP2 Objects, which consists out of military objects only AFAIK. To use buildings with furniture, you have to fall back to use custom buildings made for A2. PS: Importing furniture to Altis and Stratis is risky, since the mysterious disappearing of furniture.
  6. This is _the_ weapon pack I'm waiting for :) Awesome!
  7. Mig-29 was always my favourite fighter. Too sad the german AF sold them :( It sounds promising, looking forward!
  8. Looking forward to it! Love the knot on the back side. Awesome! :)
  9. That's crazy cool to see. Looking forward to it!
  10. Github is a nice idea, airtonix! While this mod is already awesome, I'd open up chances for so many different stuff to use for building and other mod-enhancements. At the end it's your choice, and I'll look forward to see it!
  11. Brain

    [CO16] Silent Sweep

    Trying it ASAP. Looks good, nice video!
  12. Brain

    Same problem like Arma 2

    That's because most servers only allow you to join the server with specific mods or no mods.
  13. Brain

    No sounds from Firearms

    What's your OS? Your game version? RPT File? Settings? 7.1 Sound? Newest drivers? On-Board Soundcard? A bit vague information...
  14. Brain

    Thief 4: Yet another console port turd

    Ah okay, thought it'd be Ubisoft behind it now. Nonetheless it's another series destroyed, doesn't matter who it did.
  15. Brain

    Thief 4: Yet another console port turd

    Still published by Ubisoft, isn't it? Publishers always have huge influence.
  16. Brain

    Thief 4: Yet another console port turd

    It's a nice game, but not Thief. Argh, Christ...who am I kidding. It sucks. It's another series destroyed by Ubisoft in order to sell copies to 12 year old kids and casual gamers. Just what happened to Ghost Recon.
  17. Brain

    [WIP]Arma Social network

    If you start a project and can't take any criticism, you shouldn't start a project. Also punctuation rocks! Try it.
  18. Brain


    Hey lads, Anyone noticed "Banished" so far? It's a city-building simulation in the mid ages, and somehow feels like a mix between Anno, Settlers, SimCity and Realism. It's made by one single person, AFAIK. Release is 18.02.2014, will be released on Steam.
  19. I'm neither from the UK nor a total expert in kind of economics and politics in the UK, but there are three issues in the UK that we hear about constantly in german media: 1. unemployment rate, families scratching the poverty line 2. anti-EU politics and 3. immigration from poor, mostly mid-eastern/eastern countries To number 1: Uneployed and poor people are unhappy, so they search the mistake somewhere else (the EU, the politics, immigration). If they fall for the stuff like "If we wouldn't be in the EU we would have such a wonderful life and would sleep on beds made of money", they might vote against or in general dislike the EU. To number 2: The recent anti-EU politics will certainly have an impact, but I remember reading some articles about how the UK wants to leave the EU around 2 years ago. So I guess if they could they'd leave the EU, but it isn't an easy and quick decision. To number 3: I experience here in my area daily, we have parts of cities which are nearly completely "in the hand" of Turks, Lebanese, Arabs and more, and the general political view there can you describe as "pure Anti-West, supportive of 'underdog countries', which fits their religion etc. (ex. Palestine)". Since these parts of the community vote too, and give the general view a heavy influence, I'd say this is also a factor for the UK not being a leading role in a EU-Forces future setting. All three points basically speak for the UK being either a non EU-member or at least a not-leading role in the short distant future.
  20. Brain

    [WIP]Arma Social network

    I don't want to talk down your effort, but it looks more like you acquired a license for some software and installed it on a server (and bought a domain). You don't create something like a social networking site in a day (as a full-time webdeveloper and front-end developer who's working on one currently I can tell you that), and this is definitely not "just alike facebook" and especially not "completly redesigned" (or designed at all). Also the general purpose of it doesn't come clear to me, we have either forums or communities, why a SN for ArmA?
  21. Appreciate your effort, it's an outstanding mod I can't wait to play with.
  22. You digged up a 6 month old, inactive thread just to bring up another silly argument. Also: Being stupid is not trolling, it's just being stupid. On topic: Interesting mod which looks good, but it seems like it's frozen/inactive.
  23. Brain

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Hopefully it means that we get something really extremely new: Like arctic/antarctic combat including skiing and freezing temperaturs (and fitting modules for mission makers). I seriously don't care if it's paid or not, as long as it doesnt exceed 25€.
  24. Brain

    Arma 3 FanArt

    That's one hell of a concept art. You can really see that you do this professionally. Outstanding job. Looks like Feng Zhu Stuff :)