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  1. LooneyJuice

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    @Wyqer Yeah I never changed that, I've been tweaking off straight-up 0.924. That's why I mentioned first time around that I thought that was already defined. So even if it was defined, I kept getting the issue, and what I implemented appears to have stopped that. The only possible issue which I just saw and may want to fix first is that it changes the crew side for the enemy vehicles but not necessarily the vehicle side. Those have sides too AFAIK. So a green radar blip may in fact be an enemy vehicle. Should be easy to fix, I'll try it.
  2. LooneyJuice

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    @Wyqer Managed to test vehicle side fix pretty extensively with a few people, we had 0 instances of enemies shooting each other. I can add the fix to GitHub. Additionally, unless someone's already done it, I'm working on an ammobox vehicle unload placement offset due to an unfortunate snag I found. Mi-8 tail booms are too low, and they also have the tail skid, which means that eventually one ammobox will collide with the helicopter upon unloading and, well, boom. I'm adding it to the in-house stuff I'm doing, but if you're interested, once I'm done with it, I can pass it on. All it'll require should be an extra value in degrees next to the distance behind the vehicle the boxes spawn in classnames_extension.sfq.
  3. LooneyJuice

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    @Wyqer Sweet! Yeah I'd love to chip in with the odd fix here and there. That's mostly what I can do now anyway, as I've mostly kept things simple, or added trivial stuff like a radio player at Chimera for extra "Russianess". Bits and pieces like that. Regarding testing, I played a bit with some of my guys last night after finding the fix, and everything appears to be in order. I'll keep on the lookout a bit more to make sure there's no strange behavior, but so far, it seems it's all fixed, and everyone's shooting the proper people. Other than that, Zbug has done a pretty good job of defining custom sides to enemy units. AFAIK it was just the non-militia vehicles that had the issue. Battlegroup infantry and Militia infantry were fine. Also, regarding player joinSilent, It was already defined in the init_client.sqf in 0.924, unless I'm missing something as a bit of a noob. Anyway, it appears that tweak was more or less what was needed for east vs east conversions, will update after maybe another night of testing just to make sure.
  4. LooneyJuice

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Hello dudes I just found this thread, really glad to see someone's still working on liberation. Thanks for that! Found the thread scouring for some info. I've been working on in-house conversions for my small group, and so far I've managed to do the usual island conversions, and then moved on to CSAT conversions, and now I'm experimenting with something else.I've made a total Russian-Takistan overhaul using CUP units, and it appears I ran into a weird one for the first time, the awareness of which might be of some help if you haven't found it already. Bear in mind, the issue may be caused by my very limited coding/scripting knowledge in that I haven't quite found the solution to it. What's happening is that East is going against East (Russians against both the Takistani Army and the Insurgents), but Takistani Army Vehicles only aren't properly being designated to West. Militia vehicles and infantry are being assigned properly. After searching, I found that in the spawn_battlegroup.sqf, the opfor_battlegroup vehicles are supposed to be switched over after spawn: _nextgrp = createGroup GRLIB_side_enemy; _vehicle = [markerpos _spawn_marker, _x] call F_libSpawnVehicle; sleep 0.5; (crew _vehicle) joinSilent _nextgrp; Unfortunately, nothing of the sort occurs, and once opfor_battlegroup vehicles spawn at an objective, they get shot at/start shooting at their surrounding "allies", even if it's Takistani Army.I hadn't noticed that until I started fighting units of the same original side. On the other hand, I noticed that the militia vehicles are unaffected for the following reason: In order to nicely randomize the types of insurgents on the militia vehicles, when calling on F_libSpawnVehicle.sqf Zbug calls F_libSpawnMilitiaCrew.sqf to randomize the crew and assign a side: _grp = createGroup GRLIB_side_enemy; _vehcrew = []; while { count units _grp < 3 } do { ( militia_squad call BIS_fnc_selectRandom ) createUnit [ getpos _vehicle, _grp,'this addMPEventHandler [''MPKilled'', {_this spawn kill_manager}]', 0.5, 'private']; So, therefore, the militia vehicles show up with enemy crews, as they should. The thing is, I tried different things in the spawn_battlegroup.sqf, and no luck so far. I also tried initializing the side in F_libSpawnVehicle.sqf, and again, no joy. I'll keep trucking along, but it may affect people who may want to make total side conversions that fight against units of the same side. I would appreciate if someone picked up on a solution to this in their travels, and additionally, even with my limited knowledge, I would be glad to chip in if any help is needed. EDIT: Don't you just love it when someone posts a wall of text on the forum, and then comes back answering his own questions? The solution was essentially in how Zbug did the Militia crew spawning. As in, he edited the crew properties as he was spawning a new crew for the vehicle(battlegroup spawn ->vehicle spawn -> militia crew spawn). Otherwise I can't get ARMA to change sides after the fact. The only thing I did was define a private variable in F_libSpawnVehicle.sqf _grp = createGroup GRLIB_side_enemy; and then add the following _newvehicle = objNull; if ( _classname in opfor_choppers ) then { _newvehicle = createVehicle [_classname, _spawnpos, [], 0, 'FLY']; createVehicleCrew _newvehicle; //new (crew _newvehicle) joinSilent _grp; //new _newvehicle flyInHeight (100 + (random 200)); } else { _newvehicle = _classname createVehicle _spawnpos; createVehicleCrew _newvehicle; //new (crew _newvehicle) joinSilent _grp; //new _newvehicle setpos _spawnpos; }; Hope this might help someone who may wish to make some weird-ass conversion in the future.
  5. LooneyJuice

    Model errors, artifacts, flickering

    Well, at first glance, that appears to have done the trick, although i didn't manage to put any incredibly long sessions in. I'll be on the lookout though. Thanks again RH.
  6. LooneyJuice

    Model errors, artifacts, flickering

    Oh shoot! Thanks for that! Will try, kudos.
  7. LooneyJuice

    Model errors, artifacts, flickering

    Thanks for the replies guys. On the count windows 10 not being fully supported yet, I would guess that's the problem, seeing as how W10 has different memory allocation and the like. Unfortunately, 15.7.1 is the only supported W10 driver from AMD as of yet. And no, temperatures are nominal on everything even at max load, with peak GPU 1 temp being 60-62 deg, peak GPU 2 temp being 55-56 and CPU max load temps being 50-53 on all 4 cores. So even overclocked (especially the gpus), all temps are well below what they ran at stock due to case ventilation, coolers, new thermal compound on CPU, GPUs etc. As a side note, I have tried running on stock clocks, same issues. Thanks again for the input.
  8. Hello guys. Was just brainstorming trying to find a solution to this. I'll get some better material later, the best I have at the moment is this screenshot, due to all my programs not being installed to in order to have some video handy. After a short while of playing, I start getting hangar textures flickering on and off f.ex, therefore appearing transparent as they flicker, same with a multitude of other random buildings and bunkers. I see shadows drawn out and flickering, polygons protruding out of infantry models and different structures, without any crashes or detriment to performance oddly. I recall similar stuff like this happening with ARMA 2 once upon a time when the memory setting was set to default, but I'm running stock settings now regarding memory allocation. I must stress that it was fine under Windows 7, and the issue started appearing upon switching to W10, could of course be pure coincidence. Same hardware though, which is as follows: CPU: i5 3750k @ 4.0GHz GPU: Sapphire HD7850 OC + Gigabyte HD7850 OC (Both matched clocks) RAM: 8GB Kingston HyperX Genesis @ 1600mhz Game Drive: 1TB WD HDD OS: Windows 10 Pro (Clean installation) I have uninstalled and reinstalled the CAT 15.7.1 drivers about 4 times since this has started appearing, reinstalled the DirectX redistributable that came with the game to no avail. All the model errors start appearing randomly after playing for a little while, and it's completely fine before that. Thanks to anyone who takes any time to go through this, thanks in advance for any ideas or pointers as to what this may be.
  9. You gotta switch auto trim on and then back off. Apparently it is now enabled by default. Everything's back to normal once you do that.
  10. Gotta say guys, you've done it again! When I first tried it i was utterly gobsmacked! The flight model is just wonderful. The UI in cockpit is very intuitive. The manual trim method is very conveniently made(Albeit requires just a tiny input after trimming to set it where it's supposed to be). And back to the flight model. It was exactly what i expected. Challenging on one hand, but offering all characteristics of rotary wing flight you can take advantage of, ground effect and all. Yes, the ArmA flight model was far easier to get figured out in a very short amount of time but did some incredible goofs and even provided worse performance at times than a chopper sim flight model would. Since this is your first Chopper sim i was expecting something good, but reasonably clunky. Not the case, I am utterly sold. Sold since i saw the rotor pitch change on the ground actually :D . My only criticism so far is that the turbulence vibration effect seems too canned, but I'm not going further into it since it's a very early release. And on a side note. Since i saw that you were considering applying the flight model as a difficulty setting to ArmA 3 all I have to say is; DO IT! I for one would absolutely love it. Thanks again MarcL
  11. LooneyJuice

    Co20 F-14 Tomcat Carrier Operations

    Thanks for the reply, Steve. Problem solved. I was trying it alone by hosting a LAN session. A friend of mine who tried it said he had no issues, but I found out he was using it on the editor with an AI RIO. So that was it. Didn't know a RIO was mandatory, so issue fixed. And I also forgot to add that this is a kickass mission. Thanks a mil, been wanting to do some carrier ops for ages. I tried scripting a Nimitz Domination, with some success but there were so many things that could go wrong that i just decided to call it quits. Plus scripting kinda plays with my nerves. Edit: One last thing, is there any way you can implement flares for the Tomcat?
  12. LooneyJuice

    Co20 F-14 Tomcat Carrier Operations

    Thanks for the mission, Steve. Got one problem though, don't know if I'm the only one experiencing it. Apparently i can never get a lock on anything with the F-14 mavericks. At first I thought it was some sort of mod conflict but I'm basically using a vanilla install with just the mods required for the mission, and still no go. Unless this was meant for A2 only in which case it's an OA issue.