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  1. [evo] dan

    Doors Off

    its the popup box in the editor when you try to place something down, on the right hand side of the popup box somewhere.
  2. Could always have a go at making a map yourself, plenty of people on here that could help you out with it.
  3. Me and a few others were trying to get on a server, however noone has their server on expert mode with a good mission (think i need to make some myself)
  4. ^ this You can already add extra parts onto your helo in TKOH so only needing 1 model of helo, so why not have it so that vehicles in arma 3 can do it Also, can we have the inspection hatches on vehicles in arma 3 and have them work in MP too? (doesnt work in mp on tkoh) Then have it so engy's have to go around and fix each bit if it gets damaged.
  5. [evo] dan

    Passangers firing from vehicle.

    You can shoot pretty accurately in a moving tank or moving gunship, its just whether your trying to hit a person, or a group.
  6. [evo] dan

    Passangers firing from vehicle.

    I think it was said that BIS were going to try and add it into the game.
  7. [evo] dan

    Why is this game not more popular?

    I only found this game due to Dragon Rising looking pretty good, then looking at reviews that suggested that I should get Arma2 instead, so I had a look at the videos on youtube, and I was really impressed and so bought Arma 2 instead. In the UK I had a hard time finding Arma 2, but it was a lot easier to find OA and reinforcements. Even games with a small user base have been sold better in stores in the UK, although I suppose its because they have Paradox as their distributer.
  8. [evo] dan

    p3d model ingame problem

    He did say an EXAMPLE model though, so he isnt in trouble.
  9. You don't have oxygen or air tanks. Tanks shoot people, cylinders are what you breath from :)
  10. BTW guys flippers inst confirmed, I see no dolphins anywhere. However I do see FIN'S so you can confirm that! (sorry I am a real diver)
  11. [evo] dan

    Patch for server is 14gb?

    You might have missed the . in it so its only 1.4gb perhaps?
  12. I would like to see inspection panels working within multiplayer. Also to make it have more of a point have it so that if you damage it. So lets just say for example you damage your rotor and your tail rotor. Normally to repair it you would walk up to the heli and then press repair. Whereas with my suggestion you would have to do an inspection of the parts of the helo (like in sp) and then find the damaged parts and then have to go to each part and repair it individually.
  13. [evo] dan

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Thank you for all the work you and your team have put into this mod. Have a Merry Christmas and a happy New year all of you!
  14. [evo] dan

    Tis the Season!

    Good work with the game. You guys deserve a rest, have a merry Christmas and a happy new year all of you on the TKOH team!
  15. [evo] dan

    MP thoughts

    I'd also like to see all the modules working in MP this time around as well. That will help with making MP missions too.
  16. [evo] dan

    Please share your 1.60 impressions

    BIS have done yet another awesome job. Not many businesses out there that do the awesome things that you do. Keep it up. ALL HAIL SOVIET UNION BIS!!!!!
  17. [evo] dan

    [MP] Exercise Airlift

    Yeah, still being tested at the moment. Then I will release it.
  18. This is a mission I am currently making for TKOH. You will need the following mods to play it: CBA TKOH Blake's Slingloading Mission Briefing: The USN is carrying out an exercise near Seattle in ASW warfare operations. Your squadron is supporting this exercise. Ships that are currently engaged as part of the exercise need VERTREPing supplies so that they are able to continue with the exercise as well as providing our squadron with a good opporunity to do some practice ourselves. Note - The ships are likely to be underway at the time IF I can get the cargo to stay on the deck of the ship whilst if it is moving, if not then only static ships will be used. More will come later, including the mission once it is finished and I have done some internal testing on it. Warning Blake's Slingloading has not been fully tested under MP conditions. It may bug out for some reason. So beware of this!
  19. [evo] dan

    MP thoughts

    If you want artifical chokepoints then you could always have a go at making a map yourself. Its not that hard after all and BIS supply all of the tools you need to do it for free. That way you can make them fit in with what you think a good map should be, and of course can use BIS buildings to build it. All you have to do it provide a new image for the ground and you can use visitor to make the terrain shaped the way you want it, with features that you want.
  20. [evo] dan

    MP thoughts

    All buildings will be enterable in arma 3 which makes every building a chokepoint. Everytown will have streets which are naturally going to turn at least some of them into chokepoints. I am sure that Lemnos has natural choke points where the only way to avoid it would be to sail around of fly around that area.