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  1. Ideas need discussions not Adding a fatigue system is beautiful, that can improve and for that we are! I like sprinting limitation by the weight and breathing sound that avoids all communication, just need the balance between the time penalty, and the game map
  2. PFC Magician

    Rifle damage

    BIS make a great ballistic simulation now is time to wounds simulation, i hope flesh damage sounds, more screams , and blood effects too!! obviously the damage and blood depends on the distance and ammunition type there are not many videos of people being fired but in real forensic investigation so lots of blood spread (close distance) and there is some viedos of corpses mangled face, indicating that blood, teeth and bones scattered (long distance) removed LEG SHOOT DONT KILL removed HEAD SHOOT DONT KILL
  3. PFC Magician

    The Grenade Thread

    i like grenades could be in the same category as weapons, equipping them in hand right through the menu mouse wheel as the rocket launcher or pistol
  4. PFC Magician

    automatic update tactical Map

    in real life there is no AI knows where you are when you begin to shooth. but in any case I mean a combat signs not a location of targets that already exists in arma2 optionally(icon for each class unit)
  5. PFC Magician

    automatic update tactical Map

    i never played bf3 lol!! you can not locate the source of sound shot right through, especially in long distance at least in arma2, I mean hot zones circles when continuous shooting occur in the same position, not animated, just temporary hot zones(big red circle).for multiplayer battles are more clear pd: In arma2 hot zones are represented by cities in conflict I want it to be targeted by enemies in conflict
  6. a suggestion it could automatically create red circles on the tactical map when listening to enemy fire, to get an approximate position of the enemy, a way to simulate the feeling when we are under fire. open to other ideas
  7. PFC Magician

    Any chance for default melee weapons?

    definitely would be good! interaction with different objects and animations melee knives, hammers, machetes, beer, adrenaline syringes, cigarettes, chocolate, water bottle, cosmetic camouflage,analgesic tablets, tools box etc.
  8. PFC Magician

    Can we get slight differences between weapon variants...

    you do not know the engine operation? This is related to config, and engine can set each weapon and ammo. This feature already exists,not been implemented in the alpha, but it is a configuration issue
  9. PFC Magician

    Why warfare fails as a game mode

    but if things change, warfare would cease to be called? As I would like to just be able to "only" build radiotowers for each city(no money system), the ability to request parachute (terrestrial vehicles/squads) one request for each player in the town conquest, free air vehicles at airports just conquered! Transition only notice it when the tower is destroyed.(player have time to reach hot zone before other players build their radiotower) something like a "domination" mode but PVP
  10. PFC Magician

    Safety / Weapon Malfunctions

    I prefer there malfunctioning attachments: optical sights, bipods, ir, flashlight...forced to use the iron sights, and lose benefits in the dark.why arma3 to have the ability to attach? right?
  11. PFC Magician

    Stealth Kills?

    not to lose the thread i would like to comment, BIS can create an animation (100% effective kill) with a silenced pistol resting on the enemy head from behind as stealth kill, but also are discussing whether there should be melee,well depends if BIS make an effective stealth system (AI) and if implemented in the game's campaign, have existed wild animals in arma2 but always statics and passives, depends if BIS continue so.. Anyway..we agree that running out of ammo in ArmA2 sucks
  12. PFC Magician

    Stealth Kills?

    well i play domination arma2 and happened to me a situation in the middle of a town without ammunition and near a tango not very often, but it happened to me. Bayonets are interesting but present a compatibility problem with new modders weapons maybe I think the knife is the best option, as it could use to kill snakes (Anaconda if they exist in Greece) in marshy places, stalkers or other wild animals
  13. i hope BIS dnot forget features from SLX and integrate in arma3 move dead bodys move ammo boxes and static weapons wounds system meele attacks
  14. PFC Magician

    JUMP please!!

    list the variables (jump exposes you to enemy / jump is a waste of energy) and incorporated in arma3. This is about freedom! the player will have the option to do so,(and die or get tired) in combat many things happen. pd: I will repeat this a thousand times Do not compare the gameplay of other games and arma3, because gameplay in a massive map is not the same a tunnel or small map