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  1. Just curious, i seem to be unable to use the NVG's and bino's through keyboard commands. I tried re-assigning the keys, but still doesn't work. Using ECP mod. Am i doing something wrong? Will there be support for DXDLL in future maybe? Thank you for all this work on this excellent mod.
  2. -gonzo-

    quick video card question

    well thanks, but in my case i would have to replace my whole motherboard because it can't take Intel (socket 940) I forgot to describe actually, the fps drop i get is connected to explosions, smoke and dust kicking up. Like for instance, i'm sniping and my scope slides over an explosion happening, it will drop to 13. The same for example a single tank on desert island, i fire into the ground and look through the sights, it slows down to 9, when the particles have gone it immediatly shoots up to 75. The same for a regular soldier, i place myself on desert island, fire a full auto burst, and the resulting smoke has already slowed it down to 30. 1 guy shooting. smoke's gone, back to 75. I can put as much groups as i like on a map, and i get zero drop. This is kind of the frustrating bit, i have put special effects to 64x64 and drop down to 4 already but this doesn't do it either. Strange!
  3. -gonzo-

    quick video card question

    Lol, i hope i won't break any rules posting in this thread again, but i have since updated my entire PC. I now have windows 7, i got 4GB of 1033mhz RAM, and my AMD Athlon CPU now runs at 2.9-3.0 Ghz (OC'd) All this has done however is make things worse for me :( I now have a FPS drop to 9-13 in a basic firefight with 4 squads, and i have zero idea what can cause this, considering i have only upgraded. I have looked around on the forums and i suppose that my current setup should be enough for a smooth experience :( Am i missing something with windows 7 in this case? my OPF can only see 2048mb RAM, and my benchmark in preferences has only gone down :( Product="Resistance"; Language="English"; HW_Type="Direct3D HW T&L"; Adapter=0; 3D_Performance="9615"; CPU_Benchmark=9615; Resolution_W="1280"; Resolution_H="1024"; Resolution_Bpp="32"; LOD=7.500000; Limit_LOD=0.019000; Shadows_LOD=0.050000; MaxObjects=256; Cockpit_Textures=2048; Landscape_Textures=2048; Object_Textures=2048; Animated_Textures=64; Textures_Drop_Down=4; Texture_Heap="16"; File_Heap="16"; Total_Memory="2048"; MaxLights=32; Light_Explo=1; Light_Missile=1; Light_Static=1; Frame_Rate_Pref=500; Quality_Pref=500; refresh=75; Here is my cfg, the strange thing is that 3D_Performance="9615"; and CPU_Benchmark=9615; was actually higher with my last setup :( if anyone has any tuning suggestions, i would be very happy! Thanks!
  4. -gonzo-

    quick video card question

    Thank you very much for all the useful replies. I am using a unclocked AMD Athlon 7750 black edition (dual core 2.7 GHz) so i thought that would be sufficient and i could focus on graphics. Yes i indeed also use DXDLL, OFP materials and a new sky pack. Also usually have my missions running with a bit higher visibility settings (1200-1800). lowest terrain detail. So i would have to look into buying a new processor first? thanks!
  5. -gonzo-

    quick video card question

    Dear members, I have been wanting to upgrade my video-card for a while. OFP:Resistance (1.96) is the only real system heavy game that play. I am now using a NVIDIA GeForce 210S, a quick and cheap replacement i bought after my last one was fried. I however have been getting lag spikes as opposed to my earlier set-up. My OFP is very addon-heavy. I´ve got 3072MB RAM, and i want to buy a Radeon HD5770. I use XP 32 bit. My question was, before i buy a card that will mess OFP up even more, if anyone has any experience playing OFP:Resistance with these relatively modern, high-end cards? I hope someone can tell me! Thanks and good day!
  6. -gonzo-

    OFP Addon request thread

    There is an addon which features both a hooded and unhooded version. Link I saw a screenshot of an opel blitz truck with a flakvierling mounted on the back, anyone know if this was released? Also,i was curious if there is a script, which allows me to paradrop vehicles from planes like a mapfact AN-12. I have so far found on OPFEC a script which allows this, but just with helicopters. Thank you!
  7. They are beautiful! as always thank you for your work :)
  8. -gonzo-

    Indian Army Addons

    Sorry to hear about your wrist, get well soon! And thank you for the re-upload!
  9. All of your addons are beautiful Sapper, thank you so much for your contributions.
  10. I´m looking forward to this mod! Is there any news? :)
  11. -gonzo-

    Indian Army Addons

    Nice work so far, i like your Mig-23/27 very much! Could you maybe re-up the TU-160?
  12. -gonzo-

    New Island PÖRRES (BETA version)

    I tested it, looks nice and playable, A bit on the small side, but doesnt really matter.
  13. -gonzo-

    OFP Addon request thread

    @Стрелок There are at least two of those i am sure about: MTLB Did you mean Maz-7917 with missile? if so: Topol-M Novajev? I don't know about the others, might be somewhere out there.
  14. Dear fellow OFP-players, I'm looking for a way to add more death anims like the ones in LIBMOD to my ECP-Resistance. i have grown a bit bored with the standard ones so i'm looking for ways to change this. I have played around with the config but it always crashed on me. Are there any easy ways to do this, maybe incorporate it into the config like the dezoom death anim addon? Where in the ECP mod do i need to edit this? I cannot find where for example the CombatDyingVer9 is defined. Thank you in advance, -Gonzo-
  15. -gonzo-

    TU-95MS Bear addon released

    There it is finally :) Its a beautiful plane, nicely textured and nice sound. thank you for this awesome work it is a really nice addition. Also nice to have some armament!