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  1. Malden 2035 - grid 030072 - I would expect some echo when some sound is made (for example shots fired), something like 3D sound effect like EAX or something similar.
  2. Graphics in A3 is great, it looks really good. What could be added is water evaporation in hot days - fog about 1 meter over water ponds. Another thing is hot air movement from heated barrels and visible bullet vapor trails. Arma has a lot to improve, but to name one thing - throwing grenades - I would want easier way to throw a grenade 1 meter from me (smoke grenade), throwing over a wall/fence just behind it, throwing it behid a corner or to a room without exposing my body when executing 90° throw (just to show a hand).
  3. Wind effect on bullets, planes, helicopters are good.
  4. In situation where player is in a role of a teamleader and has 3 AIs in his team, there's no way to use proper M.O.U.T. tactics with the AI in towns. No behavior mode (stealt, combat, aware) keeps them follow in a file formation behind the player. They (AI) always wander around, clearing adjusting compounds, when not ordered to. They should just follow in a file formation, everybody looking and covering different sector and shoot if necessary unless ordered otherwise by player (leader). And I am not talking about the fact, that AI doesn't use proper tactics when checking behind a corner of a building. Or that squadleading in a town is even more pain sometimes. Bad CQB in buildings in Arma is a known fact. I like the way Arma commanding is, but when the fight is going on you cannot give orders to separate AI individuals to reach the goal, they shoul have more (artificial) intelligence. My assumptions are based mainly on Full Spectrum Warrior style of MOUT fighting. ---------- Post added at 12:24 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:05 PM ---------- I know that in Arma 3 you can adjust your stance by much more predefined positions than in previous ARMAs. But it could be done even in an analogue way - something similar like looking around by "alt" key. You would just press a key and be able to lean by mouse how exactly much you want. Possible useful situations: - leaning behind a corner (this one is apparent) - tilting up when prone to see over grass without too much exposing yourself (it is actually oddly possible when right-clickig your mouse button to see throuch sights, then looking/aimin upward, then pressing "alt" and looking downwards to the horizontal level - disadvantage is that your gun reaches to the sky exposing your position). I know that there's a 3rd person view, but some servers don't allow it and some hard-core players refuse to use it or play on higher difficulties with it disabled. - when landing with helicopter you could lean you head (view) closer to the window glass to see under the chopper better. ---------- Post added at 12:37 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:24 PM ---------- Radar doesn't work properly I think. - It shouldn't show enemy military vehicles gray if there is no one inside and if the engine is off. Enemy military vehicle is always just it, radar doesn't differenciate if somebody is embarked. - If enemy infantry is in an civilian vehicle, radar shouldn't show it as enemy vehicle. Radar doesn't differenciate the fraction of the person driving it. - If player (let's say blufor) embarks to an enemy military vehicle (opfor), the radar in that opfor vehicle shouldn't show the vehicles of his fraction (blufor) green. The software in the enemy military vehicle radar should still mark it red as enemy blufor vehicles.
  5. Hi, sometimes it would be good to give orders under "Action" subcategory of the menu to more than one soldiers - for example if I colud order multiple subordinates to place a charge/mine I could quickly make a minefield instead of giving the order to them separately. In OFP an infujred soldier was healed after I gave him order to get healed in the "Action". It would be good to order all injured to get healed (in A2 it is unfortunately different - I have to give the medic an order to heal someone). Another example would be to order all subordinates to resupply, rearm - it would save so much time. And there could be more useful situations like climbing a ladder and so on. Another thing I would like to have is map markers visible only for myself in MP - sometimes there are not important things to share with group, side, global...
  6. In settings there are slow forward, normal speed and fast forward options for driving vehicles. It could work like changing gear when driving in a rough terrain or uphill so that player has to adjust this. When bullets fly through a wall (wooden, brick or concrete) it would be nice if there were holes in the wall and the beams of light shone through them just like the light does through windows. Bullets don't fly through weapons held by a soldier, which is a nice feature. It would be good if bullets could damage optics (scope or collimator) kind of like in dayz. The same would apply for armor optical system - if damaged it would be useless, which could be tactically employed.
  7. I can imagine the command "find cover" to use it to prepare an ambush on a convoy, but the AI doesn't respond to commands "watch ..." or "target a target" in combination with "find cover" command. So it would be good if I give a command "watch ..." or "target ..." after "find cover", that the AI adjusts its position to comply my command. Similarly when issuing "watch ..." or "target ..." command before "find cover" command, I would expect the AI to find cover such, that it can watch or target assigned area or object. I would appreciate improving it in later patch, thank you.
  8. Interesting. Can it be used even for multilevel command - I mean team-leader has his subordinates and squad-leader leads the team-leaders - so does the squad-leader see the team leaders as his subordinates?
  9. Nice mission. One more good manoeuvre could be good to practice - circling around an object with nose facing the object.
  10. It would be good if "reveal target" (right click by default) didn't say automatically if the target is opfor/unknow or whatever, so player has to tell who it is, because you can "cheat" to find out, which side the target is.
  11. When leading a few soldiers I can divide them into teams (red, blun green, white). It would be good in multiplayer if the real player (with the lowest number) that belongs to a created team could control/give orders to his subordinates soldiers. So there would be a squad leader that can control all (AI and real players separately or as teams) and team leader(s) (if he is a real player) that could control his soldiers (AI most probably because real players could be lead via voicechat or chat).
  12. In single player missions when player at some point receives messages via radio automatically, it would be good to have an option to ask for repetition of the message, because sometimes there is gunfight going on and player cannot perceive the message. Or it could be done like someone wants to send a message so it says "bravo, this is alpha, message over" and player would take cover and allowe the message to continue (like "alpha, this is bravo, send, over"). (I know, that we can read the messages when entering the map, but anyway...). One more thing - it could be interesting to stumble when running down the hill and not looking the way :)
  13. Great as always. I have read your TTP2, TT1 and even the guide for OFP and I still like it. Thank you Dslyecxi
  14. Please make a good manual/guide, where all possibilities would be described. Like "shift+click on map" is a waypoint indicator and so on - it has never been in a manual.
  15. I think that for multiplayer purposes it'd be good to be able to draw like with a pencil on map at least in multiplayer. This way players could agree on tactics easier.