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  1. Are you sure it doesn't break at some point? If you have an error, such as a missing semi-colon, then the script won't execute properly or at all. That would explain why the weapon cargo isn't even cleared? Try adding random hint commands to debug it, if they stop at some point, then your problem is between that hint and the next one that should've executed? [str ("Revolution v0.1") , str ("Takistan, 2012") , str ("10:00:00hrs")] spawn BIS_fnc_infoText; if(true) exitWith {}; You are turning strings into strings in init. str() is meant to convert different types, such as numbers or booleans into strings? Also the last line isn't required in sqf files. I also believe you want to use the rating command, which increases with kills? Or perhaps both, if you have tasks which add to the player's score specifically. Also I'd place these in brackets like so: if ((score player >= 125) AND (rankid player == 5)) then { Player setRank "Colonel"; hint format ["You have been promoted to %1",rank Player]; }; In Ammo.sqf the player's rank never refreshes. It needs to refresh inside the loop or else it's always the same. Lots of problems, I'm afraid. Start with those. Continued One error and one suggestion: If you haven't already specified that the variable "mrkr_2" is actually a position then you have an error there as well. It should be as follows. Also you should have, at least, trigger activation fields well specified with brackets. They often read what you're writing incorrectly. And, not a problem per se, but a readability question, you can use apostrophes inside your quotation marks. _trg3 setTriggerStatements ["((player distance (getMarkerPos 'mrkr_2')) <= 300)", "nul = ['mrkr_2'] execVM 'scr\missions\mission2.sqf'", ""];
  2. Also: when I tried copying what you did and created a radio trigger with the following on activation: hint (taskState tskTask5b) It returns "Assigned". Check whether this is the case with your mission?
  3. Triggers don't need the ; end. Also I'd put the whole thing in brackets. ((taskState tskTask5b) == "Succeeded") As for the rest of it, I can't piece together what it's supposed to do. Why do you set task 5 to succeeded immediately? - Since you say it's an init field.
  4. Six Config allows you to view all ammunition an a lot more. I don't think there are any smoke rounds for your desired weapon, but there are White Phosphorous rounds. If I remember correctly, WP acts as smoke in arma. Rather than an incendiary. If you're firing yourself: "8Rnd_81mmWP_M252" or if you're using AI and scripts: "ARTY_8Rnd_81mmWP_M252" The M119 does have smoke rounds: "30Rnd_105mmSMOKE_M119" "ARTY_30Rnd_105mmSMOKE_M119"
  5. This is peculiar enough for me to document.. (I didn't find anything about this via search.) You can apparently overwrite commands.. I was about to post what's written below, but then I realized I had accidentally written VEHICLE = "SometypeofCar" in the init file (it used to be vehicle_1)... removing that fixed it for me, I didn't think it was possible to do this or that a mistake like this would affect the mission editor as well. The fact that it afflicted the editor itself threw me off quite badly. Lol. I shouldn't edit when I'm tired.
  6. At around 25 setPos commands per second, I lose the ability to walk or turn, same as with the attachTo command. Why does this happen and is there any way to work around this?
  7. The flat wagon isn't a simulation object? I don't think it's possible to use setVelocity on it. The train runs from an array of positions and directions. If I'd set the player's velocity then the wagon would appear to jitter. Currently the wagon-player-world relationship works perfect even at the highest possible frame rate (no sleep command) - the wagon appears completely stationary under you when the script is running and the world goes by seamlessly, and conversely the train looks good from the outside. Is it possible to tie scripts to the mouse axis? All the WASD motions could be scripted, but turning, I don't believe you can set a command / action to the mouse axis? Up/down aim still works, same as with the attachTo command. If not, I'll try to find the threshold for this jamming and then run it at that frame rate with the minimum amount of path data to see what it looks like.
  8. Nah, it still jams at 25 fps. - And the ATL command goes crazy on bridges. - I don't think this can be solved via scripting. Bye, bye, awesome mission :(. At least the script should be useful for transport.
  9. Walk-on-while-moving trains :D It should be running at 40 / second for seamless movement at 100 km/h (probably too fast for the locomotive IRL, but who cares). I'll test it with setPosATL(currently ASL), although that presents some (more) difficulties even if it works.
  10. The attachTo command should remove collision between all attached objects. (I can't think of any reason attached objects should collide) or there should be a way to either noclip an object or specify collision between objects. Pallets in the C-130's cargo hold keep bouncing it around or make it spontaneously combust during maneuvers. I haven't had this problem with cars, though.
  11. weirdo10o4

    ACE for OA 1.13

    I get this error: File userconfig\ace\ace_clientside_config.hpp, line 0: '/CfgSettings/acex_usnavy.define': 'A' encountered instead of '=' When trying to launch ACE. I tried disabling the ACEX USN, but then it gave the same error for another ACE mod. I used Six to check the files, but nothing was found. It worked fine yesterday, I only turned off my computer between now and then.
  12. weirdo10o4

    ACE for OA 1.13

    I get this error: File userconfig\ace\ace_clientside_config.hpp, line 0: '/CfgSettings/acex_usnavy.define': 'A' encountered instead of '=' When trying to launch ACE. I tried disabling the ACEX USN, but then it gave the same error for another ACE mod. I used Six to check the files, but nothing was found. It worked fine yesterday, I only turned off my computer between now and then. Sorry if this post is in the wrong section, I couldn't find any open ACE troubleshooting threads.
  13. Since the F-22(though the F-35 will likely be in the game) has been proposed, for OpFor there should be Mikoyan LMFS Chengdu J-20 PAK FA For BluFor Mitsubishi ATD-X F-35 F-22 Objects Static aircraft for terrorism scenarios. - The standard. Civilian ships for terror scenarios. - Somalia. A yacht and a generic ship would be nice [*] Moving trains, circular track(for ultra cool terror scenarios). - Can't think of any real situations. :D [*] Larger indoor structures. Game Weapon handling based on skill(for player). Although I think there already is some it should be more distinct. And as walking on vehicles has been suggested, walking in aircraft and fully developed ships. Crash sites in accordance with crash velocity. There isn't much left from a crash at M.86, just a bit of realism. No instant explosion. Aircraft can skid quite a lot without exploding. Static CIWS! Point-defense(Anti Missile) missiles. Mission making 'Onion layer'(although merge is a good feature) 2D editor and a clearer 3D editor.
  14. So, I'm trying to create flying tracers with the createVehicle command, but apparently it can't be done through that alone. I have no idea how to dig deeper in to the game files to find what I need, probably. E.g. when creating fires you have to access something like ...\Ca\Data\..., may that be another question: how do you browse those files? How do you create flying tracers with createVehicle command (or any command) in a script? I need real, game default(no addon adverts, please), tracer rounds that can hurt people, not effects alone. [*]How do you browse Ca / similar files with effects and such in them? Is there a way to prev- iew the effects? I don't want to hear about tracer magazines. I do know how to give my sol- dier tracer rounds. I have lots of mission making experience spanning from OFP to OFP:E and now Arma 2:CO. Also if you happen to find an answer to this question through the search tool, please post your keywords when you reprimand me. I couldn't find anything except my old post, posted quite a while ago now, which I tried to get renamed before posting this. I also think this post (renamed and more accurate) should serve anyone who might search for this question later better. (hence the tracer magazines confusion thing :o). Thank you in advance for your attention to this post and any help you can provide. :bounce3:
  15. Thanks for your replies. Yes a bullet can be created with createVehicle, I've done it a lot. Tracers on the other hand appear to be a bit harder to make. I specifically need to create tracer rounds. :/ So far I managed to attach a light to a bullet, pretty, but not of any use for me. Good when practicing AA and air to air engagement with guns though.
  16. Just to be clear, addons means anything that might limit the accessibility of a mission to players in multiplayer, any suggestions that don't are welcome. I did find the model of a tracer, indirectly with the fired event handler, it's "tracers(backslash)tracer_red.p3d"? Create vehicle won't spawn it.
  17. I believe this might be of service to you: Armaholic Specifically "Once defined you then could read it from the init.sqf file like this: skiptime (paramsArray select 2); "
  18. Hi, I have a mission where you start off in the static C-130 and do a HALO jump. That thing doesn't have any sounds and I don't know how to find the relevant sounds from the depth of the files to add them. I tried this: http://browser.dev-heaven.net/cfg_vehicles/show/1221981 But it just gave an error.
  19. SQS and SQF are very different, and SQS is being phased out. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/SQS_to_SQF_conversion
  20. weirdo10o4

    C-130 drop

    The animate ramp things. Interesting. :bounce3: I couldn't find this default sound subject anywhere. Maybe my keywords weren't good enough. Where can I read about this? I don't want to take too much of your time. Specifically what are all the variables involved. ACE has caused me some trouble before so I'm using a dedicated config viewer addon.
  21. Read before you comment. Yes I did search. Well that sums it up quite well. Right after I jump out it now decides to teleport me to the ground, subsequently killing me. It doesn't do it if I sneak off the side of the ramp though, crouched. But it does if I crouch off the back. o_O. No, there's nothing wrong with my scripts Script: --------------- EDIT: I got it to go away somehow, but this seems completely undocumented?
  22. weirdo10o4

    C-130 drop

    I only doubled because it was falling off the page, it may go derelict quite fast. Sorry. Yes I already did that, it works nicely. It also turns a bit louder when you step out on to the ramp. But for the future it would be nice to know if there's any way of getting in-game sounds to use outside their usual 'habitat', say C-130 sound attached to the static C130 or a distant explosion sound instead of an actual explosion just to save the computer a little bit of trouble. Albeit the explosion sound is readily available come to think of it. Thanks for those animate parts, I'll try those. Do they show up in the CfgViewer or how do you find those sorts of things?
  23. Yes, demonized's solution worker, getpos, not getposASL in the HALO script. Guilty of what I've accused you of, sorry. I failed to realize it because the script behaved unpredictably rather than just teleporting me above the plane in every case. But getposASL keeps the plane and soldier at a certain altitude regardless of terrain, which was what I was after, I just accidentally used it in all cases. Shay, the plane flies at 10000, the player starts off at 10001, and once he falls below 9999 he initiates the waitUntil and starts the halo script. This script can't kill me by accident unlike the other one. Here's what it did: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4JpntOc_Ec You can probably understand my confusion. :) Thanks everyone.